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  1. Are they though? Since, like there's not that many missions where the Victory points a Rebel player is garunteed to get from objectives are more than that you'd get for a ship kill. The only Red objectives that really favours the Rebels outright over the Imps (When the Rebels are Precision Strike (If you run Dordonna's Pride), arguably Most Wanted since they get more die out of it (But the Imps ship can deal with two/three extra die better than the Rebels will deal with that one going at them. Given the issue is they are made of paper as it is, and thus the extra die gives more threat). And maybe Opening Salvo if you can keep your ships from being damaged (Otherwise, it's even/in Imperial favour). Of the Blue objectives; Well Dangerous Terrain is only really going to give a 30 point advantage to the Rebels at best. Simply because given you can set at least 1 objective per ship to be within easy range of the Imp ships. (In the 180 point game, you can only have 4 objectives, so Imps get at least 1, and Rebels get the others). And 30 points gets washed away by a ship kill of any kind. Intel Sweep - Probably an auto win for the Rebels, unless the Imp player out plays you, or you misplay.) So build won't matter as much for Rebels there. Minefields - Standard VP game. Which means without fighters you have to pray that you don't lose a ship, or else you outright lose with no way to make the Tie's commit. Superior Positions - One of the more even games, but probably favours the Rebels, due to them being better at getting behind. But again, you have to pray that you don't lose a ship, otherwise it's going to mean you have to do at least 3 bits of back damage (More if you lose a Nebulon). Which can be hard given you'll only get 3ish rounds at it. And finally Yellow (The hardest to evaluate); Fleet Ambush; Hurts the Imperials more than the Rebels. Given the Imps would then lose the turns of steady advancement, and tus the Rebels get 5 turns of fire as opposed to 3-4, which with 3 ships is more threatening. But still not as threatening as with X-Wings that don't have to deal with a Tie Screen in front of the VSD. Fire Lanes; The major Objective game that favours the Imperials. Given they can bully you off of 1 with a VSD, and bully you off of a second with Tie's (Since you know that's about 5 battery die, which means you have to commit two ships to bully the Tie's off. And even then, you'd have to kill all of them, or else one just sits on the token and goes Lalalalala. It's a much harder scenario without the addition of X-Wings to mop up the Tie's more quickly. (And proper dependant on the deployment of the objectives, it's possible for the VSD to control or contest multiple.) Whereas X-Wings in this scenario would let you contest both of the other objectives more easily imo. Hyperspace assualt; Not played this enough to judge on it. Contested Outpost - Again an Imp favoured scenario regardless of what happens. Since to contest the station, you have to be in firing range and arcs of the VSD. Which is painful. So really, there's hardly any scenarios that the Rebels can win just off of objectives, or have to couple that with practically perfect positioning if they can't claim Tie-Fighter VP's. And perfect positioning is much harder with 3 ships than with two, because regardless of who has priority, at least two ships will move after the VSD, which gives the VSD more potential fire openings. So again; I think X-Wings are a necessity atm, because you need to be able to threaten a kill on the VSD, and force the Tie's to be a part of the game so that you have multiple avenues of victory available.
  2. Two reasons. 1). Star Destroyers 2). For some people it'll be to expensive to be able to have two fleets up and running. Which, whilst not evident atm, will become evident as the game gets bigger and bigger. That and just general reasons such as not enjoying the play style of certain factions ect ect Whilst I agree with the general idea of knowing your enemy, there's other ways to do it. Experience playing against them, theory crafting, watching other games, and generally getting immersed with the game. That and playing against people better than you, who understand the finesses of certain things, and asking them say 'Why did you do X and not Y' after the game. It doesn't require you to own and play two fleets. I personally will, but that's because most of my time gets taken up by other stuff, and thus I generally have no one else to play with.
  3. I've got three builds I want to test, each based around one of the admirals (Since I think all of them could be viable in a sense, I just want to test each). First one I'll be doing is the build I've theoried since it was previewed; VSD 1 Admiral Screed Assault Concussive Missiles GSD 2 Assault Concussive Missiles GSD 2 Assault Concussive Missles. The rest of the list is currently undecided - I'm tempted to try out just Tie Spam, or just a handful of Interceptors and then more upgrades (Since, GSD having two AS dice is really nice) But the idea will be, even if I only get a round or two at a Rebel ship, I will make them suffer for it. Thus I can use aggresive area denial to help secure objectives.
  4. Tie's only beat X-Wings in two cases, when they are the aggressor, and they have a numbers advantage. Squadrons don't get less effective as they take damage, which means you need to clear out X-Wings by whole bases, which takes multiple Tie's at least. And if you don't, well X-Wings eat ties. Especially if Tie's lose the numbers advantage. At the current Moment, you need X-Wings to threaten the Imperial player. Even if you don't intend to get into a fire-fight with a VSD, you need a possibility to actually threaten to KO it in a game, which you can't do with 1 Corvette and 2 Nebulons. It also lets you get at the Victory points that Tie's offer - Without a need to screen your VSD from fighters, the Tie's can just bugger off to a different corner, and be fairly easy points that you can't get to. It's a necessary mind game I've found.
