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  1. Great episode! Love the talk about organized play. The problem with the kits I think is that they cost the store owner money. That and FFG has too many games! FFG should make them free. I think Wizards gives free stuff to stores for Magic shenanigans.
  2. Do you really think Fett's flamethrower command card is bad. I personally love it. I actually rarely take the rocket card. Whipcord launcher on the other hand is great.
  3. Great article! I had the same reservations about the E-Webs. Then I played them (always 2) in my lists numerous times and started to really like them. They are tough to learn but rewarding once you get the hang of them.
  4. Did FFG forget or can the Operations?
  5. Once you have had a couple of games played and the rules down games last about 2hrs. Imperial Terrain has files you can download for your printer. Playing Boba Fett and Vader is a ton of fun. The measuring devices can be annoying sometimes and the lack of dice in the core.
  6. I really like this list. Very unique. I too like playing Vader and Fett. I don't have a winning record but have had really close games. I might have to netdeck this even though I don't like to do that.
  7. Any idea when they will put the Operations up on the product page for season 4?
  8. I would say FO/Resistance. Because then you could hyperspace into other ships. Roll 6 red dice and if you roll all doubles pick one ship on the board and destroy it. 😂
  9. The dlt upgrade while pricey is awesome. My opponent took 2 units of them. I took the leader version and that was good too. I used them to hold an objective so I was able to actually recover and shoot at range 4. He was playing Krennic. Don't know how I feel about him. Doesn't seem like he does much for your army. Having Veers will definitely make things better.
  10. So have you played with Death Troopers yet? How are they? I am getting them on the table today.
  11. One of the things that makes this game great is the objectives. Getting more is going to be great.
  12. So this not a full battle report but I would like to share a moment from a game. It all starts with New Ways to motivate them. Issue an order to my Guard. My Guard charge a unit of Stormies. I roll 6 hits. That should be a dead unit right? Wrong my partner in crime rolls 6 blocks!!!! What the ****! Okay I will finish off that unit next round. Well, he attacks back and kills 2 of my Guard. Okay stormies you are really annoying me. So who do you think wins that battle?
  13. Maybe they are pushing it back to release with whatever they are announcing this Thursday.
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