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  1. ozmodon

    New Han Solo question

    No where between reveal a villain card and reveal a hero card does it say (or). This kind of leads me to believe that he can do both at the same time. Thoughts on this please
  2. ozmodon


    If his dice are in the pool and he dies, do you pick them up and roll them or not? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  3. ozmodon

    New Darth Vader?

    Friends in high places to get in dark saber and his new troops will be nice too. With his die sides it should be easy enough.
  4. ozmodon

    Help for the Empire

    Just a variety of ships. Some luck, it may be that I need to get used to them again. I haven't gotten used to the new x-wing dials yet so they surprise me from time to time. I think I'll take more bomers.
  5. ozmodon

    Help for the Empire

    Any tips on how to fly Emperial ships now? I used to do pretty well with them. Now I feel as if an enemy ship turns towards one of mine I'm losing it.
  6. ozmodon

    T-85 and TIE/FO Interceptor? Let the theorizing being

    I'm a firm believer that less is more. To much color for me. They look more like race cars. I keep looking for the sponsorship stickers.
  7. ozmodon

    AtG Spoilers in Action!!

    Let's see Darth Vader in action. Now that he's been spoiled.
  8. ozmodon

    New Darth Vader?

    Thoughts? I'm impressed! Wondering where he'll get money for everything, but still impressed .
  9. People should be able to play whatever they want with the expectation of having a good time. This felt like someone took my wallet and shoved it.......... when I played against it. Not Fun!
  10. I got to play against this ship in Saturday. I have to say that I'm feeling ripped off for spending so much money on second . It's Ridiculous! People can defend it all they want but until it's nerfed I'm not spending a single sent more on this game! This is supposed to be fun. I so wanted to rant but I've said enough.
  11. ozmodon

    AtG Spoilers in Action!!

    It was a good game. The new set looks to have some interesting cards
  12. ozmodon

    AtG Spoilers in Action!!

    How is the plot supposed to be bad?
  13. ozmodon


    It's nice to see that the crazy combos are gone.
  14. ozmodon


    If you don't have many ships just get the 2.0 starter and start from there. No need for the expansion's
  15. ozmodon

    Afterburners should be Small or Medium base

    Nothing wrong with this card. It has limited use and costs 8 points.