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    The Imperator reacted to Nivrap in Allies and Adversaries   
    So what you're saying is that Infinity Stones are just Kyber Crystals? I can get behind that...
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    The Imperator reacted to HappyDaze in Allies and Adversaries   
    Not if you pull off a time heist...
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    The Imperator reacted to JorArns in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
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    The Imperator got a reaction from DurosSpacer in Rider's Guild   
    Yeah, here's the current link:
    The original got blackliseted for spam, for some reason (rider had turned emails back on on the site, and that's apparently what flagged it). So it's temporarily hosted there while he figures it out. 
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    The Imperator reacted to HappyDaze in Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics   
    Star Wars canon recognizes Palestine?
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    The Imperator got a reaction from SanguineAngel in Rider's Guild   
    Yeah, here's the current link:
    The original got blackliseted for spam, for some reason (rider had turned emails back on on the site, and that's apparently what flagged it). So it's temporarily hosted there while he figures it out. 
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    The Imperator reacted to Varlie in Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics   
    New Force Powers and Signature Abilities:
    I tried to separate these but it  combined my two spoilers.  I guess you can only do one per post
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    The Imperator reacted to Richardbuxton in Starting Jedi PCs with FR of 2   
    eg: “I want to play the Ron Weasley of the group”
    but honestly it’s probably easier to just give the group all FR 2 to start for free. The one talent that could be broken by it is Saber Swarm, but they still have to roll 4 Advantage to make use of it, and you haven’t given them a full lightsaber 
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    The Imperator reacted to awayputurwpn in Starting Jedi PCs with FR of 2   
    Yeah, I tread lightly there myself, because I've had bad experiences as a player and as a GM when placing requirements. I try to make sure it's open ended, and that I'm giving something to them in return. It's not like you're taking their characters and messing with them; it's more like you're giving them a boon with a single stipulation on its usage. 
    OTOH, if the requirement is too heavy a concept, you could always just make it a strong suggestion
    Try this: "I am giving you this extra XP so that you can get to FR 2 because that's the power level I'd like us to start with for this campaign. But, if there's a reason you think your padawan shouldn't yet be at FR 2, just let me know, and we will try and work out a good story together!" 
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    The Imperator reacted to Decorus in What is going on with Unlimited Power?   
    Its actually a secret plot by me to keep people from being able to buy the books at release so I can get them easier.
    My merry band of mercenaries make it difficult to deliver them. Right now I have Unlimited Power stashed in an undisclosed location that is not a beached tugboat on the French coast.
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    The Imperator reacted to nameless ronin in Starting Jedi PCs with FR of 2   
    If it applies to everyone it doesn’t have to be problematic, but I’d just give them Knight level XP and let them figure out how they want to use it for themselves. If they increase their FR they’ll be more like space wizard Jedi, if they choose to focus their skills in other areas they’ll still be good characters as well. Bottom line, they won’t have to slum it with FR 1 if they don’t want to. 
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    The Imperator reacted to FuriousGreg in Starting Jedi PCs with FR of 2   
    A question first:

    Are you and your Player's experienced in the system?
    FFGSW takes a few sessions to really grok the system and how to build dice pools, read the results, and understand what is and isn't a good enough Rank in an Attribute, Skill, or Power. Also one may not fully get the scale of the Ranks (the practical difference between ranks) and how the Skills, Powers, and Talents interact. For example I run a game and play in one, my current GM is new to the system and is having a hard time building opponent's difficulty levels alternatively making them too weak or too powerful and not fully utilizing opponents abilities. I also did this in the beginning and it takes several sessions of combat and skill challenges to learn this, both as a Player and as a GM. I bring this up because once you play the system a bit you learn how the dice work and where it's important to spend EXP and where it's just overkill. As a result you may want to give yourself and your players a few sessions to learn the system before they have a higher FP Rank and to start spending Knight Level +150 EXP all at once.

