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  1. Aye, maybe we’ll find passive sensors driven missiles are in an fine place now - in which case next points update all missiles can go down a point, and passive sensors up a point. The iterative process is powerful, no need to rush it.
  2. I think they largely learned from their mistake with Ywings, dropping the hull, VTG and the turrets simultaneously was a boo boo. They’ve just released passive sensors, I think they want to wait and see how that helps missile spam before going all in. After all you can now do TIE/sf with passive sensors and Homing missiles x 5. Is it good? I don’t know but I sure know I’ll **** myself if I’m playing aces vs it the first few times!
  3. It makes a genuine differentiator in some factions between ships with white and red coordinate respectively. Shuttle vs Reaper for example. Before the 2 pts was too little for that. I prob think 5 pts would have been perfect but I’ll not quibble too hard.
  4. Advanced Slam is “Perform an action on your action bar” Passives ain’t on your bar!
  5. Or what is way more likely is that just about every TO will say "use new points peeps". FFG ain't gonna turn up to the event and smash everyone's toys if we dare use them, and it's not like all the 3rd party apps won't be updated within 24 hours anyway. Just another reason not to use FFGs own app.
  6. I clicked the link fully expecting to come back and post about shoddy methodology and small sample sizes. Instead I was delighted, excellent work indeed! I deffo feel that certainly once it comes to cut games a joint dice pool as you recommend is needed with solid evidence like this. Well done.
  7. Clearly a trash site, it has Han & Jake at 20 & 31, but everyone knows they’re 1 & 2 ez mode auto win 🤨
  8. Clearly a trash site, it has Han & Jake at 20 & 31, but everyone knows they’re 1 & 2 ez mode auto win 🤨
  9. They don't, as the "cannot attack" is absolute
  10. Use this next to your dial: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/623416415/x-wing-20-compatible-double-sided-s?ref=shop_home_active_2&crt=1
  11. Why try it when you can impotently rage into the ether instead?!? Forum reps > Actual reps 😛
  12. When a ship moves through or overlaps a gas cloud, it skips its perform action step. When a gas cloud obstructs an attack, the defender rolls one additional defense die, and may change one blank result to an evade result.
  13. Narrator voice: "They didn't"
  14. Pffft, real pros deploy with a ship facing backwards (silly Scyk ship model). No dial setting helps then !
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