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    Kentares got a reaction from wminsing in Wednesday News - Prepare for Ground Assault!   
    So we meet again...
    You dont have effectively any canon reference in Return of the Jedi (since its the only movie anyone can talk about this) in how those units perform (except for x-wings against TIE Fighters). As soon as the Rebel fleet shows up at Endor the only thing they do is getting in close to the Imperial ships when they find out (the hard way) that the Death Star superlaser is operational. All we have is a few seconds of fire exchange and nothing else. That hardly makes a canon reference... a very tiny glimpse... maybe but nothing else.
    Have you played Axis & Allies? (the more I know about Rebellion the more I think it was inspired by that game)
    Even the most complex strategic game that I know about the 2nd World War Totaler Krieg took a couple of liberties to be playable.
    Either you dont like strategic games (they need to be abstract and take a few liberties to work well enough so that those who make them can sell it) or accept them and let it go the "realism" you want. You can always make your own game with your own rules...
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    Kentares reacted to wminsing in Wednesday News - Prepare for Ground Assault!   
    Dude, please take a pill and chill.  The only hurt feelings are on your end. 
    As for seeing in the movies how these units perform, we actually see VERY little evidence that the X-wing is particularly amazing against the Tie Fighter.  Red Squadron is badly shot up at Yavin by a handful of TIEs, and in the battle of Endor in the scenes where the two are engaging each other you see the exchange rate is roughly 1-to-1.  The X-wing is not some super-fighter versus the TIE; it's not even portrayed this way in the X-wing tabletop game.  It is entirely *reasonable* for whatever large number of fighters each piece actually represents that they perform the same, or at least similar enough to merit having the same stats.
    Again, different sorts of games require different sorts of abstraction.  There's no way around this.
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    Kentares reacted to wminsing in Wednesday News - Prepare for Ground Assault!   
    Let me put this way.  You are playing a game covering the entirety of World War II.  Your basic pieces represent Corps.  Would you get ticked off because the game doesn't represent the difference between Shermans and Panzer IV's? 
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    Kentares reacted to wminsing in Wednesday News - Prepare for Ground Assault!   
    No, you are being unreasonable.  The 'lore' is not being butchered in any way.  There is no canon reference for how a wing (or whatever) of X-wings would perform against two wings (or whatever) of TIE fighters.  Your standards aren't high, they are just arbitrary.
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    Kentares reacted to wminsing in Wednesday News - Prepare for Ground Assault!   
    Apparently not.  Watch the scene were the fleet is moving away from the exploding Death Star.  There's at least 6 Mon Cal cruisers there, not counting the two that are destroyed by the Death Star.  So there's a minimum of 8.  Similar numbers for the other ships.  The 12+ figures come up in the novelizations and other sources. 
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    Kentares reacted to Stone37 in Wednesday News - Prepare for Ground Assault!   
    This game is starting to look like everything I love about Axis and Allies mixed in with what I love about Imperial Assault.

