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  1. I plan to buy 3 Core edition boxes so I can make a deck or three out of it.
  2. Will there be actual cards for Province, or do facedown Dynasty cards represent a Province like the way CCG did?
  3. I was introduced to L5R CCG back when the original designer Dave Williams demo the game at Diamond Bar, California, when the game was first released, and my first starter was the Lion clan (with Matsu Gohei) and although I played the game for several years afterward, I eventually quit but still love the lore and storyline of Rokugan. I'm a LCG player of several FFG games, such as AGOT2, Star Wars, and Conquest (RIP), and I'm now eagerly anticipating this game's premiere after many years. I will still continue to support my Lion clan, but I'm also looking forward to constructing and playing Scorpion and Phoenix clans. The recent articles on the game mechanics of L5R LCG gives me hope that FFG will deliver another stellar LCG for us card gaming enthusiasts.
  4. Really, you don't need 4 core sets. I have 2 core sets myself, and I'm glad I do, because it allows me and my boys to have complete freedom when it comes to squad construction. But most people will only choose to buy 1 core set, and that is absolutely fine for skirmish. You'll just need to buy some extra figs on ebay or at the Team Covenant store, or wherever else you can find them. You could always borrow some minis from a friend. I'm thinking about buying IA for my family and I, and we would like to play with both campaign and skirmish, but casually not competitively. Would you say 2 Core would be enough? How about other expansions and packs? I'm trying to figure it out before I start spending money on it.
  5. Just out of curiosity are you referring to Game Empire in Pasadena, California? If not, they coincidentally also have their LCG nights on Wednesdays. Yes, I was talking about Game Empire of Pasadena, and I do go over there occasionally on Wednesday night aka the LCG night. However, I might be able to do that much longer, so I really hope they can have a LCG weekend as well for those of us who have a family and a full-time job.
  6. It's sad to read stories like these. I'm fortunate that there's a local store about 15-20 minutes away that has regular LCG players, although they usually only congregate at Wednesday night. And they play everything from Netrunner to Star Wars to Conquest as well. This is why I play both Star Wars and Conquest and will probably get into AGOT 2.0 later on. It's a shame that good games go to waste due to lack of player support at the local areas.
  7. As an anime fan, a LCG based on anime would interest me greatly. Here's what I want to see: Ghost in the Shell Macross (not Robotech, since Macross has many more series under its belt) One Piece Gundam Naruto Patlabor Super Sentai & Kamen Rider (yes, I know they are toku not anime, but I'm a fan of both franchises and they'd make great LCG)
  8. I've been reading up about the changes they brought to 2E, and it appears to have fixed some of 1E's problems. 2E will have more emphasis on iconic characters over the no-name cheap cost units that players like to use; a rework on the rules for duplicate, setup, and attachments; and a revision on the factions' strength and weakness. They also took care of the out-of-control Reserve. It's a good thing I didn't buy 1E back then because 2E seems to be the game that is meant to be.
  9. I would assume each faction's power level will be as close to equal as they can make it, since the eight factions are intended to be playable right out of the box, in 2-4 player matches using the contents of a single core set. Note however, that each faction is going to have its own strengths and weaknesses, with inertia pushing you toward running a support faction, to either shore up your main faction's weaknesses or build upon its strengths. We already know, for example, that House Stark will have standing, and the cards of the Night's Watch previewed so far have an emphasis on defensive play. These two strengths go hand-in-hand. I anticipate Stark with Night's Watch support (or vice versa) will be a popular combination early on. House Stark is my favorite faction, but Night's Watch isn't too far behind so I'm definitely looking forward to create a Stark deck with Night's Watch as support. And it just makes a lot of sense in terms of thematic as well.
  10. I know it's still early and we haven't seen the majority of the cards from 2E yet, but what's people's opinion after reading the Starks and now Lannisters' cards? Do they give you some idea how good each House will turn out to be when the Core set is released?
  11. The link is broken for some reason.
  12. I play Star Wars, LOTR, and Conquest, but I never got into AGOT nor Netrunners because they have accumulated way too much sets for me to be able to afford and to jump in. Thankfully, the 2nd Edition comes at the right time, and as a fan of the TV show I'm looking forward to this revision and I plan to play it as much as I could find a play group at my local store.
  13. I'm glad that we have a local store that is big on LCG and there will be people who will play 2nd Ed. over there. My House Stark deck shall crush them all (or so I hope).
  14. Whether I need to buy one or three Core sets to play this game, I'm going to buy it regardless. I just hope we won't have to wait until October to buy the Second Edition.
  15. A deluxe edition that focuses on Scum and Smugglers would be terrific.
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