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  1. Is there any reason to base the mines?
  2. Under droids it says that they do not take suppression. Do they panic, or just take ion tokens?
  3. Is Dooku worth the points?
  4. I'm new and looking for witch one will be best in an 800 point build. I expect to have the tank sometime this week.
  5. The clone wars has a lot of tribes that could be allies in one form or another.
  6. Not sure what this means? I was asking opinions on How best to introduce these sub factions.
  7. Jawas, Tusken Raiders, and Ewoks could be a lot of fun if there was an Allies of convenience slot added to the army building list. They wouldn't need full flushed out armies that way. Thoughts?
  8. Why will it not allow me to preorder these separatist droid tank?
  9. Got it. So the symbols on the left of the card can only be added once. Thanks.
  10. I'm new and wondering how big can you make a single squad of Droids. Second: where do you find that information?
  11. Just wanted to say thank you for everything. Watching the final now.
  12. They are a just because we can thing. Yes that's in this game now. They follow no rules they are not characters, nor are they supports. I wanted to explain that just because doesn't work and that things need a place and an explanation so we can get and keep new players. I'm apparently not good with words because I came across as offensive.
  13. With the new set just a week away. I want to say thank you for only having half the set spoiled. I hope that in the future we only have about 40% of a set spoiled and I'll explain why. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a bunch of new cards. Wanting to build some fun decks and taking them down to your local store the first weekend. Only to find out that half the people have already been playing this set for months and have brought their flushed out worlds decks to crush with. Just my opinion again but less spoilers will help not hurt this game.
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