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  1. Its just amazing to me that FFG/Asmodee apparently don't want to take the money I am willing to give them.
  2. I've had some good success with the Raider-I/Instigator/Kallus/Ordnance Experts/Flechettes build against Thrawn 2-ship. The trick is keeping the **** thing alive during the initial alpha-strike by their squads, as they have to take the Raider out first.
  3. Ah perfect - I never heard of BCW before but I found what I was looking for on their site! Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, A couple of years ago I had purchased a set of binder sleeves to hold my upgrade cards. However these sleeves have always been a pain in the butt, as the cards are inserted horizontally instead of from the top which leads to cards slipping out of my binder, no matter what the orientation is. Does anyone know if they make vertical insert sleeves for the small cards? I couldn't find anything on Amazon. Thanks
  5. Let me amend that - DO NOT WANT any NEW asymmetric ships! That Resistance frigate looks ridiculous.
  6. No, no, no.....DO NOT WANT asymmetric ships.
  7. I see Crabbok stitched together the SSD photos and posted on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsArmada/comments/9ot1iy/patched_together_ssd_picture/ Does that ship in the top right above the SSD look like a Strike class cruiser to anyone?
  8. Dual branching storylines (one Imperial, one Rebel) Start as a lowly flotilla commander of 150 pts or less Fight in campaign storylines, with success and failure often leading to separate scenarios in the next mission (think the old Wing Commander series and Imperial Assault campaigns) Primary & Secondary objectives in missions, with ships/upgrades/points as rewards to improve your fleet New mission types that simulate missions found in the X-Wing/TIE Fighter video games If only I had the time to create this!
  9. Some sort of anti-squadron flotilla gunship for both factions. Red & Blue double flak but weak against capital ships.
  10. Thanks - just submitted the question via their form...hopefully we'll get an answer!
  11. Thanks for all the replies everyone - does FFG ever comment in the forums about these kinds of questions or are we to simply wait until the next FAQ is released?
  12. Has there been a definitive answer from FFG as to whether or not if Vader removes Aspiration that the modified shields have to reset back to their default maximum if over the limit? Thank you!
  13. Hey everyone, I've got my first store championship coming up tomorrow and I plan on playing a heavily iterated Raddus fleet I've been running in casual games over the last couple of months: Fleet Name: Raddus Mk II Points: 398 MC75 Armored Cruiser - Flagship (153 pts) Admiral Raddus Damage Control Officer Veteran Gunners Electronic Countermeasures XI7 Turbolasers MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (131 pts) Damage Control Officer Caitken and Shollan Electronic Countermeasures External Racks Assault Concussion Missiles Aspiration MC30c Torpedo Frigate (91 pts) Lando Calrissian Ordnance Experts Electronic Countermeasures Assault Concussion Missiles XI7 Turbolasers GR-75 Medium Transports Leia Organa Comms Net Objectives Most Wanted Fleet Ambush Solar Corona MC30 leads the way with the Armored Cruiser following behind, screening the GR-75 (providing token/command dial support). The Ordnance drops whenever I feel like I can apply maximum damage to knock out the primary fleet target). I feel like I have a decent re-roll suite. I had recently added the two Damage Control Officers (and removing Raymus Antilles & MS-1 Ion Cannons from the Armored Cruiser) due to getting absolutely pasted by Sato Hammerheads/MC75 and their ACM barrage. The DCO's did the trick in the rematch. I'm guessing I'd be pretty vulnerable to any heavy bomber squadron list. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  14. Hah - I ran the same exact Raddus setup in my own CC campaign that just recently finished (with a CR90 and GR75 w/ BCC). I believed I finished with a .500 record over the course of the campaign, but I was CONSTANTLY having to repair the MC80...it desperately needed that missing Defensive Retrofit slot. It would take down the first target weakened by my MC75 but would then proceed to get pummeled.
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