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  1. Anything regarding attacking, though I should've said attacking or defending.
  2. I'd have to check the wording, but I'd imagine that wouldn't work, as his ability only works if they can shoot at Biggs.
  3. When someone was teaching me Armada, he remarked how one of the most common thing is they don't do nearly enough navigate commands which makes maneuvering much harder. Is there something similar for xwing that you've noticed?
  4. I don't even care about Jabba, I'm just happy to have a new channel to watch
  5. Idk that he becomes the most OP for certain, though, since you can no longer use him to split fire and he'll more than likely die in a turn without heavy support.
  6. Pffft, unlike you intercerptor pansies, we protectorates aren't afraid of getting hit. Get back at me when you're flying in arc of every ship you can
  7. No Sabine, but I did face a Kylo Longs idea the Colzet, who had a plan to place blinded pilot, then flip it over at the end of the turn. There were two other Kylo, but I didn't face either. Unfortunately, every list but the last that I faced had critical shenanigans, so lots of critics were passed around.
  8. The list was simple, the three named pilots with plasma torps, title, attanni Mindlink, and Autothrusters on all but Kad Solus(since I sadly only have two copies). Wasn't a huge tournament, only 13 people, but enough heavy competition that I feel proud finishing in 3rd. Initiative ended up being huge, as I had 98 points so always had my choice. I was able to outmaneuver every Ace I fought because of it, though there was a very fun duel where it came down to an undamaged stealth device lieutenant Colzet vs my undamaged Fenn Rau, especially after a critical dropped him to ps0. The only loss came from a Deci Soontir list. I blocked Soontir the first round of shooting and managed to blow him away, but wasn't quite able to get enough damage against a tricked out Oicunn.
  9. GC is once per turn, so it won't factor in most times. And I agree, single target lock only, unless you're recline.
  10. I thought of that, having the first attack do no more than one damage, or canceling all dice from the second attack if it hits.
  11. Someone else mentioned something about the Punisher needing to unload munitions faster, and it got me thinking about the possibility of a title that allows it to follow up attacks. Something along the lines of: "once per turn, After you make a secondary weapon attack, you may make another primary or secondary weapon attack against the same target. " It's an interesting idea to me because of all the variables to balance it with. You can restrict it to other secondary weapon attacks, restrict the damage of one of the attacks(so as to encourage status effects), and take advantage of the need for target locks. Curious what you'd think about balancing for this.
  12. I actually have a 4 bomber list lying around lol