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  1. Yea that match aaginst Scot and the Brobots was very intense, like i said we are in he same area and play against eachother quite often. That was one of the most intense matches i had played in a very long time, I thought multiple time it was over, i had 1 hull left vs his IG only missing 1 shield. That last shot was huge being in range of the autoblaster.
  2. Great write up, and again congrats on the Win. Great flying & awesome build
  3. I personally was very iffy on if the ghost had potential, but i felt the same was about the Deci at first with 0 defense but then turned out it was a monster. I had a SC this past weekend and in preparing for it, i flew the ghost just to see what it could do and how it moved in case i went up against it. After flying it in 2 practice games, I completely ditched my SC list that i had been flying and bit the bullet and took the Ghost, I knew it would be a fun list to fly and had potential but i wasn't sure it would be competitive enough. I had already won a SC last month so this one i could use to test the field and how it did in a bigger tournament. This build ended up proving me totally wrong, I went 6-0 during the swiss rounds and dominated most of my matches, at 1 point i took the Ghost solo against 2 TLT hwks & 2 z95, and came out on top, I did go down in the cut, to a nasty tie swarm i had played earlier in the day. I think it was mentioned a couple comments above, there were 3 different Ghost builds and all 3 made it top 8 and the other 2 battled in the final table. We will put it to the test in a few weeks at regionals.
  4. Congrats on making the top 4, that was a well built & flown swarm. Both of our games were very competitive and well played.
  5. Thank you. Yea i liked watching the 3 'Ghost' builds rock it out and get some big wins, each of us using a different pilot and the builds really working together. I gave it my all, I was really amazed at how well i did the first 6 rounds, Especially never flying this specific build. That tie swarm was quite nasty and got me finally the second time around. Congrats on making it to the final table, I hope to be at the Game Cafe regional next month. Hope to see you there.
  6. This last weekend, I was able to attend another store championship this year, I caught a break on locations, I had 3 within decent driving distance. For this tournament I decided to run the Ghost and support, i was able to practice with it Thursday night and had a blast flying it and its capabilities. But the build i decided to run, I had not played it at all, so it was risky. The tournament was set to start @ 11am, run 6 rounds then cut to top 8. There were 44 players present so it was a full house. My list. 100pts Poe- VI, R2-D2, autothrusters 38pts Hera- FCS. EU, Chopper, Nien Nunb, Autoblaster Turret 49pts Tala Sq. Z-94 13pts. Round 1. VS Poe- predator, r5p9, Integrated astro Ello- R2-D2, Integrated astro, predator Ezra shuttle- marksmanship (i cant recall the crew) This was a good list, and I really like the Ezra pilot, my advantage in this was Poe @ a ps10, and having his Ello move before Hero so i can change my dial around as needed. I went in agressive with Poe & Hera, straight 4 and boost, so i could shot the opening movement, and Ello was off on its own with Poe & Ezra behind. The next move my oppent accidently selected a talon roll instead of a normal hard 3, and park Ello directly infront of Hera, my straight 1 cleared and gave me a TL & Focus Range 1 from Hera and Poe was next to it Range 1. Pow rolled 1 hit 3 focus, i spent my focus seeing only 1 range 3 shot coming in from the shuttle, and then Hera laid waste landing hit/crits on all 5 dice into Ello(who did land 3 damage range 1 into Hera) and ship gone. the next movement I decided to 5K the ghost and planted me right next to his Poe(luckily he only did a straight 1, so no primary shot from me), but Ezra was trapped in the middle, range 1 from poe & range 2 from Hera, and Range 1 from the Z95, all 3 fired at ezra and destroyed, the next turn i finished off his poe. Win 100-0 Rd. 2 vs. (Bryan) z95 Pirate & (3) Gand