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  1. I wish I started playing this game 5 years ago instead of Lame of Thrones and Maybe Wars... by far this game is superior. I can't wait until 2.0!
  2. On October 28th The Games Keep in West Chester PA will be hosting a 100 point skirmish Tournament. Registration starts at 1215. 5 dollar entry fee.
  3. I forgot to mention I got the command units too. So are you saying Heroes next?
  4. So I got a 2nd core. Pretty excited about playing 200 points. Just have to wait for my son to get done school. The one day I want an early dismissal, ugh. Well anyway, where do I go from here? Play a couple of games and see what I like? Is it worth buying the other Heroes before I buy more expansions?
  5. Thanks for all the feedback.
  6. So what do you suggest?
  7. What do I need to buy to get both armies to 200 points?
  8. Way to go Ron!
  9. Does anyone know what the red squares by the shield dials are?
  10. Come on out to West Chester, PA for some Armada fun on September 9th 2017. Registration starts at 1215 and 5 dollar entry fee.
  11. No this was for a Store Championship in West Chester PA.
  12. Yes our meta is slowly shifting towards small fighter coverage and a ton of Ackbar lists. I think I am going to retire the list for now. Need to work on objectives and my Commander. I am really loving Leia right now so I might try that first. Someone there also suggested Fire Lanes. Fleet Ambush totally backfired plus I lost at deployment. I flew the list once before the tournament so I still need a lot more playing time with it. I was inspired by a triple ISD list which is super scary and cool as **** to see across the board. Triple LMC80's do not instill as much fear but are a blast to fly. Navigate navigate navigate.
  13. Triple Liberty list. I think I placed 5th out of 7 but only because of a bye.
  14. Hope you are still showing up. Bringing all my stuff.
  15. Dude glad you are going to make it. Like I said I don't have all the ships in your list and I don't know if Mike is going to make it. I am working on the details. Post back here soon.