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  1. At character creation any character can requisition up to their influence bonus items at up to scarce rarity (IE: three combat shotguns) Adeptus Administratum characters count items as one step more available when requisitioning Poor quality items are one step more common Can an Adeptus Administratum have poor quality light power armour at character creation? (very rare) thanks in advance!
  2. Yes! Ive always intended to post this comment at some point. this card art is almost one of the only depictions linking episodes 3-4, especially of such quality
  3. Thankyou very much. I only realised after posting this quite how many times this question has come up recently. hopefully I can persuade my locals of this interpretation
  4. I had a polite and civil disagreement with an opponent who stated that only one RecSpec would take effect from a focus action. I had a ghost Kanan and a pair of RecSpecs planning on focusing for three focus tokens. Can I get a confirmation or any input on this scenario? preferably with the logic or rules as to why it works that way?
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