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  1. Any Kihraxz, dial in 4-5 K, pop cybernetics, get TL, shoot 5 dice cruise missiles into somebodys ***. Pat self on back.
  2. You are banned!!! Good day sir!
  3. That's the most ridiculous dial I've ever seen.
  4. Whole collection sleeved. White backs for Dynasty, Black for conflict, and buke for provinces and strongholds. Not very original but it looks and feels nice.
  5. Great read, really excited for Mantis to join the fray. I'm assuming after the 6 imperial packs, the clan will get its own release preview.
  6. Yeah, I think lion is my clan. I've read the lore of them all, managed to play most of them and playing Lion is so much fun, and I've got some wins. So, I am officially a LION!!!
  7. Got a few games in today, won some too. I'm actually really liking lion now. So now it's between lion and Phoenix. Hmmmm, who to choose?
  8. Won a game against my buddy. Phoenix vs Unicorn. Different deck. I just need more games. I do like the momentum swings in this game, it gets crazy.
  9. Hmmm interesting POV of the game. I do, right from the beginning, tend to focus on honor and cards in hand. Here's the crane deck I used and got absolutely stomped by scorpion. I was not a fan... https://fiveringsdb.com/decks/cbf6ab39-c40d-11e7-9e9b-8e1ccf16fca4/view Here's the current Phoenix deck I'm playing that I like but I feel policy debate is not good... https://fiveringsdb.com/decks/601c729e-cd83-11e7-9e9b-8e1ccf16fca4/view
  10. Playing crane was bad, I think a lot if it has been bad cards. Playing Phoenix, my entire conflict hand was shugenja cards, didn't flip a shugenja until like turn 3. By then it was over.
  11. I really only play X-Wing. Have all 3 cores, really love the game, the rules, the lore, everything. Just the last bunch of games I've been getting laid out. I've tried almost every clan once, I like Phoenix and lion. Been using decks off fiverings db. I'm just annoyed right now, kind if just venting I guess.
  12. Multiple games, multiple *** kickings. Like breaking nothing and just getting destroyed. I know I'm new but this is getting hard to enjoy now.
  13. Well, I think I found my clan. I will play all of them still to get a feel but holy moly, Phoenix is badass.
  14. Lol, I think I'm trying Phoenix or crab next. Any deck building tips? I found a website with starter, 3 core decks and I'm not sure about the builds. Barely any attachments or holdings. A lot of multiples of everything. I can see the main characters but some of the cards kind of sucked.