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  1. This is the first time I see a different design for Weiss' AT-ST apart from mine, not to mention it's way better Good job!
  2. These are really cool I'm a pixel artist myself, I think you can get a lot of advice and attention at pixeljoint.com the biggest pixel art site
  3. N1 is not the only prequel fighter, nor the best looking one. These on the other hand is among the best Star Wars stuff.
  4. I dislike TFA as well but won't say no to see TR8R But not before a Jabba's palace expansion.
  5. Hey Sorastro, can we get the paint list for Gideon?
  6. Everything! But my top 10 would be: * A Rancor * Pauans * Dugs * Jawas * Hutts * Gamoreans * Geonosians * Ewoks * Besalisks * Nautolans
  7. Just out of curiousity: What's wrong with filling up your list with 3 different ships rather than 3 of the same thing?
  8. Can't find the app in the appstore. Is it android only?
  9. Thank you very much everyone. I mentioned I'll buy one of each expansion, rather than each ship. And there are very good recommendations here.
  10. I'm new to X-wing, as I bought the old core set and Millenium Falcon from a friend. I plan to slowly collect everything, but also be able to play competitively. My no:1 rule is not to buy 2 of the same thing. So what should I begin with first? Is there a viable list I can use the Falcon? (remember it should be without having to buy 2 or more of the same pack). If not the Falcon, are there any alternative lists that I can complete with 2-3 small expansions? Bonus questions: *Is any of the expansions planned to be out of print some time in the future? *Is there a site that I can see meta lists or world championship lists? *Sometimes when I see a list, I can't find in which expansion some of the cards are released with. Is there any quick references I can check?
  11. I believe Disney told them to. Doubt it, since they have Carnor Jax in X-Wing. Disney didn't make them rename that. -shnar X-wing Carnor Jax was released before EU was shelved.
  12. Not getting any EU characters would suck, but what would suck more is not getting PT characters such as Dooku, Windu or Maul :/
  13. Depends on the ally. Luke is well worth it, while others aren't.
  14. Imperial player always reads the first part. If there's a timer in the mission, it's always written there so that players always know how much they need to hurry.
  15. This is not how the missions work. At all. Ever. You must have done something terribly wrong. Our rebels beat the crap out of poor me (Imperial). I occasionally win some missions but it's mostly because of the surprise elements of the missions.
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