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  1. Would you be willing to provide some examples from the various construction charts and the assembly chart? And maybe a few examples for frames/engines/hulls?
  2. Nowhere in the talent description does it say anything about it having to be your own item. It merely specifies "a non-starship or vehicle item." So there's zero reason why it wouldn't be legal.
  3. Ahh, gotcha. In my case, it is one of the other party members who has Intuitive Improvements, who has used it on my stuff while crafting.
  4. Am I missing something, or is there no way to apply results of Intuitive Improvements in the Crafting System without just adding in more hard points and having it think that you're cheating on Triumphs?
  5. I'm also experiencing this one. Earned 20 xp, trying to increase my Lightsaber to rank 4. It updates the skill itself fine, but doesn't change my experience total.
  6. is working for me, but I had characters (in the middle of game currently, in fact). I'll try as well and see how that goes. Thanks again for all the hard work on this! Edit: Yup, works as well, and wow that downloaded a lot faster than previous.
  7. So I've tried updating with the web install on a few computers and it gets to around 70-80% complete and then fails. I'm trying again with a reinstall of the web version to see if that works better. I've included the error details below:
  8. Speaking for myself (with a character that has 5 int, 3 lore, and is in both Sage and Scholar), I currently only have one rank in it, but I'm looking forward to getting more ranks. The easy research I do I blow through without even thinking about it, but there's been a fair amount of really difficult research (I've had many impossible checks, and I've even succeeded at most of them) that it would be really nice to have more of that talent as a safety net, or even as a method of getting more details into the answer when I'm not looking for tricky stuff.
  9. Could your application potentially be using the F&D Beta instead of the Core? In the beta it cost 10, but then was increased to 15 for live.
  10. Spark of Rebellion was also an unofficial source. But I can't remember if they provided the stuff and you just included it or if you added it (though I'd guess that they provided it).
  11. Now listed as Shipping Now! And it includes the US Release Date as 2/2.
  12. Could we get clarification on the hard points for the two new lightsaber crystals? They're listed as 1 HP each, but the writer said they had intended them as 2 HP. What was their reasoning for the selection of options in the lightsaber crafting? Specifically, they made crossguard something you could spend advantage to get rather than a base type, there are no options to increase defensive options, and as it currently stands, there is no method of replicating the existing Guard Shoto Hilt using this crafting method. Also, the existing rules for lightsaber hilt crafting in the GM Kit specified that you could use Mechanics or Lore to build it, but this only mentions Mechanics. Is that intended that this method is purely Mechanics oriented, and if you want to use Lore, you must use the GM Kit style? Thanks for your time!
  13. Are you sure? I'm away from my books at the moment, but I'm inclined to label anything that uses a Combat Skill - like Lightsaber - as a "combat check." If there's a clarification or rule somewhere that can shed some additional light, I'd appreciate it if you could point me in that direction. Quite sure. There are plenty of ways to use a "combat" skill that don't involve an actual combat check. Additionally a lot of the other talents like Disruptive Strike, Draw Closer, Hawk-Bat Swoop, and so on specify that you must make a Lightsaber (ability) melee combat check, whereas Defensive Circle and Strategic Form just specify a Lightsaber (Intellect) check.
  14. And the weird thing is they only require 1 hard point. I think it's an error. They are a bit more expensive than some crystals, at 12k and 14k, but still cheaper than the Barab ingot, Krayt dragon pearl, the Sapith, and the Sorian, and are rarity 9, do I don't think the cost is a balancing factor here. Agreed, given their power, I am definitely assuming its an error. Those are two amazing crystals. My Soresu Defender is drooling over the Etaan.
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