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  1. Looking for Players in the New Jersey Area Check this group out if you are on Facebook.
  2. The 3 or 4 games I have played against the bad guys with 3 units of 6 has not gone well at all. The Rebels just outnumber squadwise every time. I feel like this is something they messed up with points. Stormies should be really cheap. We should outnumber the terrorist and be able to squash the Rebellion once and for all.
  3. Game length

    How long are your 800 point games taking? The couple of games I have played seem to go 3 hours plus. Not complaining. Just trying to see if my buddy and I are slow or this is normal. Can't even imagine a Grand Army battle.
  4. On June 9th, 2018 bring your 400 point fleet to the Games Keep in West Chester PA. Registration starts at 1215.
  5. New Relay

    So could you activate a shuttle and move it out of range and then relay?
  6. Faq is up

    Bravo FFG Bravo!
  7. Line of sight

    Thanks for your answers. It was the obscured thing that made it confusing.
  8. Line of sight

    Do repulsor units block line of sight?

    I have been flying the Devastating Vader ever since my 11 year old son used it. I was like son nobody uses that title... months later and I have not made a list without it. Tomorrow I am going to fly this.
  10. Dear FFG

    The something "big" that is coming is a 6×3 playmat.
  11. Practice list for Store Championship

    I would say split the archers. You lose the re-roll but still have a threat of 2.
  12. Game is Officially Dead...

    Lcgs only have one format. Co-op. After hearing this news I am done with "competitive" LCGS.
  13. Future of the Game

    Could they at least give us a reason why?
  14. Q4 Armada Tournament West Chester PA on January 20th. Registration starts at 1215 at The Games Keep. Come on out and blow some ships up.
  15. Table size

    I don't know why it did this.