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  1. Speeder bikes seem very balanced. In the movie you pretty much said, "Hey look over here" and they were dead. They definitely need to be fragile.
  2. ozmodon

    Strength of schedule question ?

    Even the cut to top 4 would of giving people hope!
  3. ozmodon

    Strength of schedule question ?

    I think best of 3 and cut to top 4 in a 16 player field would have made people feel myself included like they got a chance to actually play a tournament. Single elimination we may as well have just flip coins.
  4. ozmodon

    Strength of schedule question ?

    I enjoy the game and I'm sure I'll continue to play in a casual way. As long as single elimination without a cut to top exists, I'll be out of the competition end of it.
  5. ozmodon

    Strength of schedule question ?

    People traveled some more than 200 miles. Myself it is our only local store. People came to have fun and 4 single elimination games left myself and others feeling let down.
  6. ozmodon

    Strength of schedule question ?

    Oh I get how it works. It's just not for me. I'm not perfect and make mistakes. It just sucks all the air out of the room and zaps all the fun out of the game. I spent a lot of money on this game to have fun with it. People traveling long distances to be told one loss and you are out can be the way they choose to run it, if they so choose. I'm just on the fence as to weather or not to leave something I've invested so much in.
  7. ozmodon

    Release date?

    Rumor has around October. For some reason I seem to remember that from one of the many videos I watched.
  8. ozmodon

    Replacing MTG for middle class casuals

    I'm very interested in this after sinking around $400 every time a new Destiny set comes out.
  9. ozmodon

    Strength of schedule question ?

    One person only loses was to the player that lost at the top table IE playing for first. How does that not make them third? I was just a player and people were coming up to me saying WTF just happened?
  10. ozmodon

    Strength of schedule question ?

    Single elimination with no top 4 cut. Yeah they can run it that way. Maybe If they would have randomly determined who was going to get 3rd in front of everyone . Because the players at the top 2 tables didn't get 3rd. I could get upset or just not do it again. That old saying goes once shame on you, twice shame on me.
  11. ozmodon

    Strength of schedule question ?

    Sorry guys, it was 3 and 1 without a cut to top 4 so prize support won't the a local favorite for third place leaving most people feeling ripped off. I know I'm walking away for a while maybe forever. We'll have to see.
  12. ozmodon

    Strength of schedule question ?

    I know that myself and most that went 4 and one went be going to any more events. After spending large amounts on this game, I may just be turning to Keyforge.
  13. In a 16 player tournament how are four people with a 4 in 1 record eliminated from the Placing with strength of schedule, Without a top 4 cut ?
  14. I believe to fail says unable to complete the action. If you are able to complete it and chose not to, you didn't fail it. I don't have a rule book handy to confirm it.
  15. ozmodon

    Elite Clone Trooper / ePlo with Clones

    Could Plo also reroll one of his die twice if he has 2 clone troopers in play?