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  1. I flew this list three times and went 3-0. I like the wookie ship and tried to feel out a way to make it better. The lightning reflexes are huge. It is very well thought out and well done.
  2. Maybe its a need to finally breath? It is strangely quite. I am not sure if Biggs is "entirely gone" just yet. Biggs can still be a big threat, just not necessarily with some of the current builds. Because you can choose when to use him, your opponent has to plan on the potential of their attacks being denied for other ships (unless, of course, missiles/target locks on a non-Biggs target). Meaning, you can save it until it is absolutely necessary and force your opponent to target Biggs right away or know that the moment they need to do something, Biggs casually flies into the fire. I do believe that, because his ability is a one time use on a T-65, he needs to play a role after he uses his ability. Meaning, his astromech might have to change for a long-term use. Because of that, I think he will be successful on specific builds, making his overall use not as likely.
  3. The day the FAQ was release, my local gaming store had two people trying out different builds. One used a Lone Wolf/Recon Specialist Dengar and another used a bumpmaster with intimidate and anti-pursuit laser. They were both sold builds. A big ship barrel rolling, knowing where your opponent is going, is a pain to handle. Dengar still can put out the hurt. Sure he doesn't get the K-4 plus unhinged combo, but lone wolf and predator can take over rerolls while other upgrades can pick up the slack. It will take time for everyone to settle in. They are both still good ships. People just need a bit of time to figure out how to use them and what to do with all those points from the missing torpedoes/astromechs.
  4. I would recommend the second lists, but switch Omega Leader's Hull Upgrade with Stealth Device. She already forces one opponent's ship to not modify dice against her. The added stealth device lets you have a little more defence against other as you take them out. On average, stealth device should avoid two damage compared to Omega Leader's Hull Upgrade can still suffer from a critical damage. I just came back from a store championship yesterday. I am not sure if you have three defenders, but I fought an opponent who had an amazing lists that did well overall. Delta Squadron Pilot (X7 Title) Countess Ryad (X7, Push the Limit, Twin Ion Engine) Colonel Vessery (X7, Juke) 99 points Delta Squadron was a tough blocker and another way to get a target lock to use for Colonel Vessery.
  5. Awesome! I am glad this worked well for you! It is rather fun. I am wondering how it would work with the new ships. I think the new bomber could be tossed around, and I do not thing the wookie ship would be an issue (unless it super supports Biggs), but that TLT. I worry about that a bit.
  6. I like that scavenging crane add-on. I do enjoy the colors that you chose. As you sad, the original doesn't look 'scummy.' I think the only think that might be of place is the 40k double tank system. It almost is a bit big. Otherwise, I like it.
  7. Agreed! It was my favorite little gimicky ship for the scum, but the new upgrades made it more useful for me. I also am namely an imperial player. I often fly rediculous lists in tournaments that I practice relentlessly. However, I needed a break from using Tie S/Fs, decimators, or mass tie fighters with lambdas.
  8. @Zorprime No, no one challenged the ruling. The ability seem pretty straight forward. Cloaking device allows me to cloak. However, once I removed it, it means that I cannot be forced to decloak. However, I can never cloak again.
  9. I would like to fight your list again. I think the accidental bump played into may favor too much. I'd like to see how both of our lists would of faired without that mistake. Up until that point, I was expecting heavy losses. I think it would be rather fun and close. Especially since you made good choices and did well afterwards. A testiment to a strong flyer to come back from a tough position and force me to fly differently.
  10. I did not miss Pattern Analyzer. It was a thought, but I made sure I kept my tugboat aimed towards my opponents. The hard 1 turns it had were invaluable. The reds I used, as a result, were only for repositioning (I think I did a total of 6-ish red maneuvers the whole day.) Also, having Hyperwave Comm Scanner meant I can deploy it after my opponents deployed their squad, giving me the best position to immediately threaten my opponent. I wanted the seismic charges as a deterrent for being anywhere near where the Quadjumper was. It was my 'mobile asteroid' in a way. By constantly having one ready to be used, it dissuaded my opponents from maneuvers that could cost me. When I did use it, it was either for opportunity or knowing that my opponent was about to loose a ship (the swapped in scavening crane gave it back to me). Also, it freed up my actions to always be able to tractor beam or barrel roll to block them from escaping the bomb. If found that the Pulse Ray Shield was hard to use. In every instance I used it, it would put me in a position to be out maneuvered (included the one time I was forced to use it). Therefore I used it once. If I had to change anything, I would drop that and give Ketsu Gyroscopic Targeting. When I was forced to run with her, I had to choose between getting off a couple shots by rotating my arc or getting a focus token to survive a bit longer.