    If you and your Player's are familiar with the system I see no issues with having them start with a Force Rating of 2. What I would suggest though is that rather than just giving them a FR 2 you have them pre-purchase that second FR using first available Force Rating in their Talent Tree(s). You don't require them to buy any of the intervening Talents at the start but they can't buy that same Rank a second time. This way they get that boost to use right away but don't upset the in-built balance of the system.
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    The Imperator reacted to ASCI Blue in Starting Jedi PCs with FR of 2   
    I also ran a game where knight level XP + fr2 was involved. It made for a more interesting game imo, the players were less risk adverse. 
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    The Imperator reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Starting Jedi PCs with FR of 2   
    That depends.
    Are all the PCs going to be getting Force Rating 2?
    If the answer is that it's only the "Jedi" of the group and any other Force user PCs are stuck at FR1, then yes it is wildly unbalancing.
    It's also a bit unbalancing as it gives a leg up to those players who choose to start with one of the Lightsaber Form specs, as five of those don't offer a Force Rating boost at all, so rather than suffering the trade-off of getting access to the Lightsaber skill as a career skill and a variety of rather effective combat talents that center around lightsaber usage, by giving them a free boost to Force Rating you've just undercut one of the major trade-offs that come with starting with a LS Form spec; namely, that by taking that spec you're trading away a Force Rating boost to be highly capable with one of the more dangerous weapons in the game.
    Plus, as awayputyrwpn said, Jedi Padawans generally aren't starting-tier PCs, as such characters are best emulated using Knight Level XP, so even with FR2 a starting PC isn't really going to "feel" like a Padawan from the media.
    With all that being said, it's your game and if your players are on board with the change, then go for it.  But even then, it's not really "balanced" as your PCs are skipping right past the "struggling to control the Force" stage of the development that game was intended to reflect.
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    The Imperator reacted to Richardbuxton in Starting Jedi PCs with FR of 2   
    I would definitely do it, FR2 isn’t that massive, and if someone wants to be a Force wizard the fr4 from a single Specialisation will be fun. 
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    The Imperator reacted to awayputurwpn in Starting Jedi PCs with FR of 2   
    Jedi Padawans aren't starting-level characters. They are already highly trained, and relatively experienced, by the time they are selected for apprenticeship.
    Just give them extra starting XP and tell them that the only caveat is they must buy their way to Force Rating to 2.
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    The Imperator reacted to damnkid3 in Starting Jedi PCs with FR of 2   
    We have a game where we started at Knight level EXP, but were also given Force rating of 2.  With giving the force rating to the group I feel it opened the opportunity for the group to by more force powers to start since they could feel more confident they would work.  We haven't made it far in the game, but I don't feel it causes any  major unbalancing.  As with the all games if you advance your players then you advance your villains so they stay a step ahead. 
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    The Imperator got a reaction from Matt Skywalker in Allowing characteristic boosting yay or nay   
    There are dedication talents on every talent tree, or just about every one of them, that are meant to symbolize that. 
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    The Imperator got a reaction from Shadow5021 in Allowing characteristic boosting yay or nay   
    There are dedication talents on every talent tree, or just about every one of them, that are meant to symbolize that. 
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    The Imperator got a reaction from GroggyGolem in Allowing characteristic boosting yay or nay   
    There are dedication talents on every talent tree, or just about every one of them, that are meant to symbolize that. 
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    The Imperator got a reaction from JRRP in Designing a corporate espionage encounter   
    I love that last one. One of the PCs has a sister in the Rebellion, so Zann wouldn't even need to make up stuff if it came to it, just show the obvious link that that woman and her brother must have been working together. 
    I like the first couple of ideas as well, thank you for the response! Getting dirt is definitely a thing I could see at least two of the PCs enjoying immensely, and slicing into other projects also is a cool mission to give them and gives both the social oriented and computer oriented players something to do. 
