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  1. I was just poking around a few days ago looking for when this would be released! Awesome!
  2. According to one of the trivia galleries, the reason all the Imp officers and ship crew look like that is so they can save time and money on models, since they can't use the "they're clones" excuse to have the entire bridge crewed by the same person a dozen times.
  3. Also we get the comment by the spirit of Yoda during the S1 episode where Ezra gets his crystal that Yoda can now see Kanan in the Force, where before he couldn't. Kanan never claims to be a Jedi Knight, and he was never Knighted. Ezra also seems constantly unsure of how much of a Jedi he wants to be. So when Obi-Wan says "the Jedi Knights are all but extinct" he's right--there's no one out there except Luke claiming the mantle of Jedi Knight. Maybe there are a bunch of Jedi survivors, but if they're hidden themselves away like Kanan did, they could be "off the grid" to isolated Force-users like Yoda or Obi-Wan.
  4. The Selonian's Tail attacks with Agility but still uses Brawn+ to calculate damage
  5. I haven't gotten my hands on Mask of the Pirate Queen yet, but assuming this is a ship run by either Zann or pirates, they probably aren't getting them fresh off the dock; they're stealing them, or buying up decommissioned ones, or otherwise acquiring them under the table. So it would make sense that the armament would reflect that status. They're grabbing the ships, probably in banged-up shape, and loading them with whatever weapons they have on hand that will fit into the existing structure of the ship or require minimal retrofitting.
  6. I don't remember where it showed up, but there was a ship called the Conqueror which was a Star Destroyer mounting a superlaser on it. It was apparently supposed to be a Death Star-level weapon, but I might scale it back to being basically a really big anti-capital ship weapon, sort of like the composite beam the prototype B-Wing used on Rebels. Then you've got a great moment for your players to fly starfighters in to attack, A New Hope-style, dodging the giant death beam as it tries to swat you out of space.
  7. I like the idea that the Empire is sending someone, an Inquisitor given what Star Wars Rebels has told us about their secondary mission of collecting Force-sensitive children, to collect the sister. Maybe it could be the brother, brainwashed Winter Soldier-style, but that's a reveal for later in the campaign: for now the Inquisitor should be more like the new male Inquisitor on Rebels, a silent brute type. So the Inquisitor is there to get the sister. Does the Zygerrian sell? I'd say no--a one time credits transfer is nothing compared to the money from racing her as long as she survives. And based on what we saw of interactions between the Sith and Zygerria in The Clone Wars, I'd say Palpatine is using them to supply slave labor, so the Empire can't go in blasters a-blastin'. So then you've got the PCs working to free the sister, the Empire playing nice and trying to bargain on the surface and sending the Inquisitor to take her under cover of darkness (which the PCs can be blamed for, and maybe framed for by the Empire?), and the Zygerrian in the middle playing them all. As for lightsabers, there should absolutely be some trophies from the Old Republic (as in the Old Old Republic) on display. If there's a fight between the Force-sensitive PCs and the Inquisitor, have them call one to their hand and let it work, but only for the battle. Afterwards, it refuses to ignite: the lightsaber's lyber crystal was attuned to its original owner, and turns to dust (which could be sold, if the PCs need cash) when handled. The PC is going to have to find a kyber crystal attuned to them--it's time to go on a Jedi Vision Quest!
  8. This seems like the best way. Talents that increase the difficulty of an NPC's social check against a PC can be interpreted as giving the player upgrades to their dice pool, or downgrades to difficulty dice the NPC's skill ranks create. Players should be able to add Boost die to their check if they can give good reasons why their character would be less susceptible.
  9. Maybe the modder will have some of the ranked stuff from the Rigger thus making a nice synergy...which would be even better. that makes the most sense, since it sounds like Modder is more focused on modding personal equipment, while Rigger was all about modding vehicles.
  10. For your first question, to my recollection (away from book) you can Parry a bit inflicted by Improved Parry. The Parry talent is "one hit" and Improved Parry inflicts "one hit." For the second question, no, it does not ignore soak. It's treated as a regular hit and thus gets affected by Soak.
  11. Kallus states outright that "the rebel can't resist helping those in need" so yeah, it's pretty clear this was the Empire trying to pick the battlefield. Seems weird that once they've committed to the ploy that they only send three light cruisers, instead of at least the one Star Destroyer that we know Kallus has access to/command over, but I guess having Star Destroyers in every episode weakens their impact when they do show up
  12. The add-on adventure for the FaD Beginner Game has some tips, which basically sum up as "if a player does something in line with their Emotional Strength." Importantly, I don't think at any point does the game recommend granting more than +1 Morality, meaning its much harder to gain Morality than it is to avoid or gain Conflict, which fits with the way FFG presents their Morality system
  13. First appearance was in the Season 1 episode right after Their first combat debut was the Season 2 premiere.
  14. The upcoming arc of my campaign is going to involve a bunch of them, mostly as plot-GPS: they'll get one that tells them about a lost Jedi ship, where they'll find another that tells them how to find Illum (to get lightsaber crystals), and then they'll get a third as a reward for finishing The Dead Road from Lords of Nal Hutta, but it requires the Jewel of Yavin (secretly a kyber crystal) to function, and that will tell them where to find that Jedi training ship that was shot down in that one The Clone Wars episode
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