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  1. migs6000

    Chewie is Next

    Please be wookies over teddy bears, for the love of God please.
  2. migs6000

    Kind of wish 2.0 would get delayed.....

    I can barely get through a game at this point.
  3. migs6000

    Rebel Fleet Troopers, are they awful?

    They don't suck, one shotted a full health speeder bike with a full squad and scatter. 10 white and 2 red is no joke.
  4. migs6000

    Tournament Software

    For those that are running events, is there software for Legion? I usually use Cryodex but it's not updated for Legion yet.
  5. migs6000

    Luke and Leia list idea

    Here's my current Brother & Sister build. 800/800 Luke Skywalker 160 Force Reflexes, Force Push, Leia Organa 90 Esteemed Leader, Fleet Troopers 44 MPL-57 Barrage Trooper, Fleet Trooper, Environmental Gear, Rebel Troopers 40 Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Environmental Gear, Rebel Troopers 40 Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Rebel Troopers 40 Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Rebel Troopers 40 MPL-57 Ion Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Grappling Hooks, Rebel Troopers 40 AT-RT 55 AT-RT Rotary Blaster, Commands: No Time for Sorrows, Standing Orders, Son of Skywalker, Coordinated Bombardment, Push, Somebody Has to Save Our Skins, Assault, Environmental gear is so good. Leia basically hangs with the bulk of the army while Luke sprints to the enemy and goes Ham.
  6. migs6000

    The Last Jedi Ski Speeder

    As they say in the movie that it's a base from the rebellion era, we could actually see these things. But I would rather not, there are other things I would rather play with.
  7. Ok wanted to make sure, thank you!
  8. So I'm running a tournament, doing test runs on some different software. Question about tournament points. Two players have 22 points at the end, player A has 3/1 record but Player B has 2/2 record but a better SoS, player B is the higher ranked? Is that correct? I run X-Wing tournaments and thats more W/L then points so I just want to make sure.
  9. migs6000

    Sorry FFG, you dropped the ball...

    And if you actually read my post instead of banging the keyboard with your fingers like an insane person, it's more related to them releasing an app where they can adjust points when needed. I fly it well, it's fun, it kills but its a bit high on points.
  10. migs6000

    Sorry FFG, you dropped the ball...

    Ok dude, calm down. Take your meds or something. Go for a walk, your getting really excited.
  11. migs6000

    Sorry FFG, you dropped the ball...

    Ok thanks, tough guy behind a computer screen, I'll take that into consideration.
  12. With the release of information on X-Wing 2nd Edition and the way points are being handled through the app, FFG really dropped the ball not implementing it in Legion. As of right now, the airspeeder is way overcosted, and the same can be said for some of these exhaustable heavy weapons. It boggles my mind that they didn't do this as X-Wing 2.0 has been in the works for years. I love you FFG and own a lot of your games, but you done ****** up.
  13. migs6000

    Restricted List

    This, I agree so much.
  14. migs6000

    Restricted List

    Brutal for my dragon deck. Does this take place immediately? I'm running an event this weekend, want to make sure.