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  1. Or, if you have your cards sleeved, you could print some proxys, at least for the staple cards This is how we play in a 4 player group and nobody is complaining.
  2. My shop also didn't know to the last moment and then they didn't get it...this is pretty sad. I hope there is a good soul that will scan and post it (for revenge :P).
  3. If I am not mistaken, you can engage an enemy engaged with another investigator as a part of an attack action (learn to play guide, page 11, attack action)
  4. How do you then proceed if you roll the nemesis icon on the black dice if the nemesis is in the discard pile?
  5. Although I could not find it in the rules, I would say (based on the WH Quest, which I did play) that it is removed from the game when you defeat him. That would also mean that his nemesis ability does not work anymore ("If a nemesis from the campaign pool is defeated, it is returned to the game box and is no longer used for the rest of the campaign." - from the rules reference of the WHQ card game, page 11). Also, it would be strange to defeat an unique enemy, just for it to be spawned again Hope that helps
  6. My group of 5 started playing the Dunwich legacy campaign around 2 weeks ago. I must say that it is a bit easy with a larger player count (although we are playing on easy). But generally we have not met any trouble with the rules because of the higher player count. I think the Dunwich legacy is a good campaign to start. The only problematic scenario that I see could be the Essex county express, but only if you reach a certain resolution (not enough cards, but you could easily mitigate that with a proxy). In the core campaign you would have to do a bit of house rules or "grim" rules for higher player count (there are some set up instructions based on the number of players) but it could also work. I had not played other scenarios, so I cannot advise on them. Hope this was helpful, enjoy the game with your group
  7. Regarding the rules, I would say as follows: 1) When spawning enemies, they are always placed faceup unless specified otherwise (spawning in the shadows from the location cards is always facedown) - see rulebook page 10, Spawning 2) Shields are only used for defending against damage. If you are engaged with enemies, you must always roll the appropriate amount of black dice regardless of the action you are taking - see rulebook page 6, Actions Hope this helps
  8. @Berethrof and @Xelto thank you for your answers. I didn't mean to play in a 1 hero archetype, just wondering if it would be possible Is the game worse/better/same than WH one? (if you played it)
  9. How are the activation cards distributed from the perspective of the heroes (basic and upgraded)? I'm wondering if it is possible to play a game with 3 healers for example
  10. Sorry, that is sadly not the option... From the rules reference: Automatic Failure/Success Some card or token abilities may cause a skill test to automatically fail or to automatically succeed. If a skill test automatically fails or automatically succeeds, it does so during step "ST.6" of the "Skill Test Timing" process outlined on page 26. If a skill test automatically fails, the investigator's total skill value for that test is considered 0. If a skill test automatically succeeds, the total difficulty of that test is considered 0.
  11. As Eldan985 said, just print some proxys and insert them into sleeved cards you do not use at the moment I can give you the link to my proxys if you wish!
  12. Thank you both, we did interpret it OK than, the first option would be brutal (although quite Arkhamy :))
  13. Hello fellow investigators! I have a quick question regarding the card Hunted Down for you: If there are unengaged Criminal enemies in play and they do move to the location of the player who drew the card, do all criminal enemies engage the player who drew the card or can you distribute the enemies between players if there are more of them at the location of the player who drew the card (if the enemies do not have the Prey keyword)? Example: Rex Murphy, Zoey Samaras and "Skids" O'Toole are at the Clover Club Cardroom, 2 unengaged Mobsters are at the Clover Club Bar and an unengaged O'Bannion's Thug is at the Clover Club Lounge. During the Mythos phase, Rex Murphy draws the Hunted Down encounter card. What happens? Thank you for your clarification/-s!
  14. I would say that the Relic Hunter is much more dependent on the investigator you choose or if you prefer a lot of accessories. Mystics, Seekers and even Zoey may find it useful (Holy Rosary, Police Badge). However, Charisma is always the first choice and I also rarely use the Relic Hunter
  15. Alternatively, if you have your cards sleeved, you could just print proxys, so you can have 2 original and 4 printed copies of a card. Just insert it in a sleeved card you will not use Some proxys are premade, can be found on the internet or you can do them yourself with the help of arkhamdb.com.
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