  11. @Moneyinvolved I look forward to future events against you. You were a fun and good opponent to play against.
  12. I battled at Oshkosh, WI's Flying Phoenix Games hobby store last Sunday (June 11th). We had a total of 34 players at the event for a full day of gaming. The new C-Roc upgrades game out and I thought I'd put them to the test. I have only flown Imperial lists at this point but did not like having to fly the same ships all the time (Defenders, Tie/SFs, etc). The C-Roc gave me the opportunity to fly a list without having to use a Jumpmaster 5000, Fenn Rau, or Mindlink that was more my style. So here is my list. Syck Tugs Jakku Gunrunner (Quadjumper) -Cikatro Vizago -Seismic Charges -Hyperwave Comm Scanner -Cloaking Device -Spacetug Tractor Array Ketsu Onyo (Lancer-Class Pursuit Craft) -Veteran Instincts -Dengar -Glitterstim Genesis Red -Veteran Instincts -’Heavy Scyk” Interceptor -Pulsed Ray Shield -Heavy Laser Cannon I had a 3 point imitative bid. You barely saw more than that and my goal was to go second. Where every my opponent put an asteroid, I started populating that area. This is where I'd fight so the Jakku Gunrunner would tug everything. I also can see where they deploy and then deploy on the other side of the rocks (Hyperwave com allowed the tug to deploy at PS 12 to help out). Another point is that if my opponent moves and tokens up, even at PS 9, it gives Genesis Red the chance to steal their tokens while I target lock. After cloaking with the Jakku, Cikatro VIzago would switch out the cloaking device with Scavenging Crane. Cant shoot, but with 4 agility with base two plus cloak (I got 6 once with range three and through debris) I would throw them onto rocks and drop a bomb. Bomb was more of a scare tactic. This little guy owned the games he was in. The phrases "We were discussing the merits of your tugboat" and "TUGBOAT" as well as "It is such a mind game ship" shows you the power of introducing ships to rocks. I also picked the three biggest rocks possible. If I had to change something, I would give up Pulsed Ray Shields on the Syck and switch it out for Gyroscopic Targeting on the Lancer. I used that upgrade once, compared to everything else so many times. I also found myself having to decide switching arcs or focusing to live/kill my opponent. I think that would make Ketsu more survivable/hurt others. Off to the games. Game one: Contracted Scout (JumpMaster 5000) x2 -Attanni Mindlink -Plasma Torpedoes -R4 Agromech -Extra Munitions -one had Boba Fett and another had Intelligence Agent Fenn Rau -Attanni Mindlink -Concord Dawn Protector Title -Autothrusters He deployed both boats on my left side (Boba's Jumpmaster along the board edge). Fenn Rau is in the middle. In all my games I deployed Ketsu on the opposite corner near the edge of the board, followed by Genesis Red next to her. The Jakku deploys in the middle to let me 'hunt in the asteroid field. I move slow a first then quickly to the other the map directly ahead of me so I can intercept his JumpMasters. He had moved forward then slammed around quickly to that side of the board once he realized he had to come to me. The Jakku bullies Fenn Rau out of the asteroid field. When we met on right corner of the board, I got a free round of just Genesis Red vs. the Intelligence agent contracted scout. This two damage was helpful because I finished it 2 rounds later thanks to some tractor beams lowering it's agility. The shining moment was when I moved forward with the Jakku to tractor beam Fenn. Fenn had bumped the other Jumpmaster the previous round running away from him. My thought was if I tractor beam him left then he would bump moving right, in an attempt to attack me, not allowing him to move (I had the other jumpmaster boxed in). Instead, he went to do a talon roll, got stuck with no modifications and a stress. A Ketsu and a Heavy Laser Cannon killed him in one volley. The other Jumpmaster died soon after that. I gave up half of my points from Ketsu due to one torpedo. Jakku was mean to Fenn the whole game telling him where to go and where he couldn't go. 1-0 100-22 Total MOV: 178 Game 2: His list: Syndicate Thug (Y-Wing) x2 -Twin Laser Turret -Unhinged Astromech Asajj Ventress (Lancer) -Latts Razzi -Shadow Caster Title -Gyroscopic Targeting -2 upgrade cards that I cannot remember totaling 8 points (did not take a picture, sadly) This gentleman