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  1. At a recent store championship a player entered with only a print out of his upgrades. No actual cards. The TO allowed it, but I'm not sure he can allow it. This issue was compounded when the player used the upgrades improperly (used opportunist on a ship that already had a stress) and stated it didn't say he couldn't on the print out.
  2. I believe that TB creates a new effect that borrows existing terminology, thus the confusion. It's neither a maneuver, nor a barrel roll, hence a different mechanic with different restrictions. The way my little community has been using it is yes to immediate obstacle damage roll, yes to shot denial, no to pushed off the edge of the universe. But of course we'll change to whatever the powers that be decided when the official ruling come in.
  3. You could play a similar game. New Squad × Unnamed Squadron (149) Storm Squadron Pilot — TIE Advanced 23 Ion Pulse Missiles 3 Accuracy Corrector 0 TIE/x1 0 Ship Total: 26 Storm Squadron Pilot — TIE Advanced 23 Ion Pulse Missiles 3 Accuracy Corrector 0 TIE/x1 0 Ship Total: 26 Storm Squadron Pilot — TIE Advanced 23 Cluster Missiles 4 Accuracy Corrector 0 TIE/x1 0 Ship Total: 27 Lieutenant Colzet — TIE Advanced 23 Cluster Missiles 4 Fire-Control System 0 TIE/x1 0 Ship Total: 27 "Whisper" — TIE Phantom 32 Veteran Instincts 1 Sensor Jammer 4 Agent Kallus 2 Advanced Cloaking Device 4 Ship Total: 43 Burn the y wings as quick as you can.then finish dash.
  4. That many points on a b wing tends to be a bit melty. What do you think of this as far as a tweak: Squadron 850 (120/100) ===================== T/70 X-wing: Poe Dameron (31 + 9) + Push the Limit (3) + R2-D2 (4) + Autothrusters (2) B-wing: Blue Squadron Pilot (22) Z-95: Bandit Squadron Pilot (12) Y-wing: Gold Squadron Pilot (18 + 6) + Twin Laser Turret (6) B-wing: Blue Squadron Pilot (22) You lose the double tap, but gain a bit more resilience with Poe. And with an extra b that's 8 more hit points on the table.
  5. I've been having a lot of fun with this one. Miranda Doni — K-Wing 29 Twin Laser Turret 6 Homing Missiles 5 Recon Specialist 3 Ship Total: 43 Jan Ors — HWK-290 25 Veteran Instincts 1 Twin Laser Turret 6 Kyle Katarn 3 Ship Total: 35 Airen Cracken — Z-95 Headhunter 19 Veteran Instincts 1 Ship Total: 20 Miranda focuses for her action, so when airen attacks, miranda now has the maximum amount of options to target lock. And Jan can strip tokens or soften the target before the missle flies. Edit: At 98 points you get a pretty decent initiative bid, or room for further up grades.
  6. I'd like opinions on this list, I don't run 5 ships all that often. (98/100) ================ TIE/FO Fighter: "Epsilon Ace" (17) TIE Advanced: Darth Vader (29 + 8) + Predator (3) + TIE/x 1 (0) + Engine Upgrade (4) + Adv. Targeting Computer (1) TIE Fighter: "Howlrunner" (18 + 2) + Juke (2) TIE Fighter: Academy Pilot (12) TIE Fighter: Academy Pilot (12)
  7. I flew a vader, fel palpy, list against this one and got learned real good. Onyx Squadron Pilot — TIE Defender 32 Ion Cannon 3 Twin Ion Engine Mk. II 1 TIE/D 0 Ship Total: 36 "Howlrunner" — TIE Fighter 18 Swarm Tactics 2 Stealth Device 3 Ship Total: 23 Obsidian Squadron Pilot — TIE Fighter 13 Ship Total: 13 Obsidian Squadron Pilot — TIE Fighter 13 Ship Total: 13 Obsidian Squadron Pilot — TIE Fighter 13 Ship Total: 13
  8. I think "before" implies the order better than "when". It works in conjunction with the bomb rules card, as if adding a sentence before "then discard this token".
  9. So, if you needed to, you could have a friendly ship dive on a bomb for you and get a damage on to an enemy ship?
  10. A pity esege only works for attacking. Would've been hilarious with kanaan.
  11. Slip greedo in there for even more circumstance shenanigans.
  12. Out manuever butt shot, 4 to 5 dice with -1 agility.
  13. I've thought about a similar build. Bossk (35) Marksmanship (3) Gunner (5) Greedo (1) K4 Security Droid (3) Feedback Array (2) Kath Scarlet (Scum) (38) Outmaneuver (3) K4 Security Droid (3) Glitterstim (2) Engine Upgrade (4) Total: 99 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  14. Adds a bit more resilience against the popular imperial arc dodgers. Atc vader can deal 3 damage pretty consistently, as one example.
  15. dangerJ

    Super-Epic Game

    My buddies and I do a 1200 point game about every 6 to 8 months. What we worked out was a 6×9 table (2×3 starmats). And we basically followed team epic rules multiplied by 3. So 15 epic points for huge ships with a minimum of 3 ships per side. One person on each side built the list (to avoid multiples of named pilots). It generally takes about 6 to 8 hours to finish, even with meals and breaks.
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