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    Kentares reacted to MoffZen in Community Concensus: Building the perfect demo lists.   
    Hey Lyraeus !
    For demo games, what I like to do is to keep it simple with the core set's fleet at 150 points, for two simple reasons :
    1) Armada already has several mechanics that are counter intuitive (shoot and move, making the opponent burn defense tokens), that I feel having too many ships on the table will be hard to control.
    2) Upgrade cards are very important for the game to work properly, but I found it better for people to actually learn about the upgrade cards effect themselves. Some of the guy I demo'ed to with upgrade cards had trouble understanding the why of the upgrades right off the bat. To really see the value of upgrade cards, you need proper understanding of the mechanics first, which is simple in a barebones game.
    So, it's always been 4 X-Wings, 6 TIEs, 1 VSD 2 a CR90A and a Neb Escort for me.
    If you want to have larger ships in the game for a demo game, fair enough, but once again keep it simple. Something like ISD I + Gladiator + TIE Fighters on the Imperial side, and something like MC80 Assault + CR90A + X-Wings on the Rebel side.
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    Kentares got a reaction from Boba Rick in Basic purchases for starting the game   
    Youre going to burn at the stake for those heretic ideas... youll see...
    Dont say that I didnt warned (give some time for the Inquisitors to show up here).
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    Kentares got a reaction from Sam Tomahawk in The Officially Unofficial Force Awakens SPOILER and Discussion Thread. You've Been Warned   
    I dont know about were you live guys but 14 years old isnt considered a child around here. Its considered an adolescent here (half way to adulthood - in just 4 years they will have full adult dutys and rights).
    Also George Lucas said in a recent interview to Charlie Rose in Hulu that was the age he was aiming for when he made Episode IV because there wasnt anything "sci-fi"ish at the time. He was very surprised that both many adults and younger ones loved the movie. I saw it when I had 6 years old.
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    Kentares reacted to tomkat364 in The Officially Unofficial Force Awakens SPOILER and Discussion Thread. You've Been Warned   
    There is a HUGE difference between having enhanced reflexes and intuition, as demonstrated by Anakin and Luke pre training (Luke was supposed to be the best pilot in the outer rim after all), and doing mind-tricks and lightsaber battles. One can come naturally, without even realizing how it is done, the other NEEDS either instruction or a whole LOT of practice and experimentation. Even if Rey had rudimentary training, she would still be a youngling when she was abandoned, and we have seen how bad younglings are even WITH training. There is no satifactory explanation, and people need to admit that. Luke CANNOT instruct her without her knowledge from across the Galaxy (and then look completely perplexed when she shows up at the end), and there's no way a 3-4 y/o was taught mind tricks and dealing but forgot. The writers ignored the established 'rules' for the sake of convenience, which means they are poor writers.
    Let's consider Count Dooku. In five seconds of AOTC we are told his origin... Leader of the Separatists, former Jedi, political idealist. Later on, we find out he voluntarily left the Jedi order, and are eased into his role as a sith.
    Boba fett... Seen as a bounty hunter, full of mystery, but thought to be badass due to appearance and actions.
    One is a primary villain, the other is a side character. The villain is a explained thoroughly, much more than Snoke or Kylo Ren IMO. But even Boba had more to him than Phasma did.
    Imagine Avengers: Age of Ultron if they didn't have the scenes in which Stark and Banner create Ultron! "Tony, who is this evil robot who wants to kill us?" "Oh, he is this failed AI Bruce and I tried to incorporate into a planetary defense network, but I guess it backfired..." No one would accept that pitiful shortcut of a plot, but here you are saying that's just what we should do? I call shenanigans.
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    Kentares got a reaction from Conundrum Eternal in The Officially Unofficial Force Awakens SPOILER and Discussion Thread. You've Been Warned   
    Ive seen it and Im very underwhelmed by it. I dont have a problem with a new superweapon (its a logical step - USA and URSS during cold war did that on a smaller scale of course - so why not a galactic evil "empire" - it suits Star Wars story in my opinion), dont have any problem with most charaters (although some things should be different) BUT the story is rushed and assumes viewers are going to keep the pace reading every crap they come out (comics/books/whatever) to know whats going on (and what happened - the Marvel formula) and that is very bad in my opinion here.
    Let the viewers know about Kylo past was too early and the most of the movie was just a big pile of coincidences (Im sure some of those can - will they? - be explained in the next movie) were bad...  and Starkiller base deserved a better fight in the end.
    Oh well... theres always Rogue One to see next.
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    Kentares got a reaction from Conundrum Eternal in Return to Hoth and associated expansions now shipping   
    Nice Scabiosus. Thx.
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    Kentares reacted to executor in The Officially Unofficial Force Awakens SPOILER and Discussion Thread. You've Been Warned   
    my personal take on everything episode 7

    i'll start off with my positives before i work into the negatives

    Rey: a strong female lead character and one that has a great story that clearly needs to be told and the movie didn't do much to spoil it. i'm guessing she's likely Luke's child

    Fin: probably my favorite new character, and if he's force sensitive (i can't recall if he actually had a force moment or not but i think so considering he went toe to toe with Kilo Ren) then he's due do be in constant pull of the dark path because he's clearly very emotional but hates the First Order

    BB-8: another cute droid and has his moments and no star wars movie would be complete without some sort of cheese
    Poe Dameron: crazy elite pilot and and all around ace of a guy, what's not to love about him?

    Kilo Ren: for someone that's supposed to be a large part of control of the First order, this guy seems rather.. untrained and childish.. but here's hoping his character grows

    I loved where the story of the movie was going and i wish it would have kept going until the movie took a weird and what i thought was a rushed ending

    i believe the biggest strength to these new films will be if they focus directly on their new and strong characters


    i'm going to start with the Ending.   Now something about this whole last hour of the movie seemed off putting to me.. it felt like Jar Jar Abrams was trying to implement major nostalgia by combining both a new hope and return of the jedi into one stupid and boring ending

    how many times do they have to make a larger and larger death star? gawd ****!

