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    Kentares got a reaction from twincast in GW and FFG end partnership like expected...   
    The problem is that GW never had (until some years ago) a real competition in theyre playground...
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    Kentares got a reaction from twincast in End of the game?   
    Thx both. No point in quoting whats just a couple of lines above.
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    Kentares got a reaction from twincast in End of the game?   
    Good guessing. And also my opinion exactly.
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    Kentares reacted to Tekwych in End of the game?   
    GW had hinted that X-Wing miniatures were encroaching on their tabletop lines when the game came out. FFG pointed out it was a vehicle game and nothing to do with any system GW had in place. The lawyers decided there were to many differences and things settled down.
    When SW:IA came out GW really complained and FFG pointed out that it was a board game (see issue with Hasbro) and continued. GW continued to insist it was a violation of the license contract between GW and FFG but could not get a legal standing (I don't think they wanted to pull the license at that time, myst wanted FFG to stay in their own pond and not 'compete')
    Changes at GW management brought increased attention to all licenses. When it was noted that boardgames used to be done in house a desire to expand GW and do so again grew. The board of directors still hate spending any money so the new initiative was pushed to Specialist games who are releasing Blood Bowl and others. They also started releasing things like Lost Patrol, Silver Tower, Betrayal at Calth and Deathwatch Overkill. All Miniatures games that use boards.
    When the new board game initiative seamed to be working at GW they approached FFG and again asked that production stop on miniatures including all three SW games. FFG said no and GW said the License would not be renewed. Negotiations continued until early this year but no one was budging. Frying work stopped on all GW licensed product. Conquest play test ended and the Forbidden Suns team was released from contract.
    FFG announces that they are making a table top miniatures game with figures that need to be assembled and painted. The game had been in development for over a year and was almost ready to ship. This suggests that FFG new the negotiations were not going to work and had 'plan B' ready to go. With this announcement if became clear that the license was ended.
    FFG makes a public announcement of the end of the license with several left handed compliments while making it very clear that their fantasy miniatures war-game is a direct competitor to WGFB and AoS.
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    Kentares reacted to TomPow in The Dunwich Legacy   
    Since I'm intending to play through campaigns multiple times the idea of getting more investigators overall is more important to me than the minor niggle they might produce by arriving toward the end of a campaign.
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    Kentares got a reaction from Gridash in worth the cost   
    Buy everything and sell it for a fortune in ten years from now...  
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    Kentares got a reaction from Toqtamish in GW and FFG end partnership like expected...   
    Oh sorry. Didnt knew youre one of those guys that only wants to know one side of the opinions expressed about the subject. Wont bother anymore.
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    Kentares reacted to Deathseed in End of the game?   
    Given that GW rehired Matt Ward, and has a history of bad relations with its partners, fan base, and assorted business practices (pricing schemes being the most obvious sin), I think it's safe to assume most of the blame lies squarely at the feet of GW.
    I mean, they rehired MATT WARD!
    That's not a sign of sane, reasonable leadership.
    Anyone remember this little gem? That was not the work of a sane man. And while I know Kirby stepped down (but last I heard still looms in the background at GW), I think the madness is endemic. Let us not forget another Kirby quote:
    "Games Workshop is in the business of selling toy soldiers to children."
    I've had trouble sourcing that one to it's origin, but I'm not inclined to disbelieve its veracity given Kirby's other words of lunacy.
    I've been following GW since the original Rogue Trader miniatures game (i.e. their infancy). Over the past decade or two I've watched them fall into a "shoot self in foot, load gun, repeat" cycle that seems to have gotten a foothold (pun intended) with the departure of legends such as Rick Priestly and Andy Chambers et al. over the years.
    I do not equate them with smart business choices.
    This article has a couple hidden gems in it:
    Games Workshop's executives say they don't do media interviews, preferring to focus on their hobbyists. But chief executive officer Mark Wells emails me about the claim of price exploitation. "That would go against everything we stand for. It's just not in our nature," he writes.
    You can hear my laughter echo forth from the Eye of Terror.
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    Kentares got a reaction from twincast in End of the game?   
    So be it Don. Maybe now theyve seen the light (now that theyre loosing market share and shrinking profits).
    Edit = Almost forgot... now that UK is out of EU lets see how things will be for GW in the future...
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    Kentares reacted to Forgottenlore in GW and FFG end partnership like expected...   