and my first round opponent were from the Fox Valley Cartel. Both wonderfully nice people. They seem like a good group to be with. He deployed his Y-wings in the middle and Asajj on the left side. I deployed on the right as I did before. Lots of tight asteroids in the middle with one range two from the top left corner (very important). I decided to go hard left with everything into the asteroids then moved up the left side of the board. He when to the left side of the board with his Y-Wings ad had Asajj move towards them to get behind them. When I met up with them, I took down his first Y-wing in three rounds of combat (thanks to the tug boat lowering agility on that final round). In that same round I did 4 damage to the other Y-Wing. What helped was that very important asteroid in the top left corner. Asajj landed on it and could not fire. That gave me enough time to kill the Y-wing and keep Ketsu alive. I chased his other Y-wing for points and could not keep up with him due to my positioning.....except with the Jakku! He had made it to my side of the board. In hopes he did a hard 3, I tractor beamed him forward so he may run off the map. He did exactly that. Ketsu got to do one round of fire on Asajj before dying. The Heavy Laser Genesis Red took Asajj down to one wound. She was forced to focus or evade to stay alive giving Genesis Red survivability. Asajj was chased into a corner by both of my remaining ships. Had she not died to Genesis Red, a seismic charge deployed in the only path from not running off the board would of stripped her last wound. 2-0 100-44 MOV 334 Game 3: Kanan Jarrus (Ghost) -Fire-Control System -Rey -Ghost Title -Twin Laser Turret -Recon Specialist -Tactical Jammer Zeb (Attack Shuttle) -Auto Blaster Turret -Phantom Title -Chopper Biggs -Integrated Astromech -M8-G8 This was my one loss of the day. I new that this would be tough since he could one shot my Syck and have enough fire power to ignore/take down my Jakku if he rolled decently. I should not of changed my tactics, but I ended up deploying right in front of him to take him out. Looking back, I know I wanted to take out Biggs quickly, but I do not know why I played into his strengths on purpose by charging him. The Syck died the turn before I bombed Biggs off the board. The Jakku was useless because I could only bomb once, his agility was zero, and it was not fast enough to get in front to bump. I also had a bad dice roll resulting him dying in one shot. Ketsu died but not before getting half the points on the ghost. This fine gentleman, and overall a pleasant person to be around, went 5-0. He was first seed in the cut but lost right away to the eight seed. 2-1 Loss 52-100 MOV: 382 Game 4: Colonel Vessery (Tie Defender) -Veteran Instincts -Twin-Ion Engine MK. II -Tie/x7 Title Backdraft (Tie/SF) -Veteran Instincts -Fire-Control System -Special Ops Training Title -Lightweight Frame Quick Draw (Tie/SF) -A score to settle -Fire Control System -Special Ops Training Title -Lightweight Frame I felt I had a strong standing against this list because his ships could be tossed with tractor beam. However, he had a lot of fire power. He deployed on the left side of the board. He placed his ships, from left to right, Vessery, Quickdraw, and Backdraft in the middle-ish. I deployed in my normal order but on the right hand side. We met in the middle of the tight asteroid pack in the center of the board. It did not go well for him. He ended up bumping Quickdraw allowing me to strip her shields. Jakku tractor beaming her allowed me to remove her from the board with a heavy laser cannon. The Jakku and the rest of my fleet pursued Backdraft to my left side deployment zone. He died thanks to Jakku re-positioning him where I wanted and lowering the agility. Ketsu was dropped to one hull because of the initial combat and pursuing Backdraft. I ended up saving her by running her to my right side of the board, shooting as I went. Vessery chased after her. However, he was then in a tough spot. Does he focus allowing Genesis Red to have a focus/target lock with a heavy laser cannon. Or, does he Target lock Ketsu and then only have 2 agility with no modifications, other than an evade token, thanks to the Jakku. It was a tough spot to be in. 3-1 100-22 MOV: 560 I would like to point out that, like all my other opponents, this guy was an outstanding gentleman. The day was