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  1. ozmodon

    Sorry FFG, you dropped the ball...

    What and ruin the hole Legion 2.0 in a year. $$$ They won't pass on that cash cow.
  2. ozmodon


    Sounds to me like something's coming for scum that combined with older ships will more than make up for the nerfs.
  3. ozmodon

    Scum Core Set 2nd Edition

    The game designer said his favorite ship to fly hasn't been revealed yet and that the future looks bright. I can only imagine that it would be scum. After all Solo is on the horizon.
  4. ozmodon

    Destiny is Dying...Fast

    Don't believe everything you see. I'll leave it at that.
  5. ozmodon

    A Newbie's Try-hard Deck

    Look for lists on swdestinydb.
  6. ozmodon

    Vader vs Veers

    Is Vader making it more than 1/2 way across the table where you play? Here the Snow Speeder normally ends him about mid table.
  7. ozmodon

    Vader vs Veers

    What makes the price so different. I mean what does Vader have that Veers doesn't ?
  8. ozmodon

    Star Wars Legion painting and extra bling!

    Impressive! Most impressive!
  9. ozmodon

    Seeking Feedback From Casual Players

    Don't run them to often. Running an event every week sounds taxing and not soecial.
  10. ozmodon

    Cover question

    Say I have a wall between a unit of troops and an AT-ST. Where in the rules does it explain how to determine who gets cover?
  11. ozmodon

    Has Destiny died off in your area?

    It has died down but I think it's because Legion just hit and everyone here is excited about it.
  12. ozmodon

    Holocron Updates - two major nerfs

    Found it. Page 16, you cannot allocate extra damage in that way
  13. ozmodon

    Holocron Updates - two major nerfs

    Under indirect damage it says, All damage can be split among multiple characters. Am I to understand that if Wedge rolls two plus 3 and power actions the bomer to 6 and gets to resolve 12 damage . You can say, okay I'll take that on this character with 2 health left?
  14. I own 98 to 99% of all the cards. I'm far from the best and always bring something different from week to week. People who cannot afford such things tend to buy singles to round out 2 to 3 builds. We are at ffg's win and they have made it to get elite versions will make them a pretty penny. It's a great game that's just getting started. The next set will be the first without influence from Lukas. We'll see.
  15. ozmodon

    New set is called Ways of the force .

    Hopping for a new Darth Vader. If the new Grievous is this good, what will Vader look like.