    It has to do with Rune Wars because the decision to create and develop RWs, a 28mm fantasy miniatures wargame that will be directly competing with GWs Age of Sigmar, was almost certainly connected to this decision in some manner. Whether GW decided to not renew the license because FFG started developing RW, or FFG decided to develop RW because they knew the license wouldn't be renewed, the canceling of the partnership and the development of this game are almost certainly related. Ergo, it is moderately relevant for a thread about it to be in this forum. The 3-4 threads about it in the Star Wars game forums are a little more questionable, but not totally off topic.
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    Kentares got a reaction from twincast in End of the game?   
    So you manage in same the paragraph to point how silly some of their business decisions are and also point out you never felt any malice toward the business you worked...
    Either youre the lucky one or your business followed all the requeriments they imposed (although currently translating their novels now could also explain it).
    The continuous and unending vilification of the company is justified because of years doing stupid decisions just to please the shareholders and ignoring those who are willing to sell/distribute their games (and also to those who buy their games).
    Some examples are:
    - Every couple of years throwing in the market a new edition of a game and telling players sorry but you have to buy half of your army again if you want to play in official tournaments (and sometimes making it worse than the previous edition).
    - Changing the magazine (White Dwarf) to a weekly format while charging almost the same for a monthly one (seems they reverted back to monthly this September)
    - Requiring that the minimum buy order for distribution in a small market being the same as a large market even after we pointed out that those quantities would never be sold in a timely manner that would be worth our investment.
    Well... cant please everyone I guess...
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    Kentares reacted to Ordo Malleus in End of the game?   
    The "continuous and unending vilification of the company and all of its employees" is not some kind of global conspiracy against GW. It's based on numerous examples of the inadequacy of the said company in its treatment of partners and customers. I'm an off-fan of their Warhammer IP - I do very much love this epic universe, but I have zero interest in the actual GW products. My boardgaming experience with them pretty much starts and ends with the FFG products based on Warhammer. I've tried playing the "core" products of GW and I find them lacking in every aspect except for the rich lore and as much as I like the intricacies of the Warhammer universe, I still play games mostly because I want to experience fun and intelligent gameplay and not because I want to read the flavour texts in the rulebooks, cards, etc. It's super nice bonus, but it's still just a bonus.
    My country is in a no way big market for boardgames in general, but entering into a store you can see many of the players in the miniature market - I can buy Star Wars, Infinity, Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux and so on and so forth. I can buy Warhammer 40k/Age of Sigmar in exactly one (1) store. I've asked what's the reason for this and the owners told me it's just too much of a hussle to arrange something with GW. Even the only place that sells the mini toy soldiers of the grim future are actually getting their stuff from not exactly official channels.
    From many years the Workshop is trying to pull some Apple bulls**t on the boardgaming market, with no consideration that they are not actually Apple and the boardgaming market is a strange animal in itself. They should follow it, not the other way around. They are still huge (as far as huge goes in the world of plastic armies) and will be no doubt a factor in the foreseeable future, but their direction is, from my point of view, very, very wrong. As it has been for many years. If not for the decades of worldbuilding and the dwindling legions of hardcore fans, they would have been eaten alive by now.
    No matter what was the reason for the split-up between FFG and GW (like you previously stated, it's just rumors and there are always two sides of a story), I'm surely done with anything GW-related. I'm finishing my Conquest collection - it's an amazing game - and that's it. Farewell, my love!
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    Kentares got a reaction from twincast in End of the game?   
    And as expected the end of all FFG games GW related is announced.
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    Kentares reacted to Boba Rick in End of the game?   
    That's so hilarious I hope it's true. 
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    Kentares got a reaction from Alphast in End of the game?   
    And as expected the end of all FFG games GW related is announced.
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    Kentares reacted to Tvboy in How to use your wave 7 figures in campaign without screwing with the Time Periods   
    Update: So people seem to keep referencing this thread that I made back in June of 2016 instead of the new one, here's the link to the mini-campaign pdf Enjoy. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4izPKI4wrZZY1AydFdiaXM3Um8/view?usp=sharing
    Everything below this is from the original thread and subsequent edits as I fleshed out my ideas. 
    So a lot of people are understandably upset that they can't use the figures from the latest Wave (Obi-Wan, Greedo, Inquisitor) without noticeably messing up the campaign's narrative structure by introducing characters that should be dead during the campaign's time period. This means players that can't handle the narrative dissonance of Obi-Wan Kenobi or Greedo appearing in their post EPIV campaign are forced to forgo enjoying the new characters and missions in their campaigns.
    But here's an idea for how people can play with these figures. Build your own mini-campaign! Combine the 3 missions from the 3 new figure packs to create a mini-campaign that is consistent with its own internal timeline which would take place before or during the time period of Rebels.

