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  1. Heroes, I bet there will be a display at celebration since they want to ride the popularity of the new movie.. that being said, i think they will be available for retail sale at Gencon, with street release sometime late august. have to keep in mind disney and hasbro are having another force friday in september
  2. sweet topic joe, I havent had the oppourtinity to play a whole lot of movie scene games however, i have been re reading the Xwing comics on Marvel Unlimited and have been brain storming ideas how to recreate battles and missions from those comix..ive been trying to include all the pilots from that series so a little homebrew is in the works too... I know you have a ton of ships, have you ever fielded all of them at the same time in one glorious JBR7 thunderdome?
  3. i think gameplay will always be greater than theme, but at the same time, each ship has its own role in its faction for casual play, want a cheap turret crew carrier, HWK? want to run a top table list while competing? use the meta lists. theres no right or wrong way to play this game, every ship is "viable" it just depends on the level of competition that across the table from you Ill always keep buying new expacs because the game wont be complete unless I have at least one of every ship, for thematic reasons, yeah, thats it
  4. I use Lego minifigs of the characters, and not just for those 2, any time a new crew or pilot comes out and I have the right minifigure, i always use that as a proxy.
  5. Necroing this because you just posted this in the a storage topic, but do you have any detailed photos of the green, i assume Corrans, Xwings? ive been looking for the right color and you seem to have found it
  6. I don't know about with the hammerhead, which appears to be a tiny bit larger than the CR-90 (especially on the vertical side), but maybe in a pack with a Taylander shuttle, which would end up being the worst ship in the game. You could fit the other two phoenix squadron A-wings in that way. MPG: i think that even though its pretty "tall" with the sliding scalse FFG uses, they can shrink it a little bit without too many in universe alterations. I could definitely see this ship before a 2nd scum epic, assuming we get the 1st scum epic lol Cpt Lackwit: With there only being 2 waves in Armada right now I think its a safe bet that we will see the Gozanti, Hammerhead, and the Mc80 Liberty cruiser soon, however, with all the possibilities that Rebels is giving us, why not have them in both games. We saw the other night that there is a new scum fighter that will make its way into the game, also the shadowcaster...even though its highly unlikely, i could see a whole Rebels wave once they establish new ships for all 3 factions, with the rumors of a new tie fighter, the yellow one from the trailer, we already have 3 ships for a whole wave.. the Shadowcaster, the yellow TIE, and the Mando fighter
  7. This community is really awesome, about a year back - Theorist - took an entire night, stayed up til 7am, to teach me how Vassal works and the overall rules of the game that I didn't know at that point. In
  8. PC! No, XBOX! Noooo Ps4!!! Really? We've waited over ten years for this game and and its amazing!! Even if you hate the gameplay, look at what they made for us. Sounds, sights, cinematic experiences, an incredible competitive setup in Drop Zone, Luke and Vader dueling in the middle of a huge battle!! Battlefront has the possibility to become much more!! By the way it's a beta, the most downloaded open beta to date, that uses our experiences to mod the games final release, ie: weapon power, faction power, and any other qualms.. Please use this time to actually voice your opinion to Dice !!
  9. In December of last year, my brother and I stopped in Barnes and Noble before we'd see the movie of the week.. Bought an X-Wing and found out it was a miniatures game.. First tabletop/game store scene for both of us, and what a world we've found ourselves in!! Couldn't be happier about how easily I was welcomed and how helpful this forum has always been.. The collection just grew over 100 total ships this week, can't wait for the next 100!
  10. FOR THE LOVE OF STAR WARS LETS ALL BE FRIENDS AND TELL CORNY OrganaIC STAR WARS JOKES. Like, what do you call a potato thats turned to the dark side? Vader Tots .. no? ok go argue...
  11. THE STEAMPUNK BWING, this guy does amazing work btw!!! here's some! I'll Delete the post if you want however since they're quite big! "Stele Bomber" "Chained Gundark" "Bicentennial Falcon" "Zeds Original"
  12. Hey Armored, thanks again man! Immaculate work! I've asked you a couple clarifications on boardgamegeek and you answered almost immediately, which is incredible after all the work you've put in to create this masterpiece. You're supporting this like a professional...better than a professional company !! Quick Q. When I'm at ps6 facing a non tie-fighter which abilities if any does it gain, and what ps is that non tie fighter ?
  13. Man I can't seem to get this posting thing right, I'm more excited for this new movie and anticipating greatness !!! However, for some reason I'm conveying an entirely different message.. I love everything Star Wars.. Go ahead try and spin that
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