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  1. With all the new add ons, enchanted balls (Sudden Death), Stadiums + Corrupt Ref (Foul Play), i hope the next expansion is just teams, and lots of them, maybe have two new syndicates. Because at the moment, the field is very full up. BUT... if they were going to add a new element to the game, maybe a weather mechanic, maybe add a new dice, a blue one with different weather patterns, roll it for each high light and place a corresponding token on it. if its a wet day, all star power reduced by 1, except Guardsman. Star Power reduced will also affect any special bonuses/ability's. if its windy, roll to determine if the ball passes, roll 1 green die, Blank = misses - dropped to centre field, X = Opposing Player chooses where the ball goes (even to his players), Tackle icon = Ball Passed per usual , will be hell for Skaven players... but their rats, wind is their enemy. Hurricane weather, when sprinting, you draw a card and then discard a player with the highest star power in your hand. These are just a few of the ideas for a weather mechanic, i hope you like it. Put Simply - there just needs to be more teams.
  2. Compared to the darker art in Space Hulk Death Angel, yes the card work is a little more brighter in WH 40K Conquest, but SPDA is a very dark game indeed (85% fail rate) and is better played in a solo manner. It also takes place in a dark place, a hulk, confinement and claustphobqia, that's my general experience with Tyranids, very Aliens esque. With WH40KC, you're dealing with a more different atmosphere, like assuming these battles take place on a planet with open fields and caverns, jungles, swamps and desserts in broad daylight, so the art work is going to reflect some of those attributes. Also the different varieties of soldiers offers more different art concepts, colours, angles, I'm personally only use to seeing Genestellars and Hive Lords (yep, that's where I got my user name... Slayed a few Hive Lords in my day.) Simply put, I agree the art work isn't as dark as my experience with Tyranids, but for this game, lighter art work will work better.
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