  5. None of the other commanders are out yet for Imperials - It's not out of desire, it's out of nessecity. Besides, Tarkin is always good. He simply becomes better with more ships. He also buffs all friendly ships - A ship is friendly to itself. Thus he buffs his own ship as well
  6. You only really do need to have 1 turn of shooting with the front hull zone. Potentially 6 dice is still pretty terrifying whichever way you slice it, and one round of that will make a big big dent. You also don't need to kill captial ships, just deal significant damage. It means a) the ship has to play even more cautiously and b) it deters stuff like AF's from going into broadside with you. Since, well when you've already taken damage and you are pretty evenly matched for firepower as is, you are at a disadvantage. (Without factoring potential stuff like Screed, since I still think he will make for an amazing build given the burst, and then fact he really limits redirect tokens). Not to mention, it's significantly easier to out outmaneuver 1 ship, than it is to do multiple which you must consider. Whilst out manouvering all of them is possible, it's somewhat improbable to do that without taking some damage. I just personally don't think perfectly moving past an Imperial fleet when it has more ships without taking casulties will be possible unless you really out play the opponent. But hey, we are both free to think these things, given that this is part of the complexity that makes us enjoy this game =)
  7. I can tell you a Victory will not be able to tank with with ships in the flank and rear pounding it. It is not That tough, I know first hand. Also a lot of objectives are either get there first or you get points every round you control it. A Victory will be able to hold one objective for a period but there will be multiple objectives on the table so holding one will still lose you the game.The GSD's will be needed to play the objective game and then you won't be able to just rely on firepower. Alternatively you just use Glad's in combination with Vics to perform aggressive area denial. You go forwards, and get your ships into a position where you have overlapping fire lanes, and are basically telling your opponent; 'Sure, you can have this objective if you are willing to stand in front of the might of the Imperial navy'. And I don't think trading any ship is worth getting a token. Given that you get the chance to set-up some of the objectives in objective games. You can easily set-up to ensure this is a viable option. If the rebels chase around you, you just float forwards, get the objectives you were denying, and still have the advantage in distance fire fights. You can't really fight into it with AF's either, since well you might be able to trade Broadsides with a Vic, but you can't do it with a Vic and a Glad. Admittedly the AF can win the long range battle, but Glad's can manover better than a AF if needed. Essentially I think that Imps can still win with firepower, you just have to use it in the right way.
  8. I think you'll see an emphasis on multiple units from the Imperials after Wave 1. A Screed list with 2 Glads and a Victory all with concussive Missles still seems like a really strong list, just due to the fact you can set up enough fire lanes and can do a lot of crippling damage even when the Rebel's aren't necessarily in the best firing arc. Oh that and you get amazing anti-fighter abilities from the two Glads. But it will be interesting to see how it interacts well with objectives. It's certaintly going to be possible to win objective games through aggresive denial (As in you say, sure you can try and take this objective, but you'll have to take a round of turbo-lasers and concussive missles to do so). Rebels will have more change in wave 1 than Imperials, because they'll have conventional ships of line and with fighter support can probably fight the Imperials.
  9. Don't let her be the aggressor, and focus her wingmen first. She only works when she and her Tie's can be aggresive and get the most from her ability. So a combination of your X-Wings and the Nebulon should let you burst down her Wingmen really quickly. And as is the case in all situations where Tie's are forced to go 1 on 1 with X-Wings, you'll win even with Howlrunner backing you up. on there side.
  10. Personally I think Wulff is superfluous in a Tarkan list. He's all about command economy, and Tarkan already solves issues with that. It may be different with two core sets, but I've found that having Wulff is like... 'I really never feel like he's paying back his points here'. I think he's going to be great with all the other commanders, especially with Repair tokens on VSD's, but with Tarkan he's meh. I suppose you can use him to get multiple Concentrate Fire orders in at once, but I've preffered being able to float a Repair token all game and just stay floating, and firing. It actually works pretty well with the Dominator, since you can perminantly increase your firepower by 1 in effect.
  11. Yes, you may attack all Squadrons within that arc that are legal targets for your shots. Which is why the Nebulon is fantastic at being an anti fighter.
  12. I'd say; General discussion, where you discuss new releases, general throughts and querries about the game, discuss individual ships, tactics ect ect. Fleet Building; So lists you want reviewed and that. Organized play; Talk about the competitive scene, and organising games ect ect Battle Reports: self explanitory off-topic: See above. We don't need to much, and yeah it is for future consideration more.
  13. It's down to what the cards say specifically. But I'd assume from Screed, unless it specifically states only the flagship, it applies to all relevant options for the fleet. Like, if it were only the ship they were on, so many commanders would be over-priced for no reason.
