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  1. Good morning to you all! Was playing yesterday and something came up; Monster in the deep was in play "Action: Corrupt this unit and choose up to two target units. Those units cannot attack or defend until the end of the turn." When can this ability be triggered during the battlefield phase? Exemple: I declare my attack phase. I then proceed to declare which unit will attack, and select 3 units. -Does it need to be triggered before I declare my attacker, as once they are declared, they are already attacking (kinda like Corruption work). or -Can he trigger the ability after I declared my attacker, meaning he could "stop" 2 of my 3 attackers from attacking, leaving my single unit sacrificing himself into a somewhat glorious death without me cancel the attack? If I'm not mistaken in the rule book, actions cannot be taken while I declare my attacker, so can this ability remove a already declared attacker from combat? Thanks for your time Note; this game gets a bit complicated... but ****, it make it so much fun!
  2. Oh I got that, but it can sponge a big chunk of damage this way. Not really a issue, just that this ability alone (health = # cards) make it even more super good (negated by its price... exept when you do discard card to reduce it!). But its the 2 ability together Im unsure of. Either cancel the damage and reduce maximum health by 1 or take 1 damage and reduce actual health by 1, which in the end, will result in the same effect, except of course for these nasty encounter effect for having character with damage on them. so I understand why the second is better, exept if there was more cards counting the # of discarded card (or a 2nd Phalanx!). I actually love both idea, but I prefer having the discarded card being counted in an event card just like the Eternal love! Btw, I love it!. I would (and this is just my opinion) prefer if the Phalanx had a static health (5 pts?) with its current ability of putting back cards to cancel damage (probably once per turn).
  3. Just an idea like this... Valinor Phalanx can only be played from your discard pile. After Valinor Phalanx is destroyed, add him to the victory display. It would pretty much cover most of the cheap/free way to place him into play. I think the "To the sea! To the sea!" would still apply, just like any "reduce price to play next card by X" as they dont specify if they have to be played from your hand. Now its more a question of fitting it in the text box... But now for the actual card, isnt hp=X a bit... well, I sometime hand up with +15 card in my discard pile with a high draw/discard deck (thx to Noldor!). 9 is a high cost, but for such a beast... good thing it cant have attachements!
  4. A bit late for the party but, not sure if it is a typo or if I just never knew a ranger keyword existed... so, was it suposed to be Ranged? (distant attack). But now it does feel a lot more balanced! and nice synergy with the Leadership!
  5. Interesting mechanic, but without "limit once per round", you can easily drop 6-9 threat per round. Specially since exhausting most artifact has no real cost out of it. But I like the flippy idea (going with amount of character). I would have phrased them a bit more differently, something like; "If you control less than (at least) 6 characters, flip Aragorn. He keeps all his attachments, damages and resources tokens in the process.". *Edit: Oh, just saw it would be -9 threat until the end of the round. This changes a lot of things! My bad! Then yea, lot let abusive and it does make it quite interesting for the Secrecys, AND less engagement check.s
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