    honestly they even set up for a potential major cliff hanger if they had chosen a different path.. Fin had no idea how to blow up the **** thing, he just took a wild guess and only did so because he wanted to get Rey back.. how crazy would have the movie had been if instead Fin and Rey find each other but the x-wing bombing run failed, and the majority of the Resistance was wiped out (carrie fisher included) leaving what remains of the resistance to run and hide in the shadows and slowly gain numbers again while Rey and Fin find Luke and begin their training to help bring balance back to the galaxy.. this type of plot would make for a great episode 8 follow up

    but instead i found the ending very dull and at no point did i feel like the movie came to a climax.. it was just a sequence of little things that just sort of... well.. happened

    secondly, where was the surprise knowing that Kilo Ren was Han's kid?.. instead of just announcing it to leia they could have built it up so that maybe they meet on that bridge face to face, and right before he kills Han the truth comes out.  which would have actually shocked us to find out that not only was he Han's kid but that Han was just killed by his own son all in the span of a few seconds... minds would have been blown and it would have helped make this movie a lot better

    as it stands as soon as i saw kilo ren walking across the bridge and han following after i immediately looked at my wife and said "this is where Han dies".. so predictable

    third, i'm also on the fence about the way Rey and Luke met at the end.. it seemed like there were no good ideas on how they should meet up

    Forth, while entertaining and funny, how Rey knew how to use the jedi mind trick on the guard trooper when she, A. didn't even know she had force powers to begin with and B. never had any training, i found it out of place and odd
    all in all i give this movie a 5/10.. i'm not sure whether i like it or hate it.. i know the ending was terrible but the characters have so much potential to grow into something huge