Findsman-FCS, Adaptability, Inertial Dampner I was paired up against 1 of my local that i practice with on a regular basis, happened at the last SC also, Bryan loves the G-1A and flys them great. I new the key for me was hitting 1 og the g1a hard and hopefully avoiding at least shots from all 4 of his the 1st salvo. The 1st move, went up aggressive but out of range, and the next move i was able to get Hera range 1 TL of 1 of his G-1A and Poe & range 2, Poe landed all 3 hits, and hera landed all 5 of her dice and took it off the table before it ever shot which was huge for me. the next exchange i took a G down to 2 hull, and Poe lost a Shield, My z95 lost both shields, then i finished of the 2nd G-1A, and I lost my z. I then took a risky k turn with poe but it paid off and actually kept me out of arcs and still had a shot, I was able to finish off the last G1A then the Z, I did end up losing half of the Ghost. Win 100-37 Rd. 3 vs Josh running Worlds Poe yyz stress build. I have played Josh several times always good and close games, he was really worried about the Ghost. I set up directly across from him and set up for a joust, my primary target was the stresshog, hoping to take it off before it shot. I was very close, Poe & Hera shot at the hog and took it down to 2 hull, and the z landed 2 hits, but he evaded one, so i was going to deliver some stress out, and lucky enough it went to the ghost for primary and then TLT to my z95,and his other TLT was able to drop y z95. the next round i finished off the stress bot and put some damage on his z95, and my poe & his poe were in a bump contest no actions but i got a range 1 shot on his poe after I did a 4k with my poe and dropped his shields. and the ghost finished off his z95. Then the chase started, my Poe chased his regenerating poe, i was able to get shots,and his TLT y was way out of shots to Hera went after the TLT, and i was able to pull a move and then boost into range 1 of his Y(Hera had 1 hull left) and put 5 hits into it, and the next move, i finished it off with a range 1 TL & focus. and Josh talon rolled his poe and I took a gentle 3 which put me range 1, i took the TL and dropped poe. Win 100-37 Rd 4 vs Torkil- TLT, Bossk, (2) spice runners -TLT, 1 of them had 4-LOM, (2) Pirate Z95- feedback array This one for me was simple Torkil needs to die and die fast preferably range 3. but it did not go well at all to start, I got greedy with Hera & that 5 dice range 1 and with her ability changed my straight 1 to a straight 2, and this caused Poe to bump and get no actions, my opponent took at right move and made Hera a 0, and then i watched his TLT & z95 vaporize poor Poe. That exchange hurt, The next move i selected a hard 1 with Hera, knowing i can change to a 5k if i need, my z got caught up and bumped, and then Hera went to move and i went with the 5k, and finished off Torkil, both his z95 used feedback on my z and took the shields, then next movement is where it clicked for me(the HWK cant kturn) so i selected my green d 1 so i can change my path if they started to turn. my z was in a bad spot, focused, but no shots, and a TLT coming in and still in range of both of his Feedback, so the only chance my z had was to take off on his z95 and hop i can dodge TLT, I fired range 2 and a z and landed 3 hits and a crit, he stopped 2 of them but the hit took and shield and the crit was double damge so 1 z gone, but TLT did its job and finished off my z. So now i have Hera(only missing 3 shields) vs 2 healthy hwks & a z95 missing 1 shields. He flipped the z around to start shooting and the hwks only moved up 2, so i changed my green 1 to a green 2 to get in range 1 of the hwks and took a tl on the z, and finished it, the hwks then started to turn and tray and run to get shots, i had selected a hard 1 back towards the middle, but changed it to a 5k, and then using Chopper I took off a shield and took a soft boost towards them and got in range one, unmodified i dropped 1 hit & 4 focus hwk 1 survives, the next turn i am TL focus range 1, and land all 5, and hwk is gone, a couple moves later still staying in range 1 of his hwk i finish it off. Hera