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  1. Oh? Is that why the Defender is so well represented in top 8 placement when it comes to professional play?
  2. That's an invitation to tautology. It doesn't matter that sometimes the 1-bank is good; the dial in aggregate is very bad.
  3. it is an entire ship. It's a base to block with, guns to shoot, etc. This is the most ridiculous argument I think I've ever had about X-Wing. An extra Z-95 can actually win you a game - supernatural reflexes leaves the board with Luke. Do you want to shoot with 5 dice or do you want to shoot with 3 dice and get a sneak in a barrel roll pre-activation (or a boost if you're willing to take attrition)? Oh yeah, and the Z-95 is a point less that SR, which means it even contributes towards a bid win. SR was great (too good) at the previous value, even as expensive as it was, because it was still below the value of a cheap blocker. When it is more expensive than a blocker, it is no longer worth the opportunity cost.
  4. No, worse. Just worse. With Luke + SS, you get extra action economy. With an extra Z-95, you get precisely the same amount of extra action economy and then also a whole extra hull that said action economy is glued to. For SS to be competitive, it would have to not only add bonus action economy but also compensate for the loss in hull, shields attack power and utility. EDIT: Another way of looking at it is as follow: imagine we played against each other and one of us had Luke + SS while another had Luke + Z-95. Which list do you think comes out ahead more often?
  5. Turn 0 is such a huge deal against a list with lots of hulls. Close-off those flight lanes, set-up those choke points, spread out your squadron so you can attack from multiple angles. In terms of list building, initiative killing seems like an obvious enough desire that is just good on its own merit as well as ships / upgrades that want to and can manage to keep the fight at R2-R3 for as long as possible.
  6. Yeah, you could have Luke taking free boosts / barrel rolls. Or you could have an entire other Z-95 with it's own set of actions and that can also shoot and gives an extra 2S/2H to your list and gives you extra attack arc and... That's what 'opportunity cost' means. By taking Supernatural Reflexes, you missed out on something that is just plain better. Your list is mathematically worse.
  7. Sure; but if you're flying a Defender that isn't Rex or maybe Vessery, then I'm not terribly worried about your list.
  8. Defenders still have the same problem they've had since 1.0: the costs they have been burdened with in exchange for the white 4K are absurd (a dial that is otherwise incredibly bad, and a ridiculous points premium). And everyone knows that the one trick you have is that 4K, so they'll block it every time. That said, Rex can pull his weight as a flanking ace alongside a mini-swarm. Howl + 3 TIE/LN + Rex can throw down with competitive lists and creates a lot of opportunities for opponents to make fatal mistakes (feint to your opponent that you're doing a 4K. Don't actually do a 4K, and instead swing-in the TIE/LN brick for R1 shots at the blocker). I will never understand why the Empire's premium experimental starfighter didn't get its dial fixed. High points cost, sure, fine - that's fair. High points cost and also your good turns are all red and also your only blue turns are 1 banks? That is way too tremendous a burden.
  9. It is cheaper to add another ship to your list than to put Supernatural Reflexes on Luke. There is no way you will get enough value out of a single upgrade at I5 to compensate for the opportunity cost of not having an extra ship. That's as close to a ban as you can get.
  10. This is the most amazing fan project i've ever seen.
  11. it was too good, it has been priced out of competitive play because it was an auto-include. I kind of dislike the way FFG is balancing things by effectively banning overpowered game pieces from play... but eh. At least this is better than 1.0's ridiculous patching system.
  12. If bidding is reformed so that points don't matter and everyone just rolls off at the start to determine initiative, I'm fine with Aces being really competitive. In the meantime, I'll take the beef thanks.
  13. IMHO, step one should be understanding how ships - especially the ones you want to pilot - fly around the board. Set up a table, set up a reasonable simulacrum of how you think obstacles usually get placed, and just practice flying. Build up an intuition for where a given maneuver will and will not fit. Once you get comfortable with that bedrock of X-Wing, build on top of it with complementary skills. If you learn how most ships fly, you will be able to learn to read the most likely and/or most ideal moves your opponent can make - and that will enable you to block them. As a corollary to that, you'll be able to learn that a good opponent will know where your best moves are - and the way to fight against that is to fly unpredictably by not always choosing the most optimal maneuver. Outguessing your opponent is often better than just trying to accomplish exactly the most optimal position and getting blocked. Action economy, list building, target priority, etc, are all very important too but are subordinate to one's ability to pilot well. Master those dials & templates and you'll master the game.
  14. The Striker is more cost-efficient & consistent, and the Interceptor more than any other chassis really got the short end of the dial inflation stick. The chief advantage of the old agile fighters was that their dial was an order of magnitude better than other dials; now everyone has a super-dial (...except, inexplicably, the Defender still has a garbage dial) and so what used to be a great dial looks kind of meh. interceptors also still suffer from the same problem they've always had (up until 1.0 Autothrusters, anyway): they get deleted with a single bad die roll when attacked with a 3 dice primary at R2 or R3, and that is simply not acceptable on such an expensive chassis. My 23 point Academy TIE fighter eats a bad die roll and is vaporized before she can shoot? Fine, whatever; I have 4-5 more of them. My 34 point Alpha Interceptor eats the same bad die roll? That's a huge blow to my list's effectiveness. Or I can take a Striker and shrug at bad die rolls because they'll survive a blank out (most of the time) from a 3 dice primary. The problem worsens when you consider that part of the premium you're paying for an Alpha is that they have 2 mod slots and so you're naturally left wanting to use those. Stick Afterburner and Baffle in there, and now the blank out costs you 42 points (...and baffle complicates this further, because it is a mod that becomes shut off on an Interceptor after just two face down damage cards have been dealt to it). You could always protect against the blank out scenario with a Hull Upgrade, but now you're adding a 7 point premium on top of an already over-priced vehicle... They need a pretty severe point discount to be in line with other options. Probably in the neighborhood of 6-7~ or so points.
  15. While the bolded is 100% true, it comes with a caveat; you have to set-up the terrain intelligently and know how to fly into it, or you're almost better off just trying your luck with skirting the perimeter of the board. May a woe has been had from players who grokked the basic principle of forcing a swarm into an asteroid field, only to find themselves having landed on rocks while staring down R1 TIE fighter attacks. Rule of 11 definitely still applies here, as it is what a good player will use to know when to cut around rocks vs when to hide behind them.
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