  14. Some other thoughts; Tarkan is probably going to be worth every last point; When you've got things as lumbering as VSD's, the ability to get free command tokens is invaluable. Especially since it actually feels really bad to use a Repair command (That's in general, not just just for the VSD, the VSD just suffers worse for it). So being able to get free tokens is wonderful. He also mediates the issue of the Star Destroyers slow response time. Dordonna feels much less wonderful. Whilst the idea of giving more reliable offensive crit damage is nice on paper, it really needs something like an Assualt Frigate to feel worthwhile. He'll probably scale into the game, but I'd rather just have Garm Bell Illis I think. Some part of me really feels like you want to have a pretty similar amount of fighters as your fleets actual squadron value. One or two say Tie Interceptors to act as blockers to engage enemy formations due to there high speed, but otherwise you want to have Squadron commands available to co-ordinate your assualt. (And more importantly allow Squadrons to move AND fire, not or. Which will be big for like Tie Bomber's given they are speed 4). I don't think B-Wings will be especially good as a result of that. Since move 2 feels like it will be crippling for a dedicated bomber. But, both A and Y Wings should be amazing. A-Wings, since intercepting enemy fighters to allow your X-Wings to either mop up or go onto ships will be great, and Y-Wings since 6 hull on a squadron is reaaaaally tanky. I can already see a few potential build styles of Imperial Fleets opening up for now, and kinda the same for Rebels (But I think Rebels will change a lot more with Wave 1 than Imperials will, since getting a manfight ship will be pretty big indeed)
  15. So I thought a thread to directly discuss peoples first observations and impressions now some people have gotten hold of copies, and to ask questions to those who have it ect ect. First impressions for moi; Feel of the game I love how cinematic it feels. The ships slowing crawling to each other, with fighter screens in front. Slowly positioning takes form, and then BOOM - Surging forwards with your fighter line to throw chaos into the opponents, and your ships opening up to each other titanically. Even how ships drift apart after a few desperately exchanged volleys, which will be great with more ships to trial with. I also like how punishing it can be if you don't plan properly. The first game I played, the VSD got a point blank volley with two arcs into a Corvette, practically obliterating it (And then it got finished off by Tie's), but spent the rest of the game being poked in the rear by the Nebulon whilst it and and X-Wings moped up the Tie's in short order, due to it mis-positioning after that. It's definately a case of easy to learn, hard to master. Gameplay itself; Whilst I've not played a game with the Objectives yet (Only the L2P, and then a 180 game without objectives just to try a few things), having initiative seems Huuuuuge. It really changes how you plan your turns, at least in the core set, maybe this will lessen especially with objectives involved to balance it out. But it's really going to force different playstyles in each fleet just down to that. There's a really handy appendix/glossary included which solves a lot of issues of clarity with rules, which is lovely as well. And the rules themselves seem pretty intuitive once you start playing with it. Oh, and fighters really need the command to be useful as anything other than a tarpit. How the fleets and such feel; The stuff in the core set does a good job at making things feel very unique. The Star Destroyer is like this big lumbering cannon that needs careful pointing to get it to do anything, and whilst it'll eat anything in front of it, it can't react worth a ****. The Corvette A needs to be used with caution since it'll die quickly, and if you commit too early you'll general meet death by turbo-laser. It'll definately be better in pairs, where you can take advantage of it being the fastest and most maneuverable of the core set ships. The Nebulon Escort frigate; Depending on how relevent fighters wind up being, this may become a must have ship. Two anti fighter dice is really really good. Especially since it's anti ship feels really underwhelming in comparison. Tie Fighters - They are disruptive chaff/tarpit. Like, they are terrible in a 1v1 versus an X-Wing, but in pairs they are incredibly strong (Since, turning 6 dice to 8 dice is really good thanks to swarm). I found it effective to send one in to try and engage as many squadrons as possible, and then gang up with the others to try and get and maintain a numbers advantage. They feel pretty ineffective against ships as well, so really you'll be using them either to delay fighters, or gang up on them. X-Wings - As of yet, I'm a little undecided of them. I feel like they are meant to be the major part of the Rebels damage in the core set, but I've never actually been able to use them to direct attack the VSD, since Tie's are a pain. They are pretty good anti fighter though. And given I can't remember the stats of the other fighters, they'll probably stay that way. Since I don't want to make this too wordy, I'll post more stuff that I discover after I've played a couple more games. I will say that there's about half a dozen upgrades that we've not had previewed in the Core Set. One of which is a little insane in theory. But I shall save that suprise for when ya'll get your own copies
  16. I'm personally fine with some sense of standard accross the competitive scene, in fact I'd almost encourage it, I just wish it wasn't so constricting on what said standard is. Or expensive. Like, if FFG said all mats must be made of x material, and if not one of ours must be verified by judges at the event before it's used to make sure it's not like readily usable to give information advantages, that would be fine in my books. But it's the specific detail of it being one of there mats that makes this a little hard to stomach. But then again, I'm an old 40k player, I should be used to companies making slightly poor choices to sell more product
  17. I'm intending to get 2 Gladiators, maybe a VSD to get the upgrade cards from that if I feel they are irrelevant. Probably one each of all the Rebel stuff, and fighter packs for each. Of course this will all depend on how units actually play out, since I feel like I may wind up getting multiple Interceptors eventually.
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