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    Thanks everyone thats all really helpfull. Hopefully I'll post sime pics up when i get them all finished!
  2. ab10acl


    Hey guys I'm planning on doing my imperials on mustafar themed bases and am using agrellan earth. Never having done this before do you think i will be able to glue the minis on after completing bases or will this affect adherence? Thanks guys
  3. So to start off this isn't a complaint thread. I love getting new ships and new abilities and love to try them out. There are some losts that dont intrest me in playing at all- triple jumps for example. However i will use 'meta-ships' when i want. I ran nymgar at the weekend and it was great fun. But recently there has been something not as enjoyable. Maybe i feel like people are becoming too win at all costs and making games more negative experiences. So i thought lets go back to basics, fly some fun on screen ships which made me fall in love with the game (with one new addition ) The list: 2 x rookie pilots with r2 and integrated 1 x gold squadron with r2 and ion cannon turrst 1 x blue squad pathfinder with advanced sensors, rey, rec spec and tac jammer. Sure its not the most efficient use of points but its good old fun. Ive played 5 games against decent players and won all 5. This includes against: assaj fenn and jump Rebel jank Trip jumps Howl crack swarm Nymranda Sure there was dice luck and some good flying. Also helps that people just dont expect this kind of basic list anymore. So my point is not that this is going to win any competitions, chances are it will not. But just to say if you feel frustrated at times with the new optimised crazy efficient lists these days, you can always go back to basics and have some good old fashioned pew pew.
  4. Rex attacks dengar and asigns him suppresive fire, Then dengar takes his revenge shot. Is supressive fire removed. I assume yes but not sure if this counts as declaring rex a target .
  5. ab10acl

    R5-p8 vs unhinged

    I think r5 it is. Crew is taken up by cad bane hence no k4.
  6. ab10acl

    R5-p8 vs unhinged

    For dengar which do people think? He hasent got k4 and doesnt self stress which is one less need for greens. I like the idea of the possible free damage for being attacked but just not sure which will give the better mileage
  7. I think it totally depends on the situation. I played a game once and had 3 consecutive rounds of range 1 target lock focused with 2 t70s against a stressed untokened ig. I did no damage at all. It was frustrating and definately bad luck on the dice. Now i didnt start moaning but if my opponent had the same thing against me i would feel they would be entilted to voice unhappiness. That being said it all depends on the manner you speak and understanding that you always remember when the dice go very against you, but rarely remember the hot streaks.
  8. Which in your experience is the better mod for ptl, latts assaj. My gut would be engine, but have not used my shadowcaster yet and not facded it much sutprisingly
  9. Thanks everyone!! @Lobokai i really like to play a vit of everything. Ive always tried to take a different list to every tournament ive entered. Probably my most successful lists were either poe ello and a friend or attani guri, zuckus, talonbane. Was thinking maybe tring the new shuttle and a sf just to try some new ships
  10. Hello fellow pilots! Its been six months since i last played x wing. I had to have a break due to the birth of my first little youngling. Before i stopped i was decent. Made the finals in a few store champs, making cuts at regionals and was generally there or thereabouts. But things change so quick. What do i need to know before i enter my first tourney back at the end of the month? Any tips with whats being flown, whats changed? I ve always loved to fly a bit of everything and keen to try out some of the new ships Most of all its great to be getting back into this awesome community!
  11. 5 shots with an autoblaster turret against a 1 hull fenn rau. Only rolled blanks and crits. One of them i rolled 2 crits, target lock, 2 crits. I'm going off to cry now!!
  12. You do but it just means you only k rurn one at a time. For example kturn your first ship, both get stressed, green move second ship, clear stress and take a focus
  13. Decided to try out mindlink in the hanger ay event and it was so much fun. Had it on guri and zuckuss (who both also had fcs amongst other things) with tolonbane who didnt (as i only have 2 copies of it). It played like a beast, i nearly always had at least focus target lock with both ships on every turn alowing me to pour out the damage. It was also so fun to play, having to really consider the impact of stress on both ships and deciding which was the optimum choice to take the focus. Im really excited to see what other ships can make use of it in the future. Ive mostly only heard people slating it as an upgrade but i really recommend you try it out for yourselves!!
  14. Part of the problem for me with everyone jumping on the band wagon, is the effect on newer players. Here in the UK there is an abundance of triple jumps. Obviously part of their strengths are they can be a very forgiving list to try, which helps players who may not normally do too well at tournaments, do a lot better. Recently at a couple of local tournies ive been (and a regional) there has been a few players who have only been playing for a month or so, who have gone out brought three jumps and only played them. They have been placing solidly midtable but thats not really what i want to focus on. By veing so influenced by the 'meta' i feel like they are really missing out learning fundamentals of the game like manoeuvring. Also missing out on the fun of list building. I think to be a truly good player you need to try out loads of different ships and learn what works and doesnt from playing, rather then just picking up a list that everyone seems to be playing.
  15. ab10acl

    1 month BBY

    I really hope imp vets is out to dhake things up a bit, after the weekends regional im now much less excited. The thought of facing triple jumps after triple jumps for two days is depressing!
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