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  1. Well, that's disappointing. Guess I have a little over five months to buy up all the expansions I don't have yet, because I'm not about to pay the super-inflated after-market prices sellers will be demanding after February. Still, as saddening as this is, the game at least had a good run, and FFG gave us several months' notice for those of us who need to round out our collections--another series I enjoy was cancelled earlier this summer, and that company gave the fans neither of those concessions. There was no explanation and, more importantly, absolutely no warning at all, and the shoddy treatment made me mad as hell. I think it's telling that I don't feel at all angry about Talisman's end, only sad that something else I enjoy is coming to an end.
  2. Seems like there's a lot of topics dedicated to clarifying how Hoax's invisibility interacts with other characters' abilities. Well, here's another one! So, do abilities and equipment that initiate Mental Duels (such as Heizinger's Sha-Na-Ra) affect Hoax while her invisibility is active? I was tempted to just rule against it, until I realized that Bull Rushes, which do affect her) also count as duels. Any clarification would be welcome.
  3. Well, I got my copy on Saturday--and for the record, I stand by what I said before about that raise. The characters are excellent, the new Enemies and later Omens are PURE EVIL, and the Cursed possessions are genius, plain and simple. Best of all, there's absolutely no dilution of the Adventure deck, and only the tiniest bit for the Spell deck. It's really a staggering amount of new material for a small-box expansion. I can't wait to introduce the rest of my group to this monster.
  4. Seconded. When I got my copy of the game, Joe Diamond came out of the bag completely detached from his base. FFG promptly replaced it for free when I asked. Same thing happened with my younger brother's copy of Middle Earth Quest. FFG's customer service is pretty much the best, in my experience.
  5. Nyctomancer 2 Strength 4 Craft 4 Life 4 Fate You begin the game with two Spells. When you attack a character, you may choose to make the attack Psychic Combat. You cannot do this if you are attacked by another character. Whenever night falls, you may gain your full compliment of Spells, according to your current Craft. When it is night, you may add 2 to your score during battle and psychic combat. Start: Chasm Allignment: Evil I'll probably make this guy a proper card if they ever release a Talisman plugin for the current Strange Eons, but I figured I may as well leave him here in the meantime.
  6. Samuel Bailey has been the designer of Firelands, Woodland, and Harbinger. Check the credits of the rules to see! Gotta clear that up, since you suggested a raise, haha. That just shows how badly I need to update my collection, I guess. The most recent expansion I have is The Blood Moon. On further consideration, I particularly like how we get four different scenarios instead of a single "blanket" apocalypse. I'm also eager to see exactly how the new characters' stats interact. (I'm not the only one, either--some of my fellow players/little siblings have been begging me to pre-order this one. I'll probably wind up doing it, but I feel like I should at least make a pretense of trying to save money.) I need to forward this to my boss ;-p Glad to help, man. ;P EDIT: Egad, I'm so excited I'm using emoticons. That doesn't happen often.
  7. Man oh man, I probably shouldn't get this the second it comes out, but...all those shiny new mechanics...I'm a sucker for new NPCs, and whoever dreamt up the Harbinger deck and Omen cards (probably John Goodenough, I suppose) deserves the biggest raise ever. Copy/pasted from the article: "When you draw an Event, the Harbinger moves into your space, but has no ill effects upon you." Of course, they're mum as to whether this new mechanic replaces the old one or is an addition to it.
  8. Thanks for the feedback!Mask of Fire: My reasoning was that the Mask lets the wearer absorb fire as well as create/control it, meaning you could pretty much "put out" a Fire Vampire like a big candle without too much difficulty. Mask of Earth: I had wanted some sort of tunneling mechanic, but wasn't sure how to make it work; best I could come up with was an auto-evade for everything except Cthonians, but I'm not sure how thematic/balanced that is. Mask of Stone: This one really made me wish I could fit flavor text on these. Long story short, the element of Stone includes sand; the mechanic represents summoning up a sandstorm to travel around in (as the canonical wearer of this mask often does), hence why the evade bonus applies to other investigators as well. As for the combat bonus, I wanted to make the elements roughly equal without being identical. The simplest way I could figure to do that was to have a uniform combat bonus accentuated by a unique second ability for flavor.
  9. So I finally got around to tweaking Ekimu. Reduced the cost for his ability, nerfed the Forge hammer and elemental Masks a bit, completely replaced the Strange Masks with something less overpowered, and reduced the number of Faulty Masks in the deck.
  10. Just a little something I put together the other night. My little siblings/AH players have been overjoyed about the Lego company bringing back their "Bionicle" toyline for months, and one thing led to another, and befor I knew it... NB: I tried to make the backstory accessible enough that anyone could "get it" without being familiar with the franchise, but, in case I failed, most of the info released on the character so far can be found here: http://www.lego.com/en-us/bionicle/story/the-legend
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