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  1. I've played with them twice now, not impressed. The dial is garbage and it's a crit magnet.
  2. Yeah, no way in ****. If anything, it's going to be more expensive.
  3. Oh, I'm using one of the builder apps and doesn't show that. Thanks.
  4. Ok so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I've just gotten back in after a 6 month hiatus. How does Jag use the Gunner ability without a charge? I must be missing something here.
  5. It does suck but sometimes you gotta put someone in there place. **** that guy, I would of started tearing him apart. And I would of gotten his *** DQed for the cards. If you want to start something, you better have all sides covered.
  6. migs6000

    X-Wing sale

    Haven't played since October, just bought into the new factions for $70. I'm not even sure what's good anymore. I'm so lost yet happy?
  7. With the current state of the crap they put in store kits and the lame terrain at legion events, I expect a pad and pencil in the conversion kits to keep stats.
  8. Yeah those look so bad. And I can't wait for more stuff to be released. Triple bike list or twins, yay for diversity!
  9. Please be wookies over teddy bears, for the love of God please.
  10. I can barely get through a game at this point.
  11. They don't suck, one shotted a full health speeder bike with a full squad and scatter. 10 white and 2 red is no joke.
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