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  1. Exactly! Theorycrafting if never a waste of time. Brain cells maybe, but not time.
  2. Intensity : another card soon to be FAQed?

    There was a way before?
  3. Nobody here is trolling, though.
  4. Yes, yes it does. You don't want it to work because, quite frankly, it's dumb, but going by the rules, it does work. The only limitation for equipping a ship specific card is that you have the entirety of the required name in your title, NOT that your title match the requirement exactly. It's why the Tie Adv. Prototype can equip TIE only upgrades, but not the Tie Advanced only title.
  5. Unguided Rockets

    I'm sadly not convinced they're ever planning on fixing the Punisher.
  6. And it has "Aggressor" completely in its title, meaning it fits the rules for using the card, similar to TIE only or X-Wing only.
  7. I'm not supporting this, I'm mostly making a joke topic that serves the double purpose of making note of this to ensure it gets FFG's attention and gets fixed
  8. What the rules actually say is simply that in order to use a ship restricted card, you have to have the full name of the title in your ship name. This is used for the TIE only stuff, and the X-Wing only stuff, and was obviously not intended, but as written, it works here.
  9. Nah, just make the title scum only.
  10. Discussion about "Intensity"

    Hopefully this doesn't happen, Mindlink is in a great place.
  11. Intensity : another card soon to be FAQed?

    BB8 was the discussion, but otherwise yes.
  12. Intensity : another card soon to be FAQed?

    Yeah whoops, I goofed. True, but we're talking directly about a build with Primed Thrusters, so I'm not sure why you'd bring that up.
  13. Intensity : another card soon to be FAQed?

    Don't forget, if you trigger BB8 and choose to boost after, that triggers Black One and Intensity twice. So two focuses, two evade tokens, or a focus and an evade. Even when stressed. Edit: I done goofed, Intensity flips after the first time.