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  1. Wolves, notoriously bad at math. Looks like you forgot one there. They're 25 base, 33 with upgrades putting the list to 99 points
  2. maybe add "non stressed enemy ship"
  3. I think that was Raleigh, NC and I think part of the problem people had was the $50 entry more than it being a cash tournament
  4. My highlight was round 2 when Torkhil got to 10 focus tokens and killed a tie fighter with his primary. Faced 3 different tie swarms and still managed 2nd place
  5. Thats basically the conclusion our community here came to. It's total nonsense
  6. So as an update. The store that decided they'd only allow regulars also withheld the regionals bye from the winner (he made it in despite not being a true regular) until he can prove he's going to regionals. This seems incredibly shady
  7. Are they doing that because of space or what? My LGS isn't limiting it to locals only, but locals get their name on the list first. But it's kinda silly to turn people away just because they don't play there often. He didn't say anything about a cap. When I called to ask when they're having it he said they're making it a private event for his regulars because he thinks thats what FFG intended the store championships be.
  8. The thing that's bugging me more this year is one of the local stores that is only allowing regulars to play in their event
  9. http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=992 It's up there, swiss rank 5
  10. FCB in Atlanta had 43 players and a crazy top 8 with no Poe or Soontir: Sith Lords with VI Carnor (winner) Crack Swarm Oicunn Phantom Thug Lyfe (2 ion 2 TLT) Tycho Dash IGB Starviper TLT Ywing Generic t-70 stress hog and 2 b-wings Miranda Wedge Jake
  11. May want to rerun your calculations on the Store Championships. Atlanta had a dash in the top 8
  12. Im a little biased towards scum since I play them. My SC list uses that trandoshan slaver which is where it came from to begin with. The next set I've got a Torkhil Mux made up. I'm focusing on making alts for pilots that dont have promos yet
  13. So to start of with, I made these cards to extend the participation prizes at my store championship. I knew I'd get more than 32 players so I made my own promos so everyone would get one. The guy who listed it on ebay contacted me and has taken it down. He didn't know it wasn't an official promo. The corran card I gave out to the top 10. Here's a pic of the promos (stolen from Engine25)
  14. I've toyed around with the points a bit and found I like 33. Our games usually came down to who has soontir at 35 points. I also have been developing a bounty system variant. The basic idea is each player is assigned a color at the start of the game (2 players per color) and at the start of the game everyone is assigned a random color that they keep secret. At the end of a round when I player downs a ship of their assigned color everyone gets reassigned a color. If a ship is destroyed it gets redeployed at the end of the turn. We usually play to 3 kills. So far everyone has enjoyed it.
  15. Dace Bonearm Opportunist, Gunner, Deadman Switch, Shield Upgrade Torkil Mux Gunner, Deadman Switch, Shield Upgrade Spice Runner Gunner, Deadman Switch, Moldy Crow, Hull Upgrade
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