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  1. My quick view on other heroes. I liked Galadriel when I saw her but eventually I changed my mind. She seems to be some variation of Gandalf hero. He also provides all printed icons (not in such straightforward way, but nevertheless) and can fit in mono-sphere deck. Сoncerning resource generation and moving - that's not unique ability at all, we have plenty of them. The first question about Beorn - what happens to Lore-Beorn attachments when he flips. Attachment's check for conditions to be attached occurs only when card is played, so the bear can get a mount, a plate and a bow I think bear side need something like "treat Beorn's attachment text as blank". And resource moving without any limit seems too good to be true. Bilbo and Songs? Seems very deck-specific ability. Someone want Songs to work better, I see Burglar Bilbo - very specific because can only be used in Hobbit saga. And response seems too good. Straightforward tactic is to give him attachments, sentinel and defend all attacks. I don't get this Denethor. He gets 3 willpower with 20-29 threat - 3 willpower not unique or even very good. And at 40 threat he is discarded... More over second ability to watch shadow is weak. I don't want to watch it (especially at such cost), I want to cancel or discard it. Fatty is good and thematic, but damage cancellation at this stage of the game is not uncommon. Watchman, Dori, Honor guard, Close call, Raven-winged Helm, Gondorian discipline, Barliman. Second song-oriented Bilbo seems a little strange in final. With Love of Tales this ability is powerful, but there is no strong deck around songs. There is just too few songs and they are too specific.
  2. Well, I had many thoughts about balancing this ability. First of all, I wished to add limitation "choose and ready any other character than Aragorn" to prevent Aragorn from reading himself (which probably will be the most common case as Aragorn usually the most powerful hero in fellowship). But I decided this will only complicate this ability and made it heavy. My next thought was about allies as you mentioned. If this ability will ready an ally I think it won't need any limitation at all because if players managed to survive 3+ "when revealed" effects without cancellation they probably are really tough guys or something is wrong with scenario. Additionally they need 3 exhausted allies on the table. But non-limited abilities sadly can be abused in some rare scenarios and decks (hey, Seastan ), and as I'm not an expert in all scenario's mechanics I decided to choose more stable version. Another my thought was - if I add some additional limitations (like only allies) this ability can be useless in many cases. If there is no "When revealed" effect at all in, lets say, two rounds, then Aragorn's ability is totally neglected. If there is no exhausted allies (rare, but possible) - the same. And if players often cancel "when revealed" effects - ability also doesn't trigger. More over, a situation when treachery with "when revealed" effect reveals means there is no additional enemy added so in some cases reading a character can be useless. Too many possible limitations even without worded per round limit. But I'm agree there are options considering balance. I think this case need actual playtests for more valuable feedback.
  3. As the author of Aragorn I would like to make some remarks about him. First of all, I always wanted to have spirit version of Aragorn, the most iconic hero in The Lord of the Rings saga. Despite he has many advantages (especially attachments) in our LCG, the fourth sphere version of him will be cool. The key thing I considered while designing this hero was theme. I wanted to make Aragorn very thematic and, if I can, provide useful ability. Currently Aragorn has 3 (except Fellowship) versions which represent different sides of his life and his abilities. My version of Aragorn represents him as the leader of men at Pelennor Fields and Morannon. The Grey Company joins the battle alongside Gondorians (and Rohan) so each Dunedain gets Gondor trait. This ability not only thematic, it can significantly upgrade Dunedain decks. In my opinion, currently pure dunedain decks are very specific as they require many engaged enemies and we have a limited number of cards which can prevent enemies from attack. So, this ability allows Dunedain to gain Gondor buffs and some other abilities thus Dunedain decks can get some versatility. Of course, Aragorn himself gets Gondor trait too which is also useful. Considering balance, this ability is useful in Dunedain-Gondor decks, but outside such decks it isn’t so powerful. So, Aragorn needed a universal second ability which can benefit in every deck, but don’t be very powerful (we remember his attachments, yes). And be thematic. As the leader of men, Aragorn often has to face challenges from Sauron, and, as he is true leader, he gets benefits from these challenges. The more cunning Sauron uses against Aragorn, the more battle-readiness Aragorn and his army gets. More over, as this is spirit sphere, Aragorn will often has to make choices - whether to cancel “When revealed” effect or let it pass and ready himself or any other character (which can also benefit in multiplayer.) As we remember, in books Aragorn actually made choices, for example - whether to follow Sam and Frodo or pursue orcs which catched Merry and Pippin. Another cool thing about this ability - it triggers not only from treachery card but from any card in any phase. This was made to let players trigger this ability more often. Usually, player have maybe one or two “when revealed” effects per round or even zero. In most cases, “when revealed” effects has only one desire from players - to cancel it. This ability represent slightly different approach to the game - “ok, ok, I won’t cancel this nasty effect, but I’ll ready a key character!” I had to add limit to this ability for balance - trigger once per round can be too weak, twice seems ok. While thinking how to make this ability I had many options - I thought to offer players choice - whether to ready someone or to gain resource at Aragorn, but finally I decided to make this ability pure. Gaining resources can make this ability too versatile and powerful. I also removed Ranger trait from him because he is not hiding in woods anymore (and also can't be additionally readied by Wingfoot) and removed Sentinel as he also is not protecting hobbits in the wild anymore (also due to balance). After I saw all other heroes here I thought that my Aragorn’s abilities maybe lack a little fantasy, they don't breake game frameworks or represent some mechanics we’ve never seen before, but, in the end, in my opinion they fit the game and the theme.
  4. S- Galadriel T- Elfhelm U- Ingold V- Arwen W- Haldir of Lorien X- Gimli Y- Elrond Z- Bifur AA- Treebeard AB- Faramir AC- Legolas AD- Boromir AE- Anborn AF- Beorn AG- Bill the Pony AH- Gandalf (Core)
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