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    The Imperator reacted to JRRP in Designing a corporate espionage encounter   
    They could be trying to investigate to find dirt on any number of MandalMotors board members to leverage to keep them quiet. Do some of them have heavy debt? Gambling problems? Criminal past? Embarrassing social gaffes? Some kind of Star Wars specific sociopathic tendency? 
    They could be put in the position of potentially kidnapping someone who absolutely would quash the deal and keeping said individual safe, secure, and secret until the proceedings were finished. This could include leaving a false and plausible trail of evidence that nothing was amiss, as well as ducking the skip tracers and detectives who are hired to find the missing individual.
    Zann could hire them to get a more complete inventory of all the projects MandalMotors is currently working on, which could involve some slicing, charming engineers to divulge more than they want to, etc.
    Alternately, they could be tasked to set a false trail for the Imperials that would lead back to the rebellion, providing Zann with all the plausible deniability he could ever want.
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    The Imperator reacted to Nate in Compiled Resources List   
    Since there doesn't seem to be a post dedicated to fan-made resources, we can start this one.
    General Information--Wookieepedia
    A Slew of Adventures from Legends of the Galaxy 
    Players' Tools from Legends of the Galaxy, too
    LIghtsaber Crystal Supplement from Immortalfrieza
    PowerPoint Templates for Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/mrqh5onuc7jh0cn/EotE Module Template v0.9.1.potx?dl=0
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/zjk2fqm07dhbytx/AoR Module Template v0.9.potx?dl=0
    Online Shop Generator from Celofett
    A Clone Wars Sourcebook written by Emilejos 
    A Star Wars Language Translator by Arlo Di'Lya
    GroggyGolem's Resources (Dropbox) 
    Form-Fillable Character Sheet from Caied
    Form-Fillable Companion Sheet from SaraMcDohl
    Form-Fillable Vehicle Sheet from Sara McDohl
    Weapon Modifications Sheet from Bennxn
    NPC Cards from 9littlebees
    Letter Size
    A4 Size
    SW Sheets courtesy of duffn
    390 Names for NPCs from B.A. Simon
    Consolidated Index
    One Shot First Supplement from Maveritchell
    At a Crossroads--A Sourcebook for Jospro Sector from Lagspike
    V1.1: https://app.box.com/s/pi1hfcn24ijgo93k768n3ilkhhoqe0xn
    Adventure Template for Force and Destiny in LibreOffice from Depicacyx
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/79y4l65u5aarp4q/Force and Destiny Adventure Template - LibreOffice.zip?dl=0
    Discord Dice, Destiny Pool and Character Tracking Bot from Skyjedi 
    "The Stars are Silent" by LuckyBunny 
    "Murder on the Merciful" by Andynorton
    "Hunter and Hunted"
    "The Enemy of My Enemy"
    "Only Two Ways Home"
    "How the Grrth Stole Life Day"
    "Rendezvous at Ord Mantell" (Conversion)
    "Echoes of the Past" (Multiple Versions)
    Echoes of the Past (with ungridded maps)
    Echoes of the Past (with gridded maps)
    Echoes of the Past (pdf only for web viewing)
    "Bendu's Shadow/Stalitz Flight"
    "Fane of the Sith Lords"
    "Dreamscape" by Castlecruncher
    "Mists of Myrkr"
    "Pride and Piracy"
    "The Scrapheap King"
    "The Price Is Might"
    "The Quarantine Quandary"
    "Cold Comfort"
    "Shadow of the Broker: Trust Fall"
    "Shadow of the Broker: The Laws of War"
    Conversions of WEG Modules by Kyla
