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  1. Yeah, I agree. I was really excited when another hero from the games entered the story. For those of you that wonder more about the novel and plot line all I can say is that the story evolves around the four heroes from the Labyrinth of Ruin campaign. The baroness of Highmont calls for them in order to find here missing daughter.
  2. So I bought the book yesterday and have already read it. I do have to say I like it and it’s going to be interesting to see if the story will affect the upcoming Descent Legends in the Dark. Without going into spoiler territory I wouldn’t be all that surprised if they followed the same timeline as the novel.
  3. I think there will be two squadron packs. One for the rebels and one for the empire. I think a new squadron pack needs to bring balance between both factions and some new keywords. Based on X-Wing and canon I think there will be the following squadron and aces: Arc-170/ Thane Kyrell. Maybe 10 points with speed 3, 4 hull 3 blue AA and 1 red against ships with bomber. Reflects that it’s a earlier version of the X-Wing. Thane has been piloting one and we already have Ciena. Sheathipede-class shuttle/ Ezra Bridger and Phantom II. Ezra is all over X-Wing and he is still missing in Armada and the shuttle is the most likely candidate to get cloak of the rebel squads. U-wing/Cassian Andor and LMTR-20 . Just speculating here but Cassian seems obvious and they could give us a new keyword like “transport” which would extend the range of boarding teams if activated with a squadron command instead of attacking. Both the U-Wing and the Tie Reaper are transports so it seems like a obvious thing. Auzituck Gunship. It’s canon and seems like the obvious candidate for a assault squadron. I think raid tokens will become much more useful in the new ssd era and the rebels needs more than Jyn to be able to hand the tokens out. On the imperial side I think we will see a Tie Reaper with the transport keyword, A Tie Striker with swarm, 5 speed 3 blue and 1 black antisquadron and 1 black die against ships. I also think that we will se the assault gunboat with maybe 6 hull, 3 blue dice against squadron and one black die against ships. Overall the imperial side needs more squadrons with black dice against ships. And lastly I think we will see the Mandalorian gauntlet fighter again. It’s a cheap way for Ffg to include a squadron they already have developed.
  4. I think he will work really well with Victories. With Piett you can get the benefit of concentrate fire without sacrifice anything and still keep navigateing with your dials. Has there been any official confirmation regarding how the commands work on huge ships? I thought you got the benifit of the command dial and a token when you revealed a dial, not an actual token. Just like how Leia work.
  5. In the base game there are 6 heroes. Corbin the dwarf bounty hunter, Master Thorn the human wizard, Lord Hawthorne the human champion, Laurel of Bloodwood the Latari elf ranger, Elder Mok the orc shaman and Lyssa the Khajit huntress. Each of the 4 small expansions add 1 new hero, namely Jonas the kind the human cleric, Red Scorpion the human rouge, Nanok of the blade the human barbarian and Zyla the fae. The new larger expansion adds 2 new heroes, Eliam the latari warrior and Tatiana the human tribal warrior. In the lore of Terrinoth there are more factions than the six major ones which are playable in RuneWars and many of them can't be classified as either good or evil. Most of these factions have been introduced in expansions to the previous version of the game and aren't as fleshed out lore wise as the six major factions.
  6. Eliam isn't new, he was introduced in the expansion Sands of Al-Kalim in the second edition of Runebound and is also included in the expansion Altar of Despair to the first edition of Descent. Although available in the conversion kit to Descent second edition he is one of the heroes which hasn't been updated like most of the other heroes from the first edition.
  7. I would say that you are just fine with the core set. You could do the campaign at least twice without playing the same quest twice (except the first mission, interlude and finale depending on the outcome of the campaign). That's nearly 40 hours of gaming only with the core set and then you can play the campaign in Road to legend. If you want more options for the second runthrough of the campaign I would suggest adding one of the smaller expansions which add side missions to your campaign. Each of the three expansions (Lair of the Wyrm, The Trollfens and Manor of Ravens) adds two mission along with two new hero classes and one Overlord class. Of the three I would recommend Manor of Ravens because the earlier expansions has a tendency to tip the balance of the campaign in favor of the heroes. The problem still exists in Manor of Ravens but it's better. The Hero and Monster collection gives you more variation with four heroes and three types of monsters and two quests in each box. In order to play the quests as a part of your campaign you need to have one of the smaller expansions. Overall are these quest much better balanced than those included in the expansions. All heroes and monsters (with the exception of Crowhags and Dark Minotaurs) in the collection are from the first edition of Descent and the cards have previously been published in the Conversion kit but have been rebalanced with new sculpts and artwork. Then you have the two big box expansions, Labyrinth of Ruin and Shadow of Nerekhall, and the two small box expansions Mists of Billehall and The Chains that Rust which each adds a whole new campaign. Pricewise the big box expansions give you most for your money but as I said earlier you have more than enough in the core box to start with. Mists and Chains are meant to be played together because you only get half of the campaign in each box. As you said it's very easy in Descent to go mad and buy to much which just confuse the other players. When I bought Descent I almost immediately bought two hero and monster packs and Lair of the Wyrm which in retrospect wasn't so good because my then causal gaming friends did suboptimal choices regarding heroes and classes and ultimately lost the campaign. So therefore stick with the core box, learn all the confusing rules and last but not least have fun.
  8. Amazing, fantastic job you have done. Another feedback: On Page 10, conditions can be inflicted: if at least 1 damage is delt. Add: "after rolling defense dice." I think it's important to note that you only can inflict a condition if your attack delt at least 1 damage before you spend surges. So even if your attack deal one damage after you spend surges then you wouldn't be able to inflict a condition because it has to be after step 2 of the attack even though you spend the required surge to inflict the condition during step 4.
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