managed to stay at full points. Win 100-51 Rd 5 vs Tie swarm Youngster- rage, Epsilon Leader, Wampa, Black sq-crackshot, (2) Omega sq -crackshot This was a list i did not want to face, tie swarm vs low agility and crackshot just for an extra kick. My focus was first on youngster then Epsilon, i did take down youngster the first exchange but Hera was hurting bad, luckily he still had stress from Rage and i was able to safely k turn all my ships around and coome back in for some fights, i was able to drop 1 more tie before i lost hera, and then Poe and my z laid in some heavy hits and took out another 2 ties, but poe took som major hits, i was down to 1 hull on Poe and my z was healthy, and he had 1 health tie with crackshot left & 1 Omega with 2 hull left, i pulled Poe out straight 3 and start regening then try and come back in. my z was able to get a TL range 1 shot on the omega and finished it , so his last tie went chasing Poe who juust k turned after regening 2 shields and Poe finished the tie off with a range 1. Win 100-49 Rd 6 vs Scott flying IG-88 B&D, Crackshot, title, HLC, FCS, Autothrusters, Glitterstims This is the last round before the cut, I am the last undefeated, Scott is also from my local area, whom i practice with regularly. I need to Drop B fast, so he was my primary target, and I got too aggressive with Poe, i had Hera at range 1 TL and Pow in Range 1 of both of his IGs and I took a TL with Poe, his IG popped glitterstim, and my 9 dice into b, only took a shield, and i again watched Poe get wasted. At this point i am in big trouble, he has alot of dice attack/defense i did some moving around and took alot of hits, and circled back around, and he was coming in for the killB had 5 hits remaining, and i manage a range 1 TL focus shot and get everything to hit, and was able to drop him. but I then lost my z. hera now was in bad positioning and no good shots, he pulled an s loop with c and landed on a debris for a 2nd stress(this would later be my saving point) no i have c punching HLC in hera as im trying to get away enough to turn around and my hull is dwindling. I make a hard 2 around a debris and then boost, c landed on the debris and just barely had a shot, i have 3 hull left, he only managed 2 hits, so i am hanging in there, and now i can get back on the offensive, C is stress double stressed and turned back inside instead of following me around and i and able to hard turn in and take a range 2 thru debris, i land 2 hits 2 crits, a huge dice drop, and i clear shields on the ig, and now i am chasing him, the next range 1, he uses glitterstim but i manage to get 1 hit & 1 crit thru. he turns in to finish me off(i have had 1 hull left for a few turns) i had a green 1 selected but changed it to a gentle 2, putting Hera right in his front arc, and i focus, no primary shot but he has 2 hull left & i have autoblaster, i roll 1 hit 1 crit( since he can stop the crit i TL it and it comes up focus, and spend focus for the hit and end the game. Win 100-75 Cut to top 8. 1st elimination, i get paired up againstthe Crack swarm i had played earlier, so decided to stick with a similar game plan, and drop one of his aces as fast as i could. I went in aggressive as I have been doing all day, and this time, it went south real quick for me, I was only able to drop Epsilon leader before i lost the ghost, I just couldnt get the hits to land, like before, and i picked a poor manuever with the ghost and turned him in towards the corner instead of taking a hard 3 and get out and the kill circle, and then 5 ties went to town, Poe was not evading or hitting very well, I was only able to drop 3 Ties total, before he finished off Poe and then my z. I was a little disappointed i had played strong all day untill the end, but it was a good build and he flew the swarm very effectively, All 3 Ghost builds that showed up saturday made the top 8, I went down first of eliminations, and the other 2 ghost builds went at it in the finals: a Chopper/Dash combo & Kanan/Chewy, Chopper Dash took the Win. Overall it was a great day, finished 5th overall, a lot of great compilation, and a wide, wide, variety of builds.