    Here's the structure I've come up with that matches the structure of an FFG mini-campaign and that creates the best reward structure and narrative.

    Bantha Rider if Rebs win / Alliance Smuggler if Imps win
    Grand Inquisitor

    Use the mini-campaign setup from Twin Shadows/Bespin Gambit before playing the first mission (Each player gets 3XP, 400CR each, 10 item cards drawn and 0 influence). Then after each mission, apply the "End of Mission" rewards, but replace the "Additional Rewards" with the XP/CR/Influence reward specified in the first bullet of the Epilogues in the Twin Shadows or Bespin Gambit book corresponding to the number of the mission you played. For example, after the first mission, you would look at the Epilogue for either Hunted Down or Reclamation (they should both be the same) and apply the rewards in the first bullet point depending on who won, obviously ignoring the later rewards that have to do with unique characters from those campaigns and ignoring which mission to play next.

    I hope this gives campaign players a way to enjoy the campaign content in these packs without messing up the consistency of the internal narrative that this game has set up in relation to the films.
    EDIT: And here's the finished product!! 


    Here is the Crawl text for easy copy/paste into the Star Wars crawl creator
        Mini-Campaign Additional Setup rules: The Imperial player returns all cards in his Agenda deck that are played as side misssions or forced missions to the game box. Each hero receives 3 XP and heroes collectively receive 400 credits per hero. Then, heroes resolve a Rebel Upgrade Stage, drawing 10 cards from the Tier 1 Item deck instead of 6. The Imperial player receives 3 XP and performs and Imperial upgrade stage. Read the opening crawl for "Edge of Oblivion", then read the story text aloud on the mission card for the Introductory Mission.   
    Campaign Log
    Epilogue for the Introductory Mission:  Deadly Transmission (Obi-Wan Kenobi pack)   If the Rebels destroyed all the relay stations.   If the relay stations were not destroyed before all the heroes were wounded or the end of round 6.   
    Epilogue for Into the Wastes (Bantha pack), the second mission if the Rebels won Deadly Transmission.    If the Imperial Officer is defeated:  
    If all heroes become wounded:
    Epilogue for Precious Cargo (Alliance Smuggler pack), the second mission if the Rebels lose Deadly Transmission. 
    If the heroes departed:  
    If all Rebels are wounded or do not depart before turn 7:         Epilogue for Cornered (The Grand Inquisitor, Sith Loyalist pack), the third mission.
    At the end of round 5:
    If all refugees are defeated or all heroes are wounded:
    Then you play the finale, and are either captured by the Empire and lose or make a daring escape for the win!
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    Kentares got a reaction from Supertoe in Blog Runewars miniatures   
    Thats wrong. "Você" for every kind of relation is only used in brazilian (or portuguese from brazil if you prefer) which is considered bad grammar if said among close friends or family in Portugal (not saying no one does it but its enough to make fun if that is heard in a conversation). In Portugal and elsewhere where portuguese is spoken like former portuguese colonies (except Brazil of course) "tu" is used.
    I expect the problem is where from one learns portuguese. And dont even talk about Google translator. Portuguese has many nuances which translators miss many times.
    About "tu" in spanish I never heard that among my travels in Spain so Im not 100% sure.
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    Kentares got a reaction from Supertoe in Blog Runewars miniatures   
    "Usted" is spanish. "Tu" is portuguese. While in portuguese among friends and family (or unkowns but being very polite isnt an issue) "tu" is used instead of "você" which has the same meaning of "usted" in spanish. In spain "usted" can be used in both situations.
