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    Music for Talisman

    Skyrim soundtrack or sometimes Aphex Twin (the more melodic stuff)
  2. I ordered the reaper expansion, see how I get on with that first. Thanks a lot for the advice, didn't spot that previous thread
  3. I'm very new to Talisman, having only discovered it in the last month or so, however I have become pretty addicted to it. I only have the main game set at present but am looking to get an expansion or two very soon. Is there any kind of order to which I should get the expansions or if not, does anybody have any recommendations as to which ones I should get first? Thanks
  4. I'm pretty new to Talisman and don't have any expansions yet. Thank you all for the advice
  5. Hi I came across this situation earlier: There are only two players in this game. Player 1 gets a Warlock's quest to kill another character. In the meantime, he acquires a talisman from the adventure cards. Player 2 however is in the inner region. Player one cannot pass over into the inner region to pursue player 2 until he has completed his warlock's quest - a kind of catch 22. Is there any way out of this situation or at this point is it game over for player 1? Any advice appreciated! Thanks
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