    A Campaign for Imperial Storm Commandos, with Pre-GEns, by Lagspike
    Star Wars RPG Homebrew Distillery by DangerShine Designs
    Operational Costs (by RebelDave, RusakRakesh and others)
    Trade Route Economics Spreadsheet by Nevermind
    User Guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Kc1WTVH7ALdy1YeEcxOWFZSVk/view
    Star Wars: Rebels Sourcebook (courtesy of Jaspor, et al)
    Cartol's Emporium of Useful Things (by Jegergryte)
    Campaign Websites
    Bubblepopmei's Campaign
    "We Don't Need Their Scum" (2P51)
    "The Second Chance" (Jaspor)
    "Star Wars: The Next Big Thing" (I.J. Thompson)
    "Star Wars: Veil of Darkness" (GM Hooly)
    "Star Wars: Tales of the Solay Express" (GM Hooly)
    "Tumbleweeds in Space" (RusakRakesh)
    Simon Retold's Campaign Wiki
    "Unforeseen Fates" (Atraangelis)
    "The Force Unbridled" (Kyla)
    "Tempest Feud" (Lady Skywalker)
    "Misery of the Corrupted" (GM Teyvill)
    "After the Fall" (ShadoWarrior) 
    "Far Orbit Project" (ShadoWarrior) 
    "Fight or Flight" (swrider) 
    "Strike Force Isk" (ShadoWarrior) 
    "Trial by Fire" (ShadoWarrior) 
    "The Minos Cluster" (Kinnison) 
    "One Shot" Campaign
    Alien Species
    A Tatooine Supplement
    Kainrath's Mos Shuuta Supplement
    A Corellia Supplement
    A Hutt Space Supplement
    Star Wars Galaxy Maps
    Tales from the Edge of the Empire
    Triumph & Despair
    Jegergryte's Cubicle
    Dono's Gaming & Etc Blog
    d20 Radio Blog
    Sterling Hershey's Blog
    Shalemanse's Edge of the Empire Homebrew
    Consummate Gamer
    A Few Manevers
    Kainrath's Blog with Lots of Gear
    Bastion Kain's Blog
    Cardhu's Blog
    Tierfon Campaign
    Maveritchell's Page
    Sturn's Stuff
    OggDude's Character Generator
    Squirrelsan's Resource Thread
    (Including an Excel character sheet)
    Reference Sheets from Gribble
    One-Page Reference sheet
    Combat Reference Sheet
    Critical Cards
    Talent Tree Reference
    Valiant One's Character Creation Aid
    Daniel Cowdery's Starship and Vehicle Aid
    Ways of the Force
    Kaalamity's Companion Sheet
    "Order 66"
    "The Sabacc Table"
    Star Wars Crawl Generator
    (Thanks to Venthrac for the mention)
    Another Crawl Generator
    (Thanks to ArisSN for the mention)
    Star Wars Name Generator
    (Thanks to IceBear for the mention)
    Star Wars Soundboards
    Range-Tracking Tool from CharlieBananas
    A Version of the Intro PDF in French from Naglareph
    Expanded Mos Shutta from Maveritchell
    Mos Shuuta Expanded (gridded maps)
    Mos Shuuta Expanded (no-grid maps)
    Tatooine Props
    YT-1300F "clean"
    Stats for Rakghouls from DiegoOnasi
    BrashFink's Bennie Deck a la Savage Worlds
    Index of NPCs from Musket_Max
    Kainrath's Loot Table
    Stan's Combat Tracker
    Lots of Good Artwork
    Character Tokens by Kitty Kissz
    Liberiton's Article about Hutt Politics
    Rules for Sith Alchemy by Ian2400
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/r5zt67nvh8sope4/Sith Alchemy.png?dl=0
    French Character Sheet from Bobmoranne
    Resources from Joress
    Swoop Bike Sheet 
    Star Destroyer Stat Sheet
    Squadron Stat Sheet
    GM Combat Tracker
    GM Sheets for Tracking Gameplay
    Resources in German
    Resources in Spanish
    And Now for Something Completely Different
    "Edge of Sanity" Lovecraftian One-Shot Adventure
    Edge of the Union Western RPG
    Edge of the Kingdom Fantasy Conversion (Blue Dog, et al) 
    I'll continue to update this list as people add/remind me of new material.
