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  1. My take on the Michigan Regional

    FFG have gotten so brutal with prize support. I was at a regional this weekend. Got 21st out of 80, 1 alt Zuckuss. The amount of money they make on plastic (which now they are starting to charge more for... Wink, wink Silencer) they can't include some tokens for everyone?
  2. Atlanta Kotei

    Jesus, a simple no would suffice. I was just wondering, no need to be a ***** about it.
  3. I see for the tickets for Atlanta,there are 2 proving grounds. If I make it to the next stage (doubtful) of the main event, do I get my $20 back for the 2nd proving grounds?
  4. Excitement for Swarms

    First, I love that this did well. Second, you do know he could of borrowed some of this? Like, there are people out there with friends that let them use their ships and cards. And finally, the tracers have another use. They can be used to trigger the harpoon condition.
  5. Now we all have a nice alt art Zuckuss card....

    Yay, 1 lame alt card for a regional. And only top 64. Getting really brutal with the penny pinching.
  6. Help me pick a regional list.

    My girl night list is an old favorite, it can put some work in. Why not on list 1? And my scum list is powerful but it can die very easily, very glass cannon.
  7. I'm literally running in circles trying to figure out what I want to fly. Heavy meta? Jank? Every day I change my mind. Help me out. Anything would be appreciated. 1. Rey + 1 (99/100) ================ Scurrg H-6 Bomber: Captain Nym (30 + 11) + Veteran Instincts (1) + Autoblaster Turret (2) + Harpoon Missiles (4) + Bomblet Generator (3) + Havoc (0) + Guidance Chips (0) + Trajectory Simulator (1) + "Genius" (0) YT-1300: Rey (45 + 13) + Expertise (4) + Kanan Jarrus (3) + Finn (5) + Millennium Falcon (TFA) (1) 2. Ran something like this a few years ago in a decent sized Tournament and it did relatively well. Just updated it. Girl Night v2 (100/100) ====================== YT-1300: Rey (45 + 13) + Expertise (4) + Finn (5) + Kanan Jarrus (3) + Millennium Falcon (TFA) (1) K-Wing: Miranda Doni (29 + 13) + Twin Laser Turret (6) + Harpoon Missiles (4) + C-3PO (3) + Long-Range Scanners (0) 3. Do I want to be that guy? I'm sure there will be a lot of these. Rebel Tank (99/100) =================== Sheathipede-class Shuttle: Fenn Rau (20 + 6) + Veteran Instincts (1) + Flight-Assist Astromech (1) + Hotshot Co-pilot (4) Attack Shuttle: Zeb Orrelios (18) + Phantom (0) VCX-100: Lothal Rebel (35 + 20) + Sensor Jammer (4) + Twin Laser Turret (6) + Ezra Bridger (3) + Maul (3) + Ghost (0) + Engine Upgrade (4) 4. MDP v2 (100/100) =============== M12-L Kimogila Fighter: Dalan Oberos (25 + 5) + Veteran Instincts (1) + Harpoon Missiles (4) + Guidance Chips (0) Scurrg H-6 Bomber: Captain Nym (30 + 9) + Veteran Instincts (1) + Autoblaster Turret (2) + Harpoon Missiles (4) + Havoc (0) + Guidance Chips (0) + Fire Control System (2) Kihraxz Fighter: Talonbane Cobra (28 + 3) + Veteran Instincts (0) + Harpoon Missiles (3) + Contraband Cybernetics (0) + Vaksai (0) + Guidance Chips (0) + Munitions Failsafe (0)
  8. Looks awesome. I assume all clans will be getting something like this eventually.
  9. Unplayable/useless ships?

    U-Wing is terrible, just buy it for expertise.
  10. Very situational but since the Imperal cycle caused Dragon not to be the only splash, Let Go is less common. So because of that, Cloud can be absolutely crushing to your opponent. Fantastic card and I really want that alt art!!
  11. “Broken” cards

    PD should probably have had a cost, been political only or like Abyss said, is broken because of the duel system. A clan champion dueling some no name character with 0 political? How honorable is that? PD is the symptom but dueling is the disease. Dueling should really only involve characters of the same skill value or something. AFWTD is not broken, it can be cancelled and costs 4 fate. It does suck to get hit with it but I won't deny, it's a cool and thematic card and I play Dragon.
  12. ...so what's in Wave 14? (Speculation)

    Probably the gauntlet fighter as it just got introduced to Armada.
  13. Tournament Point Costs: an appeal for an adaptive, low cost, fix

    I honestly think it's time for a 2nd edition. Every other game has multiple editions, let's get this done before the game dies.
  14. Is Nymranda the new Triple Jumps

    I ran a tournament yesterday, 17 players. Nym/Miranda won. Final match was that vs 4 auzitucks. The wookies did manage to soak up a lot but eventually they crumbled. It's a ridiculous list and almost makes me not want to go to a regional knowing that it's what everyone is flying.
  15. Tournament West Palm Beach Florida

    A limited edition damage deck is up for grabs. This weekend for anyone in the area!