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  1. Yes, thank you both. Now it is clear ... unless any other card/ability specifically allows it, there cannot built more than one building on any one world.
  2. Hi, I have noticed that in the rules it is written that only one builing is allowed to be built on the planet (page 9 - Deploy orders - Players cannot place a structure on the world that already has a structure on it)... on the other hand i recall few event cards saying something like "all structures/bastions on the world" (cannot recall precisely as I dont have the cards with me now) ... which kind of doesnt make sense in regards previous rules statement. Can anyone clarify how many structures/bastions can be on one world? Thank you
  3. Thank you both for explanations and tips.
  4. I have a question about those command cards because it is quite unclear how those are picked and the range I can choose them from (sorry, either I am blind or whatnot, but I could not find this anywhere in the rulebook) 1/ I noticed some command cards look like they are only for certain army ... for example Brain Bursta looks as it is only for orks, Invocation of Nehek only for undead etc while some command cards do not have any army symbol on them (I assume that command cards that have specific army symbol on them, have no point to use them anywhere else) 2/ those cards are drawn randomly or starting player chooses them?
  5. 1/ Triggering battle ability - Planet Carnath says "trigger the battle ability of any planet in play" ... which brought us to question where this ability is trigered from? From the planet I choose to "copy" or from Carnath itself(especially important when triggering Atrox Prime)? 2/ Initiative - I have an initiative, my warlord gets bloodied, combat round finishes and enemy warlord stays on the planet, oponent gets the initiative, right? 3/ Combat - Firedrake Terminators - does their ability (deal 1 dmg when assigned as defenders) kill an attacker before his dmg is dealt (ie any army with 1 HP)?
  6. Last gaming session of ours we've got into a quite unclear situation. Aun'shi killed last opposing unit on the planet, then he retreated to the HQ after resolving his attack. We could not decide if the planet is conquered or not. Any ideas?
  7. With Rally The Charge, it can one hit almost anything
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