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    The Imperator reacted to yeti1069 in The Big Issue with Canon (Minor Spoilers)   
    Episode IV: A NEW HOPE
    "It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. We are given an a brief explanation of the state of the galaxy.
    During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet.  This tells us what happened right before the movie begins, and...
    Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Princess Leia races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy...." ...why the initial scene and characters are important.
    "It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although the Death Star has been destroyed, Imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy. Update on what has been going on between movies.
    Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters led by Luke Skywalker has established a new secret base on the remote ice world of Hoth.
    The evil lord Darth Vader, obsessed with finding young Skywalker, has dispatched thousands of remote probes into the far reaches of space...." The Empire is looking for the rebels, which leads us to the beginning of the film.
    "Luke Skywalker has vanished. In his absence, the sinister FIRST ORDER has risen from the ashes of the Empire and will not rest until Skywalker, the last Jedi, has been destroyed. This doesn't really tell us what the state of the galaxy is--just that some new enemy has arisen from the ashes of the old, and that, for some reason, Luke is missing. It also tells us he is the last Jedi, but not why, or why that's relevant, or why the First Order cares.
    With the support of the REPUBLIC, General Leia Organa leads a brave RESISTANCE. She is desperate to find her brother Luke and gain his help in restoring peace and justice to the galaxy. Who is the Republic? Presumably, it is the governing body formed after Return of the Jedi, but if it's a governing body, why does it need to support a resistance, rather than field an army? A "resistance" is "an underground organization composed of groups of private individuals working as an opposition force in a conquered country to overthrow the occupying power, usually by acts of sabotage, guerrilla warfare, etc..." Why is a General leading an underground group? How is the First Order an occupying power? This may seem irrelevant, but it doesn't make much sense on its own, and makes even less sense when viewed with the knowledge that the Rebels defeated The Empire in the last movie. And this crawl clearly assumes you've seen the previous films, because it requires you to know who Luke Skywalker is, and that he is important.
    Leia has sent her most daring pilot on a secret mission to Jakku, where an old ally has discovered a clue to Luke's whereabouts...." This whole crawl, while dallying with galactic politics, really feels like it is leading up to a movie that will be focused on Luke and Leia, and should deal with some interpersonal drama...then the movie just doesn't.
    "The FIRST ORDER reigns. Having decimated the peaceful Republic, Supreme Leader Snoke now deploys the merciless legions to seize military control of the galaxy. This happened, like, a day ago, right? Rey's first scene picks up just a few moments from where the last film ended. How much time has passed that they're mobilizing to seize control of the galaxy?
    Only General Leia Organa's band of RESISTANCE fighters stand against the rising tyranny, certain that Jedi Master Luke Skywalker will return and restore a spark of hope to the fight. Again, a rising tyranny isn't typically opposed by a resistance--the resistance comes after your territory has been taken over.
    But the Resistance has been exposed. As the First Order speeds toward the rebel base, the brave heroes mount a desperate escape...." This kind of skips the first part of Empire Strikes Back--the bad guys have already discovered the rebel base. Compare this all to the crawl for ESB: in that, there is mention of the rebels scoring a win in destroying the Death Star, but now are facing a counterattack by the Empire, whereas here, there's no mention of the rebels having scored any sort of victory.
    I suppose the core of the problem with the new movies is that they rush from one thing to the next. They breeze by whatever has happened in the galaxy over the last 20+ years, the First Order goes from being unknown (to the viewer) to being the dominant military force in the galaxy in the first couple of seconds of text, basically. The government reads like it's already written-off before the movie begins. Rey becomes an ace Jedi with even less training than Luke had in ANH. Characters jump back and forth across the galaxy in minutes, or hours, rather than hours or days. In the new films, there's hardly any down time, or character development, or exploration. We don't get longer, stiller, quieter shots, really--everything is action, or vapid dialogue, or more action.
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    The Imperator reacted to KungFuFerret in Sith good, Jedi bad   
    "They took our jobs!!!"   
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