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  1. Want Imperial Assault: Diala Passil AA E-Web AA Riot Trooper AA Kanan Jarrus AA Luke (Jedi) AA Have Imperial Assault: Lots of german AA cards 2015-2017. I'll update the list, when i get home.
  2. Look at Ultimate Guards 14-Pocket Compact Pages Standard + Mini American, they should fit your needs. I use them for X-Wing tournaments and they really help. So it's at least one sleeve each unit. And with a little tape you could tape them together and fold them like an accordion.
  3. If they want to fix point costs for Skirmish, they could just bring some Han- or Chewie-only skirmish upgrades with negative point values, like they did with the chardaan refit in x-wing.
  4. "Vollie" is a Mix from my lastname "Volbracht" and the german word "Voll" (eng. = "wasted" or "drunk"), garnished with an "ie" (eng. = "y") for better pronunciation.
  5. I like the card, but the rest... Damage Tokens in a National Price Kit?!? You can't play with that number of tokens, and you don't visit too many Nationals to get more... I won't be able to visit german Nationals (1 day before my exams...), that sucks. That kit eases the pain but there's no accounting for taste, so everything's fine. Vollie
  6. Are you going to update all maps with tile-markings? Then i would wait, until you're done with all maps, before i order new sets.
  7. Yes there is... the shops would risk to loose their flagship store status... that's why Germany is split again. ;-)
  8. This does not help someone who only plays the campaign with friends. You don't need the updated cards, if you just play the campaign... campaign play wasn't the reason for the errata.
  9. Have: Imperial Assault 2x Stormtrooper (german) 2x Trandoshan Hunter (german) ​1x Chewbacca (german) 1x Dengar (german) ​2x Royal Guard (german) 2x Bantha Rider (Store Championship 2016, german) 1x AT-ST (Regional 2015, german) 2x C-3PO (Regional 2016, german) 1x Challenge Coin (Store Championship 2016) 2x Set of Focus Tokens (5 Pieces) ​2x Set of Stun Tokens (5 Pieces) 2x Set of Mission Tokens (5 Pieces) ​1x Set of Terminal Tokens (Regional 2015, 5 Pieces) ​1x Set of Crate Tokens (Regional 2016, 5 Pieces) Need: Imperial Assault 1x Set of Damage Tokens (10 Pieces) X-Wing 1x Lando Calrissian (Nationals 2013) 1x Boba Fett (Worlds 2013) 1x Darth Vader (Worlds 2014) 1x Han Solo (Worlds 2015) ​1x BB-8 (Open 2016) 2x T70 / TIE/FO Dual-Card (Open 2016)
  10. I completed two trades (USA - Germany), one with ThatJakeGuy and one with RogueLieutenant. Everything worked wonderful!
  11. Not up to me. I'm not the one running the tournaments. It is not up to you (alone), but it's up to you as the us community. Just continue bringing printed maps instead of the tiles... American TOs really sent people home, who bring printed maps to the tournament?
  12. Right now you must own a Core set and a Twin Shadows set to play at a tournament, since you need tiles from both boxes. You don't need Return to Hoth, but odds are you will at some point. Don't go with that stupid rule. Print your maps on PVC and play on them. In Germany even Nationals were played on printed maps. I haven't palyed on the tiles the last 12 month...
  13. It depends on your opponent. If he is fine with that "modification" go ahead, but if he is not and you don't have the original model with you, you have no legal army to play with. You would take the risk to be disqualified. Rules are pretty clear on that point.
  14. An earlier release date would not have changed anything. FFG's sale strategy and the big balancing-issue in skirmish killed a growing competitve community. IA-interested people asked me about competetive skirmish, "What are the top-tier lists and how much do i have to pay to be able to compete?","oh, there is just one boring list and it costs you just about 400$ to get it.". That answer killed all thoughts about getting into IA. Now with the big errata, we have a new Problems getting people into IA. If people, who just bought the corebox and wave 1, start to play skirmish, a lot of cards are played different, which is pretty confusing for beginners. And a growing pool of commandcards isn't inviting as well... Another problem is the big-box-expansion-issue: 2 models, 1 deployment card. That's bulls**t and makes IA really expensive, if you want to have all options. You stil have to buy 4 big-box-expansion to play 4 regular units. That's much worse than their x-wing strategy to include higly competitive cards into their epic-ships. I really love IA and it could have been a great success, if FFG's playtesting would have worked and if they wouldn't be that greedy. Vollie
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