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  1. Been working on Klaw Heroic 1 for now. See if I can work my way up to 3. If I ever get Green Goblin I might have to put Klaw away forever!
  2. Tried twice with Captain America justice tonight. Lost both matches turn 2. Felt the first game i was doing pretty good but man can it turn around fast!
  3. Switched to Black Panther justice with better results. Then tried two handed with She Hulk and had a better time. Trying to play everyday but getting tired of losing. This is a really mean joke Devs!
  4. Last night I tried Iron Man justice solo again. I think I lasted until turn 3 when Klaw yet again was able to scheme his way to victory. Iron Man alone takes to long to get going. Not giving up just yet.
  5. Double aggression is to risky. Unless playing with 4 players. I lost on turn one with Thor aggression. Lol don't ask. Went back to Iron Man tonight and got 2 losses. Surprise surprise! I have been thinking about Hulk too. Maybe She Hulk can fill the void for now. So tommorow She Hulk and Iron Man!
  6. Didn't have to play two handed because my son joined the challenge. Captain Marvel aggression with Cap justice. Captain Marvel was defeated round 2 so my son resigned right after. The problem with getting rid of The Immortal Klaw is that since you cycle thru the deck so fast it just comes back. Happened in the game with Cap when I got Klaw 2 down to 9 hp. Today I will be playing solo but my son is excited to play again with She Hulk aggression and I am going back to my favorite Iron Man justice. I heard people talking about running him with protection. Is that better?
  7. Lost a ton last night. Last attempt with Cap I got Klaw 2 down to 9 hp and then Immortal Klaw came back out. Then gang up and I was defeated. Tried Captain Marvel aggression and she seemed better than Cap. Will try again today with her.
  8. Another loss with Cap. Sound manipulation!
  9. Played this morning lost on turn 2 again. Tried just expert mode and lost that too. 🤣 😭. Got Captain America out on expert and made it to stage 3 Klaw and threated out. So like some are saying the Heroes matter. Might try two-handed Cap and Iron Man heroic 3.
  10. So how has everyone's experience been with Klaw heroic 3? Do you think the developer's just challenged it randomly or did they beat it before putting this one out there? The longest I have lasted is turn 3 with Iron Man justice solo. Have to say I don't think it is possible to win but I am not giving up.
  11. The only thing really new was the announcement of ace packs for X-wing. Which to me is when 1st edition got bad.
  12. My thinking was that the designer's are looking at difficulty not just with the villain packs but the Heroes too. I assume that when they are designing a hero they play against all the villains available and some we don't know about. Most likely they come up with what most people have said here and other forums. I guess what i am trying to say is that it has to be hard for them to balance this game looking at the past, present and future products. Seeing posts about this hero sucks and this is too easy is annoying when there are so many variables to account for.
  13. Reading a number of posts about how easy Wrecking Crew is and also that Thor stinks. I was thinking about how much play testing they are doing and how. Also, maybe with the game design it is hard to balance. Does anyone know how they play test this game or been a part of it?
  14. It's not that it's the concept. It makes it seem like your ship is not just sitting there taking hits.
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