    Like english (where "you" is used) "usted" should be used. In portuguese this a bit more complicated because there are 3 different terms when relating with someone.
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    Kentares got a reaction from Animewarsdude in We need some female villians.   
    I mentioned Aurra Sing is perfect from the OP options because we dont know much (to my knowledge in the current canon) of her and fits perfectly in the IA timeline (I dont want to spoil the gaming experience of anyone here... and shes got room for interesting gaming options.
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    Kentares reacted to Forgottenlore in Imperial Assault Rules for Marvel   
    I think the IA system would be perfect for a super hero game. The way surge abilities work is ideal for triggering various super powers.
    I've been intending to do such a conversion myself eventually, since I've developed a real dislike of wizkids and their business practices, but haven't gotten around to it yet.
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    Kentares reacted to Stompburger in Painting the bases of the upcoming double faction figures   
    I would argue that, in the campaign, they're still mercenaries. They've just been hired by the Rebellion, or share some common goal.
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    Kentares got a reaction from Nurgle23 in We need some female villians.   
    Maybe Ventress can be "ressurected" by the sisters and come back with droid legs... oh... wait...
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    Kentares got a reaction from Fomorian in Figure Assembly?   
    For me (and anyone that I know personaly) that is a part of the hobby... never crossed my mind that one would pay someone for that. To paint minis I know some guys do that but to assemble is a first for me.
    Im used to it since I started playing Battletech almost 30 years ago and later WH40K and a couple of other miniatures games (and before that I already did plane and tank modelism).
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    Kentares got a reaction from twincast in Figure Assembly?   
    For me (and anyone that I know personaly) that is a part of the hobby... never crossed my mind that one would pay someone for that. To paint minis I know some guys do that but to assemble is a first for me.
    Im used to it since I started playing Battletech almost 30 years ago and later WH40K and a couple of other miniatures games (and before that I already did plane and tank modelism).
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    Kentares reacted to VanorDM in Please FFG don't make again the same mistake than always with your miniature games   
    When something goes from release to the top selling game in a matter of about 3 years, knocking off 40k... It's doing something right and the IP isn't the only factor.

    No you should buy it or not based on what you think the value of the game is. If the system they use isn't something you don't like then don't buy it. But clearly the system makes them a lot of money and is something that's pretty much already set. No amount of posting here is going to change anything. So it's a simple matter of buy or don't buy.

    You're right, so there's no point in discussing it, because you'll never know, all anyone can know is how much it does make. Could they have made more money from X-Wing if they had set it up different? We can't actually know that, what we can know is how much it does make and the fact that FFG is quite pleased with how much profit it generates.
    I doubt that they are looking for X-Wing level profits with Runewars, but they will use a system that has been proven effective in their other games, and as long as this game turns a profit then they'll be happy.
    We can also know that FFG has not made any mistakes with how they set up X-Wing or Aramada so the whole premise of the OP is blatantly wrong.
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