  7. Frank Brooks <fbrooks@fantasyflightgames.com> 2:28 PM (58 minutes ago) to me Hello Tim, In response to your rules question: Rules Question: I read the new FAQ on X-wing miniatures and have, been part of a discussion on the new Tractor Beam section. The card reads: "This is not an action or a maneuver, and can cause the ship to overlap obstacles (but not other ships). The ship suffers the effect of any obstacle it overlaps." This is some dispute due to wording if attack dice are rolled similar to the activation phase(for both asteroid & debris). Because the roll for damage step is performed after, the skip action, and if you are barrel rolled or boosted onto an obstacle from tractor beam, you do not perform these steps. I have a store championship next weekend, and have a tractor beam build, so i was wanting some clarification, if i tractor beam someone onto an obstacle, do the roll for damage, some believe you wouldn't due to how its worded and order or operations. Thank you for you time and input, it is appreciated. The ship suffers the effect of overlapping the obstacle after it finishes the movement. This may cause a ship to suffer damage and/or receive a stress token. Thanks for playing, Frank Brooks Associate Creative Content Developer Fantasy Flight Games fbrooks@fantasyflightgames.com The information contained in this electronic message is privileged and confidential information intended only for the use of the recipient named above. If the reader of the message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. I sent this in last week after reading and finally got a response,
  8. this i have been curious about honestly and wasnt sure about, but that the the first time i had encountered it, but yea that was incorrect because vader was a higher ps, and had already shot. that was my mistake.
  9. No one rigged or played the system, I thought i was eliminated after that lost but they said no its round robin style. I got my butt kicked in the last round by the gentlemen who after tha landed in 2nd place. They said we would have to play again. At that time it was mentioned to possibly call it if everyone was in agreement, due to travel and time frame. The guy who just beat me and had moved to 2nd place agreed, knowing he had a good chance still and 3,4 did the same, everyone was happy, no feelings were hurt. I think it was the lateness and 6 straight rounds that lead up to this, sorry im human and was exhausted and ready to go home. I understand your concern, but they way you have worded it as a grand conspiracy is not at all what happened. When the top 4 players talk it out and all agree, i don't see anyone at fault or the problem. We choose to take the standing as the were after 1 round.
  10. No all 4 players where involved, it wasnt set up as elimination rounds, they kept it standard format and games went by seed, the final round was never played by anyone, it ended up just the 1 round after the cut, we talked about it and like i said it was not getting very late and 2 of the 4 had 2+ hour drives back home, the gentleman who beat me the that last match and the judges made the decision to call it.
  11. This was my 1st store championship I was finally able to attend and play in, at Goblin Games. it was a nice store and plenty of room, i had no space issue during the day, there were 31 players when we started. My Build: K-Wing Miranda - TLT, Tactician Y-Wing Gold squad - TLT, R3-A2, Title Y-Wing Gold squad - TLT, R2 Z-95 Bandit 100pts. RD1 vs Vader - predator, EU, Title, ATC Tempest squad - title, Accuracy corrector (x3) Unfortunately rd 1 i was paired up against a fellow friend that had road up with me for the event, and he was coming in hot of a tournament win locally with this list. it is a very fun list and very defensive and always hits(always). The set up i think was a huge part in this match, I was set up on my left corner and his 3 tempest were opposit corner and vader was alone directly across from me. so Vader being the biggest threat to my build, I charged in fast and slammed with miranda first movement, which cost me vader went straight 5, TL,boost and fired away at miranda taking 3 shields. the next round the rest of my squad was able to catch up and join in on vader while the other 3 advanced were coming in fast. after the 2nd round of firing it was looking grim, miranda took a solid range 1 shot from vader taking the last shields and dealing in 2 crits, lucky for me the stress bot was able to load vader with 2 stress token, and I think i did manage to strip vader of shields, At this point I have to save miranda so she start regening shields back and was very lucky in some arc dodging from the other 3 advanced, who proceeded to obliterate my stressbot. while miranda was able to get some lucky shots of and was able to take down vader(i took