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  1. You should look at this site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MomoMonsterCo?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=586085477&search_query=arkham The seller makes some pretty good playmats in different sizes, arts and even frames for agenda, act and encounter cards. The good thing is that you can only purchase the art and print it in your country by the company of your choice! Hope it helps!
  2. I know we talked about having an app that could follow your campaign some time ago but couldn't find the topic... So this app seems to have complete campaign guides with all the options and resolutions to choose, so you do not need all the paperwork. It's pretty good - Arkham cards and is available for android and iOS. For all the ones who miss the old campaign guide app 🙂
  3. You interpret it correctly. One investigator has to play this action, than any investigator at whichever location can contribute clues for this. All clues can be from one investigator, three from one and one from the other or both contribute two equal. In later campaigns, you will see that act sometimes directs you which investigators can spend clues and where.
  4. Also a lot of interesting mechanics but is quite a bit harder than Dunwich and Carcosa.
  5. Isn't Obscuring fog discarded prior the playing of CtC? And I think the shroud would only be 4 for CtC, the test is over when you play it...
  6. Great to hear that! The priest automatically engages Roland. Disengaging does not exhaust an enemy. The prey keyword is only intended when there are more possible targets (if both Roland and Wendy were at the same location). When an enemy is ready it always engages the investigator at the same location. Roland can attack whichever enemy is engaged with him or another investigator in the same location. The other monsters do not attack you (attack, evade, parley and resign do not trigger attacks of opportunity). It is really unbelievable what multiple readings of the rules do, especially for this card game 😁 But when you get going, this is one of the best coop games there is.
  7. Hello and welcome to the game and community!!! Regarding the first scenario of the core set - it is not regarded as a hard scenario. However, there are usually mistakes in rules interpretation, because the rules are pretty hard to get at the beginning. It would be very helpful if you could explain your situation in game. How do you attack, how do you interpret attacks of opportunity and so on. There's a absolutely a luck factor in this game - the encounter deck (mix and randomise it well before playing) and the chaos bag. With expanding player card size (5 full expansions) you can mitigate both. The card pool in the core set is very limited so a constant and well build game is hard. I would recommend trying with proxys (print another set of core set cards and slip them in the cards you are not using (if you are using sleeves). You will have at least have 2 copies of strong cards (beat cop, machete, guard dog), while you can get rid of the not so useful ones (knife, physical training...). As stated before, with more expansions the game will become more manageable regarding your play options (you can for example buy a true guardian with guns blazing). Regarding the advice: 1. The Agenda deck is your "time" marker - you can go slower until it gets close to the threshold. If you finish the act of the same number before the agenda turns, you are fine. My advice, don't rush through this scenario. Also, when you turn the first act, remember to discard all enemies in play (you can turn it strategically this way). 2. Buffing is an all important thing, you should try to do as much of it at the first two rounds of the game. It will make your life easier. Again, with the limited card pool in the core set, you will have difficulty against it. I would recommend using the easy chaos bag for the first couple of plays, so you get the hang of all the mechanics and rules (seasoned players are still making mistakes, we are discussing about them all the time on this forum). 3. If you play two handed, Lita (that's her name) should be a priority - you should be able to get her with the investigator who is not engaged with the Ghoul priest. She gives you a combat boost and an additional point of damage per attack. Not to be overlooked. Also, the first scenario should not have as many enemies and most of them should be killable by Roland (rats, ghoul minion). Also, you just need to spend 6 clues in the hallway, you should be able to have some from other locations (spending them is not an action and you get no attacks of opportunity - the ones for the act deck). I hope what I wrote was understandable, my intention is to help you. Also, a lot of other members will surely try to help you and add to what I wrote (or disagree with me 😅).
  8. Thanks @Assussanni, this does make it clearer. I was afraid I were playing it wrong the whole time 😅
  9. I am not sure that the first point is correct. If you read the spawn instructions, the second bullet is: If an enemy has no spawn instruction, it spawns engaged with the investigator who drew it. Also, the last bullet of Prey rule is this: Prey has no immediate effect on where an enemy will spawn (see "Spawn" on page 19). So I assume that no matter how many investigators there are at a location, when you spawn a monster by drawing it from the encounter deck, it always engages the investigator who drew it. 🙂
  10. I still have to get the last 4 packs, so it's gonna be some time before if catch them all 🙂
  11. Looks like a bit of lady luck appeared here in Slovenia, even though the packs are postponed, our board game seller got Weaver of cosmos and Dexter 😁
  12. I tend to mostly enjoy mystics when I play with my 4-player group, because they can usually be jack of all trade characters (running around saving the clue gatherer and getting clues he was supposed to get 🧐). This is why I am not preferring them at the moment and consequently I fell no interest in Jacqueline at the moment (although I have a a high percentage of auto-fail token...). As @Soakman , I don't quite like the stereotypical guardian play, so Nathaniel is a interesting jock. Will definitely try, if nothing else for a different deck building style. Winnie should also be interesting in the same way of a different deck building style, although the rouges are quite a distinct bunch 🙂 Survivors are my Achilles heel - I would love to play them, but usually adjust to the group regarding their investigator choices. Also, one of the players plays primarily a survivor fail to win deck and I think he will be pretty bonkers for Stella. Excessive card draw is not my thing (well, I haven't played Mandy yet, maybe she will change my mind), so I am probably the least interested in Walters. So yeah - Nathaniel/Winnie, then Stella, Jacqueline and lastly Walters.
  13. So in this cases, what would happen if you drew Pushed into the beyond? Would you suffer horror if you discarded the other variant with the same name? What about if you shuffled the basic strange solution and discarded a upgraded one? Is this a whole other matter and am I complicating too much? 😅
  14. As I understand it is pretty clear - During of before your first action of each of your turns,....so it would limit this ability only during your turn, as per Matts clarification 🙂
  15. I VERY much doubt that. As they've said several times. The taboo is optional. Did you happen to notice they posted this recently? https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/4b/71/4b71c6d8-0317-4a25-afd8-044f379bf970/taboos_17-compressed.pdf I did and it was intended as a joke. 😁
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