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  1. Its been explained. They took an interesting, high risk high reward ship that could easily have been fixed while keeping its nature and turned it into a very bland ship with nothing remarkable.
  2. Meanwhile it's significantly more expensive than other two dice ships while bringing nothing to the table.
  3. That's part of the problem, decloaking is very useful for the mobility, but cloaking is now meaningless as you won't get the dice advantage unless you choose not to decloak.
  4. It can multi token stack in a game where that means very little, and it has no defense against three dice or higher attacks. What's your point?
  5. I'm fine with it not being a one trick pony, the problem is now it has NO identity, and nothing putting it above any other ship. There's no reason to fly a phantom over anything else.
  6. It really doesn't, it just dies. There's nothing setting it apart or above any other ship.
  7. And in doing so they made it thoroughly mediocre and unremarkable.
  8. Stygium is slightly better, but is vastly inferior to Advanced Cloaking Device, where most of its evasiveness comes from.
  9. The whole point of the Phantom was it's a very mobile ship that hits super hard and is extremely evasive, but dies super fast due to its low health. While the 2.0 phantom keeps its mobility, it loses everything else that made it special. It no longer hits notably hard, it gained a point of health but essentially lost two points of agility because it has no way to reapply cloaking during combat, meaning it's relying on two dice. Add the evade changes to that, and it has no way to stay in the game as it can't defend against either three dice attacks or swarms of two dice effectively. On top of that, being dropped from four to three attack on top of losing key cards like FCS and Gunner means it doesn't hit particularly hard at all - many ships can hit just as hard if not harder now. While I'm aware a lot of ships got nerfed, I can't see a single reason to ever bring a phantom now, as it lost everything that made it worthwhile, and all it got in exchange is a few points and a single health.
  10. Heh I've been the TAP guy for a bit, but now that I'm able to do cruise missiles instead of Prockets the list has gone from a gimmick to a real threat.
  11. So, I've played for quite awhile, but it has always been rather sporadic playing with a bunch of different lists. I've never been a great player, and just played to have fun. Recently, I played against who I consider one of the best players of my local shop, and I'm always intimidated playing against him, though he has such a great attitude I enjoy it. He was flying a nasty list with Rey and Lowrick, and I knew it would be a good test of a list I'd been playing and getting familiar with for some time now, 5 TAPs with title, Cruise Missiles, and Guidance Chips. And I was thoroughly surprised I won. I can't really brag about the victory since I did have some hot dice rolls, but throughout I did make some plays that I looked back on and was surprised, while flying with very few mistakes. Even if I feel like I was lucky to win overall, that pride of really starting to up my game and noticing improvements in several areas just feels so good
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