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  1. Good Partner For Windu

    Never tried Maz with him. It does sound strong. Maz focuses Mace just once and all future damage goes her way until she dies. I ran 2 dice Luke one for Yoda and had good luck with that 3 die Character combo. Even killing a 12 health character in one round.
  2. Boba/Phasma tips?

    Redeploy weapons. Hounds Tooth is a sneaky way to deal a lot of damage with Boba' s special as well as making some extra money. One Vibrocutlass as long as you have one Hounds Tooth. More removal, and stick with 8 or 9 upgrades for 2 characters. All in all your list looks pretty good.
  3. Did Jar Bar's dice get rolled? Are any dice showing different symbols? Nothing can change the text or cheat it out of it's power or lack of. 6 dice start is not weak when Rose and vehicles get involved.
  4. Always nice to see people growing the community.
  5. Dealing with Special Chaining

    Yoda isn't broken. Neither is action chaining to speak of. The real problem is that in order to compete with the beast you have to become the beast. Most of use fell in love with this game. Where you take an action then I take an action. Where Darth Vader was to be feared. Now 5 droids are more powerful. Many of us are holding out and still collecting in the hopes that they can fix it. It will take time and maybe after the first set drops off it will be better. There is no right answere, come back in a year or ride out the storm. All we can really do is hope.
  6. Dealing with Special Chaining

    It's hasn't even reached its potential yet. Once Yoda, Chewbacca gets perfected it will become truly sick. They will probably make some change saying that you can only chain face of die showing so new special wouldn't be resolved until later turns. Giving time for removal. Still it's not as powerful as action cheating yet. When Yoda turns a Chewbacca die to it's special. Chewbacca turns an AT-ST die doing 5 damage then Yoda force throws it for another 5 will people truly weep.
  7. Neutral character question?

    Hey guys, I'm just playing Devils advocate so I can show this down at the game store where I play. I do appreciate all of the posts.
  8. tearing my hair out

    It's an in-game aid. Say you may want to discard a card to reroll some dice. A quick glance at a card will allow you to easily judge whether it's worth it or not.
  9. Neutral character question?

    If it worked the way I think then how would it be worded?
  10. Neutral character question?

    If it worked the way everyone is trying to say then they would say that an all neutral team could choose to use either Hero or Villian cards. If I had a blue, yellow and grey character that were natural. Then I added a blue hero, two of the 4 characters could use blue hero cards that said spot a blue character. If any of those cards said spot a blue hero character then only 1 out of the 4 could use it. It isn't a license to convert all characters on your team to hero. No where does it say that.
  11. Neutral character question?

    Rite, so when you add a Red hero you now have access to the red hero cards. The Yellow character doesn't magically transform it is still neutral
  12. Neutral character question?

    I do appreciate the debate and will attempt to get my group to play according to what the majority thinks.
  13. Neutral character question?

    The logical angle was that if a neutral character alone cannot chose to use Hero or Villian cards then why does putting him with a non neutral character make a bit of difference.
  14. Neutral character question?

    I can see both sides of the coin in the rule on page 12 of deck the each paragraph or point are separate. Still calling a penny change doesn't make it more than a penny.
  15. Neutral character question?

    After talking with my group and rereading this post I can say that no where does it specifically say that neutral can put hero or villain cards in their deck. I do admit that some of you have the gift of gab. Our new neutral character Hondo has a good special because he doesn't have access to Yellow Hero and Villian cards on his own. Yes neutral cards can be used by both sides but in no way does that make them anything other than neutral.