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  1. If that happens then youre doing it wrong. The initial crawl is just supposed to be a resume of whats going on. If a lengthy explanation is needed just use a NPC or a behind scenes prologue... just saying...
  2. Read the novelization (which gives a clearer view and thoughts of the characters). That was honest fear. Not racism. I guess anyone.. even Dalai Lama would (politely) fear a walking carpet the size of a basketball player in a menacing stance.
  3. Correct. Even George Lucas never expected that change about how the women would belong to a real army. Check the lenghty interview he gave when TFA got out.
  4. IIRC the novelization of Empire Strikes Back (long time ago...) Piett's reaction was related to bounty hunting that he truly despised and was never meant as a racist comment relating to aliens (or droid) because in his mind waging war for profit instead of order and peace was the worst kind of being.
  5. Blackbird wrote what I was going to write so... Only say that Disney is giving a different view of what GL had in mind in 1977 (which was based on space nazis - and even those the WWII nazis - like the Galactic Empire had a few exceptions).
  6. Wow... dont go there. Theres a couple of Inquisitors around here that will turn you to ISB for torture just for thinking that.
  7. He really meant to say AT-ST...
  8. Not quite. They even changed army rules (the famous codexes) from edition to edition so sometimes one needed to buy half the army again to make them official GW tournament friendly.
  9. Guys... dont forget that Luke and Vader are starter box exclusive. Alex Davy said it in the TC video.
  10. Of course we will. Give them time.
  11. Of course youre right. My mistake. Sorry.
  12. Alex Davy is the designer of Legion in FFG.
  13. It doesnt need FFG Police Division. All it takes is a rules lawyering player (and you cant blame him for being right) that will point out that the FFG rules doesnt allow IA minis in Legion... youll see... Seems you dont know how half of the miniatures players behave in a tournament environment. But im willing to give you the benefit of doubt and well talk about this in less than 1 year from now.
  14. Wasnt his question about official FFG events!?
  15. I only played campaign mode in IA because I dont like skirmish mode. Legion scratches my free (skirmish) mode itch.
  16. In the FFG Inflight report in this years GenCon on youtube they say the idea for now is to only focus on the Galactic Civil War...
  17. I just saw FFG In Flight report in GenCon on youtube and in my opinion its a given that there will be AT-AT's on the game judging by the reaction of the... sorry cant remember his name... when asked about vehicles in Legion in the final Q&A part. Also just came to mind... ships in Armada arent properly scaled among each other.
  18. Just want to point out that Scarif was (fairly) balanced because of the surprise and audacity of the rebels. As soon as Empire troops got their stuff together the balance was thrown out the window (that and a couple of AT-ACT's helped - and of course the Death Star). Thinking better about this it would be an interesting and balanced Legion scenario to play if air support was excluded... maybe...
  19. Having (or not) AT-AT's in this game is secondary to a majority of people in deciding if theyre going to buy it (or not). First its a ruleswise and willingness to play in a squad scale free mode (i.e. not using the skirmish mode of IA). Second is a budget concern (maybe its a primary concern for some). Players already play some form of FFG Star Wars related game (X-Wing, Armada, IA) and they dont have the money to invest in a second or a third game (or fourth). Third is a wait and see in how and by how much FFG are going to sell the expansions. We already know theres vehicles planned so I would bet that an AT-AT isnt a far fetched option (like the Epic scale in X-Wing an AT-AT doesnt need to be in the proper scale to make it work in Legion - could be in some special scenarios and shouldnt be allowed in tournaments for example). Fourth... Its a business for FFG. Im sure they wont waste the oportunity to cash in a few more dollars by not releasing a vehicle thats a wet dream for most Star Wars fans. Ohhh... and we already know that the First Order will field their version of AT-AT's in The Last Jedi... Of course there always some guys which will decide based on that but it will be a minority.
  20. Better warn FFG that they should call Star Wars Very Tiny Fleet Operations to Armada and Star Wars Very Tiny Squad Fight to Legion.
  21. Youre going to fetch an example from 16th century!? Ahahahah Again how convenient you skipped the info Tirion gave in the first page of this topic where he wrote what means the word Armada (read again the topic). Theyre not carriers. Theyre not wet navy ships. Theyre certainly not from the 16th century. Play Armada using 100k each side so you can say that Armada plays like... an armada. You want a strategy game not a tactic one. Go play Rebellion where each ship represents an armada...
  22. How convenient you forget that each one carries an assortment of fighter/bombers to level a city (not to mention the Destroyers weapons which blow up the asteroid field and have shields that can sustain several impacts from said space rocks). So an armada of 3 Star Destroyers (with said complementary fighters/bombers) is pursuing a modified YT-1300... A Star Destroyer in Star Wars isnt an aircraft carrier of the 20th century on earth. In addition look in a dictionary what the word "Armada" means.
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