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  1. I'd like to see more Uthuk stuff as well. There are enough of them in other Terrinoth games that could be ported over to fill 3 h+m packs with the last 1e heroes: Berserkers, flesh rippers, warlocks, chaos lord, blood sisters, obscene, Viper Legion, Blood Harvester, doombringer, probably more I can't remember.
  2. Looks really cool Starting this one off with my brother. We have Challara necromancer, Seer Kel geomancer, Widow Tarha conjurer and Steelhorns beastmaster.
  3. One of the big boxes for sure. SoN has a better campaign, the best healer class (bard), and overall better content. LoR is still good, has the best scout class (treasure hunter), and has the basic II overlord deck.
  4. Wow, that's a ton of stuff you've put together for this, respect for the effort With so many items and interactions it's difficult to evaluate balance. As was said already, the main mechanic, hero's wallet, does buff the rest of the hero party by leaving more gold for them. It also doesn't matter what type of monster is killed, a shadow dragon yields the same as a zombie. I would add a melee restriction to helm splitter, as written it works with blessings of the goddess as a ranged attack, potentially granting very long range movement. Also, I'd recommend adding some background color to the item art.
  5. I think normal rules when placing something in a space or adjacent to a figure would apply. Since all the adjacent spaces are occupied, the monsters would have to be placed in the closest empty spaces instead. Then, because line of sight would be blocked, the monsters would be unable to target the resting hero and the free attack would be lost.
  6. Under special rules for the encounter its says : "If an unquiet warrior enters a pit space on the Graveyard, remove the villager token from the map and place it in the heroes' play area. The first time this happens, place the remaining open group on the Entrance and read the following aloud:"
  7. No. Heroes can't use their hero abilities while knocked out, unless the ability specifically says so.
  8. Cool idea to do the bases to match the monster traits, I like it.
  9. One more sidequest, then the finale today. Turned on archiving on twitch, so it should be able to view afterwards as well.
  10. Haven't been recording any of the stream so far, I'll look into it for future plays.
  11. Tried out RtL today and played through the goblin campaign. Gonna give the Kindred Fire campaign a try now, and thought it might be fun to stream it and let people stop in and watch or do a community playthrough. http://www.twitch.tv/mattigar44 Starting as soon as I get my stream settings sorted out.
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