    but i know this much for sure.. they need a new director for episode 8.. JJ Abrams doesn't know how to tell a good story with depth and character.. this movie was shallow
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    Kentares reacted to Norgrath in The Force Awakens   
    Did we watch the same ANH?
    If the name "Galactic Empire" isn't enough there's the first shot in the film (as Red Letter Media put it "This tells you everything you need to know: Rebels, small, Empire, huge") and the fact that Palpatine can "Dissolve [the last remnants of the old republic] permanently" and not have it merit more than a line or two.
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    Kentares reacted to tomkat364 in The Officially Unofficial Force Awakens SPOILER and Discussion Thread. You've Been Warned   
    1.)  I felt the acting in this movie, and the cinematography for that fact, was on par with a budget Sci- Fy TV show rather than a FILM.  I can't really put my finger on it, and it might have to do more with helicopter shots and handicam nonsense, but Lucas's Star Wars films felt more 'professional' in framing and drawing focus IMO.  The dialogue (which people always criticized Lucas for) was terrible and too 'modernized' for my taste, especially Finn's.  Vulgarity (light, but unnecessary) doesn't belong in Star Wars, and Poe was such an unconvincing putz.
    2.)  You build a superweapon into a planet...  said superweapon uses suns as ammo...  how many suns does a planet have, i.e. how many shots can you possibly fire?  Brilliant tactic!
    3.)  Kylo Ren is looking for Luke Skywalker.  He knows that the Resistance has a map leading to Luke.  His father works for the Resistance.  His father asks him to come home with him.  Does he a.) kill his badass father so that we all know how badass he is, or b.) fake returning to the light side to win his father's confidence, allowing him to join the Resistance and have access to the location of Luke Skywalker who he wants to find?
    4.)  What is the ruling government?  They mention a republic, a resistance, and then the New Order.  How do these groups interact and play into the Galaxy at large?
    5.)  So it appears that Rae was a padawan/youngling that survived Kylo Ren's destruction of Luke's (apparently pitiful) new Jedi Order, so I can accept that she may have some minimal, repressed force abilities/learning that she may remember.  But she is instantly able to do mind tricks and overpower Kylo Ren's forcepull of a lightsaber?  They completely failed to make Kylo Ren a frightening, powerful, intimidating, sympathetic, or complex villain.  He was worthless.  And somehow Finn can handle a lightsaber decently just by touching it.  And somehow lightsabers to the back can knock you out, but lightsabers to the face just stun you...
    6.)  The warranty on synthetic skin for hand prosthetics appears to be less than 30 years.....
    7.)  Blaster bolts and lightsaber blades look different in a bad way.  Crackling with energy and such... just not Star Wars.
    8.)  The first volley of shots from the Starkiller Base destroyed five planets... all in the same system as the Starkiller base and the resistance base?  The spacial relationships just don't make much sense, especially since Han leaves the Resistance base in the Falcon through hyperspace to the Starkiller base which is apparently in the same system.  Also, hyperspace is f-ed up now:  you can engage lightspeed while in a ship's hanger and you can ignore planetary gravity wells in order to drop out of lightspeed in the atmosphere.
    9.)  R2 is in low power mode?  Luke ran away to brood?  Ridiculous.  These two characters were defined by their persistence and heroism.  People complained when Padme died of a broken heart after her husband betrayed her friends, brought down the government in which she served, killed children and tried to kill HER!  But Luke frickin Skywalker abandons the entire future of the Jedi because one of his apprentices turns to the dark side?  This ruins his character.  This would not inspire despair, it would inspire CORRECTION of the problem.
    10.)  The map that BB-8 has is only a fragment, and the information on it doesn't match up to anything on the resistance's charts... yet it is perfectly shaped like a puzzle piece to fit into a huge HOLE in the Resistance's map once R2 wakes up.  Too bad no one else thought to put those pieces together...
    11.)  Kylo Ren talks to Vader's helmet as if he has communed with Vader.  "show me again" I think he says.  Are they seriously implying that Vader's spirit has aided in Kylo's turn to the dark side... meaning he wasn't redeemed?
    In short, I feel that this movie lacks the pacing, story-depth, character dimension, and SOUL of Star Wars.  I had incredibly low expectations, and it still was a big disappointment.  I was okay with BB-8 and a couple other design elements here and there, but so much lost potential.  They threw away the Zahn stories in favor of THIS????  Even the perfectly done Mon Calamari couldn't salvage my opinion.(the Sullustian was poorly done, and I didn't see ANY other Star Wars aliens... no ithorians, rodians, ishi tibs, biths, or even TWILEKS???  Really?)
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    Kentares got a reaction from GrandAdmiralCrunch in The Force Awakens [SPOILER WARNING!]   
    ****... expected a couple of new ship classes...
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    Kentares got a reaction from Spidey NZ in New Imperial Player - Strats and Tips   
    Like KennedyHawk wrote don't always bring the strongest units specially in the first couple of missions. I choose the ones that fit the mission "flavor". The game is for you and your friends to have fun. Not an olympic competion.
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    Kentares got a reaction from mulletcheese in The Force Awakens   
    At least Im not the only one.
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    Kentares got a reaction from Boba Rick in The Force Awakens   
    At least Im not the only one.
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    Kentares reacted to R5D8 in Why no AT-STs??   
    For giggles in a tournament once, I took Vader, Weiss, and an Elite Officer. It did much better than I would have thought, it didn't win, but all my games came down to the absolute wire. Once Weiss was in position, he would fire and Order Vader to move, while the Officer stuck next to Weiss and Executive Order Weiss to fire again, or do the same with Vader.
    It worked because everyone took too long to realize that even with other VP conditions, generally they had to take out my entire list in order to win, and Vader is a beast.
    It didn't work because Command Cards are enough to bring them down eventually.
    Still.... hilarious seeing people's faces as they see both those figures hit the table.
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    Kentares reacted to Boba Rick in How About Adding Emperor Palpatine?   
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    Kentares got a reaction from Conundrum Eternal in We need Emperor Palpatine   
    Yes you really did. Congrats. Again.
    Youre the one that wrote "an expansion that clearly people are against" (have you made a poll?) yet you only have a couple of guys agreeing with you (thats "clearly people against" right?) and you even think that having generals is too much to have in the game and which no one else here agrees. And right now you wrote having "brought plenty of valid arguments" (one? two?) yet you missed my question. Thats really missing the point... by a mile... at least.
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    Kentares got a reaction from Conundrum Eternal in We need Emperor Palpatine   
    Quit saying nonsense like the one that I refuse to accept YOUR logic AND cant just comprehend the opposing arguments about it.
    I can write the same about you (and much more justified if I did).
    You arent very good with metaphors right?
    Let me help you https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metaphor
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    Kentares got a reaction from Conundrum Eternal in We need Emperor Palpatine   
    Youre the one running in circles while crying out loud "the end is near!"
    I can write the same about you. You both refuse to accept logic AND cant just comprehend the opposing arguments about it.
    Read again all my posts in this topic. Maybe on a second reading you get the point of my arguments.
    Unwillingness to give me the benefit of doubt without hard evidence is very rude (to say the least).
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    Kentares got a reaction from KennedyHawk2 in We need Emperor Palpatine   
    Its easy. Ask yourself that question and write here your thoughts about that.
    If you say "yes" someone from the "no" faction will point your devilish ways. If you say "no" someone from the "no" faction will tap you on the back.
    But seriously... post your thoughts please.
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