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  1. I wonder what the fleet command card will be for the isd2 cymoon 1 refit.
  2. I think that sounds awesome -- and fun! I will probably do similar! I love this game
  3. Unrelated, but wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed your armada videos. Great work!
  4. That sounds fun! But you still may not win a tournament with it... but of course you may!
  5. I do understand what you're saying... My view however, is that until something is errata'ed, then it's both what's possible and what's permissible. Just because we can see how it would work (2 dials of same command spent together), nothing allows for that regardless of what was possible before. See what I'm saying?
  6. It may or may not be a tournament winner, but it will certainly be fun and it adds nice options. I like fun options.
  7. Yes, they can change it, but until they do, then that means that as of now, these are the only 3 options possible.
  8. Rules state on page 3 that you can combine dial and token. I don't know where they state that you can combine 2 dials. I'm not saying ffg can't rule that for this card, but currently, there is no rule explicitly allowing such a combination.
  9. It can bomb the instigator since the tie fighter is now heavy. "Squadrons can attack this ship if they are not engaged by an actual enemy squadron without heavy in the play area." Reading the faq, since the tie fighter -is- heavy due to intel, the instigator can be attacked.
  10. I would say yes, provided you still had squadron value available to activate those other squadrons. So if I have 4 squadrons on an rlb card (squadron value 4 ship) but decide to drop 2 of those 4. I can activate and shoot with those 2 and then activate 2 other squadrons on the board. This still let's me only activate 4 squadrons with 2 of the 4 not being able to move.
  11. The "instead of" comes into play when you decide not to activate squadrons already on the board with that command. That's the instead of part. I could activate those 4 squadrons close to medium range using this squadron command. Or Instead of activating those squadrons on the board like the normal use of the command let's me do, I can instead, place these 4 squadrons sitting on my rlb card. As part of the same command, I can now activate those newly placed squadrons (they all had to be placed before I activated them) 1 at a time.
  12. No he isn't. There is a new timing put into effect. Before the actual activating of the squadrons - all that you would place- are placed. That's the instead part-placement of squadrons instead of activating squadrons on the board. Then after they are placed, per the faq, you can activate each placed squadron, 1 at a time.
  13. Seems like bossk, once he gets a damage can auto hit defense tokens on ships and squadrons every round. nope, he is rogue.... ignore
  14. 1 each to start. If there are cards that aren't revealed yet where multiples would be useful, then I'll buy another.
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