getting long and he made a mistake or two as we went. However, he was a very happy person and ultimately wished me luck in the top cut. Shout out to him. I'll keep his name a secret for privacy. Game 5: Dark Curse (Tie Fighter) Maarek Stele (Tie Defender) -Veteran Instincts -Ion Cannon -Tie/D Title Rexler Brath (Tie Defender) -Expertiese -Twin Ion Engine MK. II -Ion Cannon -Tie/D Title This list made me nervous. If I can tractor onto rocks, I am fine. If I can't, I have to do some fancy maneuvering and pray to the dice gods. Also, Ion may be the bane of this list if I can't get Jakku or the Syck where I want them. He deployed on the left side. From left to right, I believe he had Dark Curse, Rexlar Brath, and Maarek Stele. I deployed in my normal order but on the right side. Now, it is important to note that I said, "I believe" because I spent most of this game shell shocked. I set up the Jakku just right so even if he took an Ion, I could tractor beam a Tie Defender onto a rock and potentially have him fly through two rocks. BUT THE JAKKU DIED! I blanked out or did not roll enough. The hard counter to the Jakku apparently are two well positioned Tie/D Defenders and bad green dice. I do not remember much of the game because of it. Maarek Stele died soon after. Ketsu died taking out Maarek Stele. It was down to a full health Dark Curse and Genesis Red who focused for defense. I forgot how frustrating Dark Curse can be when red dice don't come through. Between a mix of K-turns, and one round of me trying to get some distance, we had a grueling slug match. He pulled a head stripping a shield and a hull. I got a lucky range one critical resulting in double damage. Without that, Dark curse would of lived through the next round's single heavy laser cannon shot. 4-1 100-66 MOV: 704 TOP 8!! I made it to the top 8 as the 3rd seed! My last opponent made the 6th seed....meaning REMATCH! His list again: Dark Curse (Tie Fighter) Maarek Stele (Tie Defender) -Veteran Instincts -Ion Cannon -Tie/D Title Rexler Brath (Tie Defender) -Expertiese -Twin Ion Engine MK. II -Ion Cannon -Tie/D Title The board almost looked exactly the same. Same set up. However, this time, the Jakku was angry. Very angry. We battled near the left board edge closer to his corner. Jakku ensured someone ran onto or landed on a rock almost every round of combat. I believe Maarek Stele died first, followed by Rexler Brath, and then Dark Curse. I do not remember most of the details because both of our games were very intense and were very similar in both of us being surprised. I think what got him this game were two things; bad dice and his last two rounds of games. He had an opponent in round 4 that kept making mistakes, asking for redues, etc. I played next to him and I felt frustrated for him. Then he had me in game 5 where it looked like he had it. In our top 8 he made a few early mistakes making it impossible to recover quickly. He maintained composure even though you could tell he was battling himself. I would say the highlight of the game was the end where we were joking and having a good time. He did a very good job keeping the frustration to himself and not affecting the game. I would battle any person any day with that level of patience. I do not believe I game up anything. Possibly half of Ketsu. TOP 4: THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN WITH A FRIEND! This friend one of mine was my groomsmen and I was his best man in his. We have been playing in tournaments in various games since we were in 16 years. However, this was the first time we fought in a cut. His list: Boba Fett (FireSpray-31) -Fearlessness -Slave 1 Title -Tail Gunner -Long-Range Scanners Dengar (JumpMaster 5000) -Expertise -Plasma Torpedoes -Unhinged Astromech -Punishing One -Extra Munitions -K4 Security Droid We had asteroids tightly packed in the middle with a large lane going from my center to the center of the left side of the board. There was a rock range two of my bottom left corner and top left corner. That last one was key. He deployed his forces hiding in between that rock and the board edge. I deployed the Jakku directly in front of him and the other two to use that lane. The goal was to use that rock to block his movement so that I can flank his ships. My friend moved forward one and I slammed forward. I slammed forward again using Boba to stop Dengar from pointing at