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  1. So quick question, how do I get a user created Force Power Tree to show up in the Character Creation section? It shows up in the GM editor, but I want to be able to screenshot the talent tree from it, and also build a character with it to test for balance. I have the user data selected to be used, but it's not showing up. EDIT: Nevermind, forgot to set the correct Force Rating for the character.
  2. This is really cool, and the work you did looks really solid.
  3. Yeah, here's the current link: http://friendsandnemesis.000webhostapp.com/phpBB3/index.php The original got blackliseted for spam, for some reason (rider had turned emails back on on the site, and that's apparently what flagged it). So it's temporarily hosted there while he figures it out.
  4. I like the Conjure power. I have a villain I've been designing that is Gilgamesh (Fate/SN) themed, who's going to be an artifact hunter. Being able to summon "copies" of the stuff he collects would be pretty awesome for his flavor.
  5. It seems odd for the stuff to be that expensive, if it's required for all ships to travel in FTL, though. The Rebels never seemed to have problems keeping their Xwings fueled, unless I missed something in Rebels as I didn't watch it, which would seem to imply that whatever fuels hyperdrives is easily obtainable and not exorbitantly expensive. Might it be a simply higher grade hyperspace fuel that gives better efficiency than other fuels?
  6. @FuriousGreg It's a PbP, and I have experience GMing EotE, as do most of the others involved, and this game was called out by me, when getting players, as being a way for all of us to get a better hang of Force stuff. Everyone involved also wants to play more Legends style Jedi, given I'm running an Old Republic game. I did just have the final player I needed sign up, but he wants to play a droid knowing I gave extra Force ratings to the others, and he's fine with working something else out like a dedication talent
  7. All PCs are Force sensitive Jedi, game is set in the Old Republic era, and I wanted to start the PCs at 18 rather than at 8 so having a higher than 1 Force rating made sense. They are starting with Knight level XP as well.
  8. I hadn't wanted to lock in players to certain talents ahead of time, but that does seem like a good way to balance just handing power over. Although I'm not always the biggest fan of placing requirements on building of characters for people. Cool, so at least I'm not the only person contemplating doing it.
  9. Would it be too unbalanced to start off Jedi Padawan PCs with an FR of 2 rate out of the gate? I, as the GM, and the PCs are all interested in a Jedi game that lets PCs be more like Padawans from the Clone Wars or other Old Republic material who were able to use lots of Force powers consistently, which a FR of 1 makes difficult.
  10. There are dedication talents on every talent tree, or just about every one of them, that are meant to symbolize that.
  11. I love that last one. One of the PCs has a sister in the Rebellion, so Zann wouldn't even need to make up stuff if it came to it, just show the obvious link that that woman and her brother must have been working together. I like the first couple of ideas as well, thank you for the response! Getting dirt is definitely a thing I could see at least two of the PCs enjoying immensely, and slicing into other projects also is a cool mission to give them and gives both the social oriented and computer oriented players something to do.
  12. I'm running a game right now where the PCs are contracted to help the Zann Consortium during their assault on MandalMotors to steal ship designs and ships. I'm tweaking it slightly, so the Clans are on board with it as long as Zann pays them under the table. That said, one of the PCs wants to try a more covert, social session or two, so I decided to have the PCs be part of the backroom dealings to help Zann secure the deal. However, I'm having trouble trying to figure out how much they'll know. Zann is pretty notorious for not liking leaks and hitting back hard at people who upset him, and it seems like he wouldn't want to give contracted help too much information on his organization. I'm fine with tweaking his character a little, but even then it seemed a bit of a stretch to contract someone and give them all the info. The PCs have done two other contracted jobs for the Consortium successfully, so there is some trust there. So I was wondering what are some corporate espionage style encounters I could set up for the PCs? Helping with a shell corporation? Trying to keep the Imperial liaison on the MandalMotors board occupied and busy while the final elements of Zann's negotiations are completed? What sort of job fits hired help but still allows them some space for social encounters?
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