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    I agree. I was playing with Sabs and just recently tried the sniper. The problem is I feel like I am always moving then dropping rather then dropping then moving. It's definitely been a learning experience. I think I didn't play the sabs long enough. I really wish they gave them an ability like Boosk and Sabine where they get a free move action after dropping.
  2. ScottGilbert25


    So recently I have been testing full units of scouts. Honestly because I am tired of strike teams. Which upgrade would you take the sniper or the sab?
  3. ScottGilbert25

    Deathtrooper list

    Deathtroopers, Deathtroopers everywhere.
  4. ScottGilbert25

    What's the best ship in the game?

    ISD any variation.
  5. ScottGilbert25

    Cymoon vs. Kuat

    I think it depends on your style of play. Are you aggressive? I would go with the Kuat. Otherwise Vader Cymoons are my favorite.
  6. ScottGilbert25

    SSD article up!

    Can't wait any longer! This is going to be fun to play. I have one problem. My son will probably not let me use it and I am not buying 2. Well maybe...
  7. ScottGilbert25

    800 pt Wookies?

    You can only take 3 units of Wookies.
  8. ScottGilbert25

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Yes!!!!!!! FFG: Do you think you could fly a whole fleet from the time of Star Wars: Rebels?
  9. ScottGilbert25

    Abusing New Ways to Motivate Them

    It's okay no need to apologize. It was a great game and that's all that matters.
  10. ScottGilbert25

    Abusing New Ways to Motivate Them

    So remember when your Royal Guard had 2 immobilized tokens and they charged?
  11. ScottGilbert25

    Pathfinders spoiled early, it seems

    I feel like on the heavy weapons team upgrades they should swap the point values.
  12. ScottGilbert25

    Vader with IRG + Imperial Officer - Thoughts?

    Force reflexes? Otherwise seems like a good idea.
  13. ScottGilbert25

    Watcher in the Water

    Another question regarding the Watcher. Does he put damage on the active location since he is engage with all players?
  14. ScottGilbert25

    OP prize support

    I am also a TO at the store I frequent. Agreed playing 3 games is definitely better then prizes. We do store credit based on attendance. Some people do like the cards around here at least. The reason I ask is because if FFG doesn't include Armada in the new kits and new op model I fear we are headed towards a land enduring.
  15. ScottGilbert25

    OP prize support

    Has any stores received the season 4 prize kit? Also, do you think we will get fancy kits for this game? Like Legion and X-wing are?