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  1. SALACIOUS B. CRUMB. what I would really like is for them to have only one version of a character per rotation cycle.
  2. I had a real problem. Got a dice so warped that if you bumped the table it spun like a top.
  3. Is the card saying forge a Key at 15 minus one for every card in your hand? If so has anyone ever done it?
  4. Skippy Timehog. Play: You're opponent cannot use any cards next turn. (Can play and discard cards). Can they play cards that have play effects o. Them? What is a turn? Can you stack loot the bodys?
  5. As much as I love this game this is the thorn in my side. I believe this is a straight cop-out for poor design. Magic did it and look how much they sold. All I can say is be better than what came before you.
  6. I'm not the first to say it but I agree. A reprint should probably be moved down a step. Probably everytime it's reprinted it moves down until it finally fades away.
  7. Keeping dice they already make allows them to focus on other aspects of the game.
  8. There are a lot of die that are 3 or more sides filled with modifiers. This card makes them all but useless. We have only scratched the surface of this set. I see this card as a boost to mill but time will tell.
  9. We can hope because when I saw this . I was like,"Mill just got a huge boost! "
  10. I read it that all dice with modified sides are now useless
  11. I think it breaks the game.
  12. Does ascension gun work with theed? Did they post anything on this?
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