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  1. Once or twice a week, 2-3 games per night. I'd say as an average though I get in about 3 games per week.
  2. Go with the HWK. Palob and Mux both have really strong support abilities, are fun to play, and frustrating to play against.
  3. Y-Wing: make 1 banks green HWK: make 3 banks white X-Wing: add 3 T-Roll Firespray: add 1 hards Scyk: make 2 hards green Starviper: make 2 banks green Jumpmaster: make 1 and 2 hards red TIE Fighter: swap 3 K-turn for 3 S-loops TIE Advanced: Add 3 S-loops TIE Interceptor: Add 2 S-loops
  4. I would absolutely LOVE an official X-Wing campaign.
  5. There needs to be some better illicit upgrades and modifications before I consider this a good trade over engine upgrade. I don't see myself using this right now, but it has potential down the line as we get more releases. One of the unspoiled upgrades in the rest of the HotR expansion might even be a modification or illicit that makes me change my mind. Here's Hoping!
  6. This is pretty much Rebels problems in a nutshell. Right now it's extremely difficult to build a decent Rebel list that is good vs all comers. There is almost always some hole where one or more of the other faction's popular meta list will simply roll over you while imperials and Scum have one or more list archetypes that you can take, modify slightly to personal preference, and expect to do well for yourself regardless of what your opponent brings to the table. I am aware that some high level tournaments this season have been have been won by Rebel players so yes it is still possible to play Rebels and do well but they are the exception to the rule, not the norm.
  7. This is an Astromech I could really get behind...
  8. I really want to like the ARCs,I think it's a beautiful looking ship, but I think it's going to suffer the same problem that the B-Wing does which is that they cost a ton of points base and then you have to sink a ton more points into them (exception being Thane) to get the most out of them. Now you have a 30-40 point ship with middling pilot skill and poor defensive abilities that is prey for just about everything else popular in the meta right now. Palp Aces, Torps Scouts, Dengaroo, soon enough Protectorate Fighters, are all going to murder the poor ARCs. Now obviously I haven't played with them, I intend to play them extensively just as soon as I can get my hands on a pair, and I sincerely hope I'm wrong and find some excellent build that makes me realize I was wrong all along, but on paper I think the ARC is going to have a real problem cracking this meta. Edit: Also, maybe there is something in HotR that has amazing synergy with the ARC and then all of my doom and gloom will be for nothing.
  9. Rebels are not in a very good place right now. I was hoping the ARC would be better than is (actually the ship is fine, I'm just not super impressed with the pilot abilities and lack of EPTs on two of the pilots) and that the upgrades would be more useful, especially R3. I'm still holding out hope that HotR will be full of useful things and help bring Rebels back up to par. You'd hope they'd make main character crew cards like Rey and Finn good so people want to use them but then I look at the existing crew cards for Han (only good in epic), Luke (costs too much. Only 1 less point than the Emperor!), Leia (not really useful anywhere and overpriced), Lando (very thematic and fun in casual but you can't count on him competitively), Chewy (actually, he has decent ability). Funny that R2 and 3PO have the best crew abilities of all the original trilogy rebel characters... Hoping when they do X-Wing 2.0 that they revamp Han, Luke, and Leia to make them desirable to use. It's just sad to have a Star Wars game and have them sitting on the sidelines. Also, pilot card for Leia please.
  10. For me it depends entirely on the situation, what ship I'm flying, what my opponent is flying, etc Some basic rules of thumb I follow: -2 attack dice ship always go focus. -3 attack dice ship TL is slightly better offensively than Focus but leaves you exposed on defence. -1 defence die ship has a decent chance of failing to dodge even with a focus so I usually double down on offence and go TL. -High defence dice with low health ships, think TIE Interceptor, I always go focus unless I know I won't be fired on this round. After that it depends entirely on the specific situation. Pilot abilities, who I'm shooting at, what order is shooting taking place, how much health does the ship I'm going to be shooting at have? How many defence dice does it have? Did it/will it focus? Evade? What's my health like? Will I even get to shoot before being wiped off the board if I don't dodge a hit or two this round? Etc. Basically you just need to play a lot until it becomes intuitive what the situation calls for.
  11. The firespray needs a little something to bring it up to par but I don't think a turret slot is the answer. I think either a second crew slot or maybe a system slot would be a better.
  12. I'm loving the TIE shuttle. As others have already said it makes for an excellent cheap support or control ship and will only get better as more imperial crew are released. Deathfire is also great as a cheap conor net delivery system. He can be game changing if left alone and if not, he was only 23 points and your opponent had to shoot him 2-3 times to remove him from play and that was 2-3 shots they weren't shooting at your higher value ships. I'm not really sold on the bombers as ordnance platforms. It's not really the bomber's fault, or even that they aren't any good (the gammas with homing missiles are actually pretty decent) it's more that they aren't jumpmaster good at shooting their ordnance and so they seem lacklustre by comparison. This is less that the bombers aren't any good and more that jumpmasters are just a little too good at the same thing. I think if contracted scouts hadn't been so ridiculously efficient as torpedo platforms that bombers would be looking much more appealing these days as missile or torpedo platforms.
  13. Love the FFG mats. Bespin is my favourite, Endor is a very close second.
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