Genesis Red and Ketsu. I removed Boba's Shields and took no damage on Jakku. Jakku lowered Boba's agility next turn and bumped his squad. Boba died that round. Dengar was in a good position to torpedo a ship next round if I did not bump him. Unfortunately, the Jakku was in a position where moving forward would stop him from bumping. I suddenly remembered "Wait...This thing can go backwards!." I went back banking to the right causing Dengar to bump. Ketsu cleared everything, heading around the rock towards his board edge, and adjusted his arc taking out the rest of Dengar's shields in exchange for some hull hits. Genesis Red chose not to fire being at range one of Dengar. Final round, Jakku dropped a bomb on Dengar and flew off. Genesis Red K-turned and Ketsu banked around with only 2 HP left and now in arc of Dengar but threw a rock. Dengar missed with his primary then proceeded to blank out to 3 heavy laser cannon hits from Genesis Red. He was down to one wound. I shot with Ketsu and killed him thanks to another round of cold dice. Ketsu died for her sins. I got great positioning right away and took advantage of it. I believe I may of had the game even with the cold dice due to that Heavy Laser Cannon and Jakku's tractor beam lowering Dengar's agility. However, cold dice were cold. ITS THE FINAL ROUND! So wait...I made it to the finals with a Quadjumper and a Syck? This is...SYCK! If you were surprised about that, here is my opponent's list: Darth Vader (Tie Advanced) -Adaptability -Tie/x1 Title -Advanced Targeting Computer -Engine Upgrade Rexler Brath (Tie Defender) -Expertise -Twin Ion Engine Mk. II -Tie/x7 Title Duchess (Tie Striker) -Veteran Instincts -Light Weight Frame -Adaptive Ailerons If you think having this list in the finals in impressive, let me make you more impressed. This list was the 8th seed that took out the 1st seed Kanan Jarrus/Biggs and took out the World Champion List Dengar/ Tel Trevura in the quarter finals. We had tight pack rocks with a lane going from one side to another. He deployed on my right with Vader at the center-ish of the board. I deployed my normal order but on the left side of the board. So much happened in this game I have to give you highlights. More importantly, I have to give separate highlights for the Jakku. Here are the highlights: -Ketsu threaded that side to side lane the whole game dealing damage and 5K when necessary. -Rexlar one shot Genesis Red from full health due to a direct hit crit -A couple of crits knocked Ketsu to 2 HP Now, the Jakku has gotten a name for itself by this point. When we had deployed, my opponent had said, "So, this is the ship I have heard of so much." Throughout the game, he told me how much of a mind game it was. I had great positioning with it every round forcing him to heavily think where I would place one of his ships. This mind game got to in him the end with Vader. Jakku's Highlights: -Dropped a bomb on Rexlar and Duchess -During the same bombing, gave Duchess a tractor beam token which resulted in her dying from a combined fire of Genesis Red and Ketsu -forced two rounds of my opponent to not fire with all three of his ships due to bumping, the threat of Duchess being bombed, or tractor beams onto rocks -Rexlar died being tractor beamed in such a way that he flew through a rock -Threw ships onto 6 rocks causing a total of 4 damage. -Killed Varder with a bomb. The final round saw a full health Quadjumper and a 2 hull Ketsu staring down a 3 hull Vader. In those mind games the Jakku was dishing, Vader had 4K through and asteroid (took no damage). I proceeded to drop a bomb, move forward and tractor beamed Vader back onto a rock for one damage. He banked one through the rock again for one more damage and died to the seismic charge. Jakku's damage that round: 6 rocks = 4 damage 2 bombs = 3 damage. I win! My last opponent was my favorite match of the day. Both of our goals were to get Agent Kallus. So we ended up joking the entire time, made a laugh of everything (Genesis Red dying so quick). For such a long day, it felt like we were playing our first rounds. He was also a good sport about being tractor beamed all over the place. I know I would be frustrated by the end of the day and that would wear on me. I look forward to battling you again some day!
  13. @tk426 What tournament for Sept 17th?
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