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    Base rim color?

    I paint all my rebel unique/single units (ie. Luke, Han, RT-ST) with red rims, indicating they are the only unit in the group. For multi-miniature units, I paint the entire unit bases the same color. For my rebels, I have 3 sets of basic troopers, one is blue, one yellow and one green. For me it makes it easier to distinguish which minis go with which unit if they are in close proximity. I do the same for my imperial units except I use black for the unique/single units.
  2. Android version 8.0.0 Samsung Galaxy S7. Went into saved squads, tried to edit the name. It let me change the name. I tapped save squad. I went to saved squads. It doesn't change the name. This is a simple database record update. How did this make it out of QA. Ridiculous. UPDATE: Previously I had saved the list with a Han Solo Pilot and a Han Solo gunner on the falcon. After removed the Han Solo gunner, it saved with the new name. It would have been nice to be presented with a message that said why it wouldn't save.
  3. Great idea. I have tons of these from all the boxes I've bought for X-wing, Imperial Assault, Armada and now Legion. Thanks for the tip.
  4. I agree completely. I haven't spent a penny on X-Wing since the 2.0 release. If the app improves to the quality of the first gen apps developed by players, I'll get back in, but until then I'll just wait and see.
  5. It's truly sad when a development company can't do simple insert, update and delete functionality. That's like lesson 3 in a learn to program in 21 days book.
  6. I won't be upgrading to 2.0 if the app doesn't improve.
  7. Like huge gaming conventions with sketchy or no wifi and having to rely off your cell signal.
  8. Are you sure you saw him? Yes, very creative. Nice work
  9. 100% correct. The best way to use the app is to print the pdf. Put your cards on the table. Make your squad. Add up the total points, then store it in the app. That's if all the cards you chose are in the app. The app is only for list storage and even then all cards may not work correctly and the points values may not be correct. So, yes, it's pretty useless.
  10. I would like to be able to view all the point cost as research before starting to build a squad. As it is, I wouldn't trust the build section to accurately add and remove point costs. I make notes and play with numbers before trying to build a squad. Besides, expecting the app to save correctly after a 20-30 minutes of work is wishful thinking in my opinion.
  11. I still haven't spent a penny on any conversion kit or expansion and I won't unless they show that they're going to make an effort on the app. The app was to be the main source for updated information and data. To me the app is representative of how much effort they're willing to put into X-Wing 2.0. As it is, for me, it's not enough for me to justify spending money on X-Wing.
  12. I'm not really sure they care if we use their app. Having the app and the points PDF just allows them to change point costs for balance. I'm not sure if their app is even 100% accurate on point costs. I don't expect them to do much in the way of improvement other than getting the point costs accurate. They didn't ask for input before why would they start now?
  13. I've brought this up before also. As cwh008 mentioned, there may be some issues with upgrade cards, however, at a minimum there should be points on all the ships. As it is, it's almost required that you print the points PDF to start planning a squad. For the most part, the app is only for storing lists, not planning them.
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