vader out with the 1st TLT shot from miranda but i had to take the 2nd shot to finish the attack so it made sense to drop a die and regen a shield. and for the next few round i managed to avoid arcs with miranda and my last y wing while my z95 went headfirst into the action and was surviving. i finished off 2 other advance, and then finally had him dow to 1 advance and 3 of mine still on the table, i got miranda in range 1 and took a TL and dropped a shield for the 4 dice attack and took the tie to 1 hull, he was able to finish off my z-95, and the last tlt shot finished him. win 100-38 rd 2 Han - PTL,Title, EU, C3PO, Gunner Poe- PTL, BB-8, Autothrusters This was a build I knew I would see but felt good going up against it with the damage output & stress from my build. Also see Poe t ps8 was helpful, I won initiative and gave it away so i move last and can slam miranda away from poe if need be. I again set up in my left corner and he placed directly across from me, I moved my 3 small ships up 3 & 4 speed,and kept miranda back a little for the first movement, and han came full speed and boosted, and poe came fast too, but was just out of range of my z-95 however han was in range, and first shot landed just 1 hit, which i evaded and gunner kicked in and landed 3 hits, and i was able to focus out and evade all. z 95 land 2 hits on han and he only blocked 1. this next move i got all my ships at range and arcs of han, he at this point focused both ships on the stress bot, and w was able to deal damage and 2 stress token with tactician on han from miranda and damage from the z 95 and regular TLT, and the stressbot with 2 stress already on Han , took shots and dealt 2 stress to poe and was able to deal some damage, the next couple of round i just chewed into han and poe when i had to since he couldnt regen i wasnt too worried about him running off, and stress bot became blocker on han, but miranda was taking some shots, it cam down to miranda and han at range 1 of eachother, hand land 4 big hits to miranda and she had 1 hull left and i had a TL focus range 1, and it was just enough to take out han, but then poe finished off miranda, poe had 2 hull left and i had a healthy TLT y wing, and that same round both TLT hit and match over. win 100-75 rd3 Poe- , R2-D2,auto (do not remember his ept) Mirand- TLT, extra munitions, concusion, proton Tala z-95 ( i am missing some of his upgrades i forgot too write the full list down. Facing this list had me startled a bit thats alot of munitions on miranda again my not so defensive ships, and being they were rand 2-3 missles, my priority was range 1 and out of mirandas arc as fast as posible, so i charged in fast, and the second round of movement my miranda was in the lead in range of poe only, his other 2 ships are coming in slow, whe exchanged shots and both evaded. the next round i got miranda out or his miradas arc but in mine at range 2, so tactician loaded her with stress and all my ships dumped on the damage all hitting, and stressbot didnt need to apply more stress, i only lost a couple shields and a couple ships while his miranda was all the way down to 1 hull. He was kinda surprised/devestated i guess that i went after miranda so fast the way i did over poe, the next round of firing i finished off his miranda with mine, and then my other 3 ships focused on poe and vaporized poe in a single round of firing, i lost no ships, at this time my opponent called it and pulled off his last z-95, only 25 minutes into the round. win 100-0 round 4 poe-VI, R5-P9, auto blue b-wing, ion cannon gold squad- TLT bandit z-95 (again I am missing something and cant recall) This build I knew would give me some problems if i wasnt able to drop a ship fast, a regen Poe is usually my first target since he is so powerful in the endgame especially if i lack firepower. but on the 2nd round of movement i caught a break, his b wing and poe had range on my lead z-95, both shot and i lost 1 shield, however all 4 of my ships had shots on the b wing, and my dice came alive and i took the bwing down that first exchanged. the next round all mine were again able tio focus fire down on poe, and was able to take him down that round, the next couple round shots were split up and axchanged, i wasnt able to focus all my ships down, but i did lose a z-95 before i finished off his last 2 ships. win 100-12 rd 5. Poe- VI, R5-P9 Corran- VI, R2-D2, FCS Prototype a wing- Proton rockets, Auto This was the last match before cut to top 4, we were the last 2 undefeated, and as long as I didnt go down 100-0 i would make the cut, so my goal was to get at least 1 ship gone. and i had just was his last match against the Heaver worlds build and it was a good one, great flying and smart manuevers, I knew this would be rough 1, i have played a couple variations or this build and came out on top prior but this i knew would be rough. i set up in the middle of the mat this time and his set up in his rh corner. i came out with 3 banks towards him wiht all my ships, and we were able to start firing the 2nd round and by this time i had taken miranda off the the right and then back up to get ships in her arc for tactician. The first exhange went really well for me i focused down on poe giving him both stress from my y wing and got him down to 2 hull. the next movement i blocked my y wings with my z-95 to keep them back and arc on poe, who was actionless thanks to the stress, poe hit my z so he was in prime range and corran kinda booked it out of the fight for the time being, he had double tapped miranda the round prior and stripped her to hull. poe range 1 of the stress bot only land 2 hits and he had no focus, and i was able to finish poe off, and started chipping at his a wing, i didnt want to waste the shots on corran who would easily regen them. i need to wait until i could focus fiire on him. the next few round where spent turning around and back into position to go after corran, and i was able to get him back in arc of the stress bot and laid on the stress, adn some big damage from miranda and tlt. but again corran was able to double tap and this time took out miranda. I was able to finally finish corran off the next round. i had a fully health z, a banged up stress bot who now is way out of the fight and trying to chase an a wing, and my regular tlt y wing had taken some damage earlier from corran and finally fell to proton from the a wing. so end game i have z and stress bot chasing and jousting with an a wing with 2 hull left. i somehow managed to get the stressbot behind the a wing and just pile the stress tokens on, hoping to limit maneuvers and no actions, and also no shots coming back at me, i was throwing die after die at this a wing range 3, i had gotten a good hit with my z and took it down to 1 hull. I had 3 shots in a row at the A where i landed all 3 hits from tlt, and he was able to roll 2 evade and autothrust out of it, but finally i manage to hit and deal the last damage. win 100-62 rd6 first round of top 4 keyan- FCS, PTL, Corran-Marksmanship, FCS, R2-D2 prototype- proton, auto by this time, we had now been playing for about 7 hours and havent taken a break, we decided to keep playing so wecan try and make it go a little faster, but in the end i was tired and hungry and my luck had finally given out, keyan ate my stress like nothing and withint the first 2 rounds of firing i had lost my stressbot, and miranda fell to a double tap from keyan and some nasty crits. but i did drop keyan right after, but now i am severely out gunned and exhausted and poor flying again great flying, I finally fell 34-100. and the top 4 we were doing round robing instead of elimination which i wasnt aware of, and after the lost i was still in 1st place with pts & MOV, and the final table would be a rematch against my previous opponent. We had a meeting and decided that was enough and no need for a final round we did not want to play it out again, for another hour, especially after just playing eachother, and seeing how each of us had flown that kinda element of surprise build factor is now gone, so we called it and i claimed the Championship.
  12. @ The_Brown_Bomer, set usually depending on what i was up against, but most of the time i set up opposite corners and forced my opponent down the middle or have to ignore one of mine (usually the IG they always want Kath first) if I was up against other big ship builds or like a corran of sort, i jumped out fast & aggressive and did my best to shot the first round. And against Donut Dash builds i get in his path as much as i can with either being able to stay withing his vunerable range 1 or at least cause him to bump so he loses his actions.
  13. I took a similar list to regionals in Tulsa I went 3-2 for my first time at a large tournament, I was ok with it except my second match where my green dice took a turn for the worse. I find the Kath & IG build very powerful on both sides of the dice< it is very mean offensively with Kath's rear arc & IG's HLC, It is defensible too Kath can focus & evade when she is getting in trouble and the IG already thoroughly evades hits. 98 pts IG-88B -VI -HLC -FCS -Autothrusters -Inertial Dampener Kath -PTL -EU -K4 Droid -Inertial Dampener I did have a Seismic on Kath for an even 100 and it was very useful, but i decided to drop it for initiative bid, especially when going against Dash, I actually give up initiative so Dash moves first so then i move and can boost into range 1 of him or at least make sure i still have a shot on him. Too many time i have seen Dash boost or barrel roll out of an arc and just dish in 4 dice from HLC.
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