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  1. Wow... just wow. Way worse than I could have ever imagined it would turn out. I had a funny thought though - maybe this works as your cliffhanger: A plucky band of Rebels shows up to save the day. Depending on how you want to scale it you could go anywhere from just a few heroes to an entire strike team, maybe even a Nebulon-B or Mon Cal cruiser. Or, to really ramp it up... Rogue Squadron shows up, with Luke leading the charge. --Lagspike
  2. We shall call this land... "This Land". No! We shall call it "Your grave!" Curse your sudden, but inevitable, betrayal!! I miss Firefly.
  3. Alright, I feel bad for making a joke of it. Here's my advice on this one. You probably don't want to hear this: Let the Chiss win. .. ... Maybe the XO turns on the Captain and then the rest of the crew does too. "Man I hated that a**hole." Your game has turned a different direction than you were expecting. So in the spirit of the Star Wars let's go with "Yes, and" instead of "No, but". The FFG Star Wars game is meant to be about the GM and PCs working together to create a shared narrative, but it seems like your game has become GM vs. Players. So your players are murderhobos - that's the game they want to play. You either need to have a discussion about changing the tone of the game or you need to go with it and let the players have their fun. --Lagspike, wandering GM without a game.
  4. I sat there for like 10 minutes trying to figure out how to respond to this thread.. and that's all that came out.
  5. The Mormons are going to be pissed.
  6. I came up with a few ideas. I tried to tie it to fishing, but the best I got was they hitch a ride with some mercs going to re-supply the station and the haul is fishing gear. For these I'm assuming your group is a playing AoR. The stolen Imperial Shuttle they used to escape previously is the Shuttle Tydirium from ROTJ. Do the players take it to Rebel High Command and ditch their ship or risk going back to the station and losing the shuttle? Just as the PCs start to make headway an L3-37 style droid riot breaks out on the station. The occupying force accidentally(?) damages a critical system on the station - gravity / heat / water / electricity. A classic - the hyperdrive on their ship has been disabled and must be repaired before they can leave the system. --Lagspike, wandering GM without a game
  7. I think you might be interested in my fan created module, Imperial Storm Commando. Imperial Storm Commando
  8. This just came to mind: The despair means they did not kill (to frame for the stormtrooper murder) "some guy" - they killed the gunrunner! Now they need to impersonate him and run the deal, ultimately stealing the guns for the base commander. --Lagspiked
  9. @NicoDavout I had a few ideas (hope you meant next Saturday - June): --Rumor has it that the Empire keeps all the spice it's confiscated from the Outer Rim on a small, hidden asteroid in a remote sector. Naturally, the facility is heavily guarded. If it's true, hundreds of millions of credits in spice are there for the taking. Hope your team has a big ship... --Somebody important to Jabba (cousin, uncle, favorite dancer?) has been arrested and taken to a maximum security prison on a heavily fortified world. Can the team get in to the prison and free the prisoner? --A Rival hutt's convoy carrying {credits, spice, weapons, something else?) is said to be preparing for departure shortly. Can the team locate the convoy en route and steal it's cargo? Lagspiked
  10. Looking for an Imperial Campaign? It's finally here! Check out the Imperial Storm Commando Unofficial Adventure Module, a 174 page book with 4 full adventures for Age of Rebellion. https://app.box.com/s/yeabou6jt02qbnpcrjxnoja5uqvgn3i3 In this module the players are Imperial Storm Commandos, the Elite within Elite Stormtrooper Corps. The PCs play as a part of the 501st Legion under the command of Darth Vader, attached to the recently formed Death Squadron. --Lagspiked
  11. Shameless plug for my Imperial Storm Commando module: https://app.box.com/s/yeabou6jt02qbnpcrjxnoja5uqvgn3i3 --Lagspiked
  12. Challenges: -The former ticket salesman, now working for a rival circus. -The ringmaster, who doesn't think the sales are good enough -The strongmen, who think the wimpy face needs a workout (we are going to pump! You up.) Circus Acts: -Shim, one of the few beings in the galaxy who can legally marry shimself. -The distorted fetus of a hideous alien... That mysteriously distorts the force (ysalamri)
  13. This can very easily lead to a pvp situation. "You influence me? F*%+ you I draw my light saber."
  14. Hello again forums, Lagspike here. Once again I had a wild and crazy idea. This one took a while to draw up but I think it turned out rather nicely. "The Heart of the First Rancor" Intro: PCs are in some way led to the "friendly" witches. Either a witch arrives at their camp or one of the PCs has a forsee vision about how to find the witches. Whatever happens, the PCs are informed that only they can recover a lost artifact and for this favor the witches will fight for them against the Sith. The artifact is locked away in an icy cavern on top of the tallest mountain on Dathomir. The witches are intentionally vague about the contents of the box, saying only that it can help them defeat the Sith. Part I: A Lost Artifact PCs must travel to the highest mountain on Dathomir and scale it, to a large and highly dangerous glacier. This trek should include survival checks and potentially the PCs suffer frostbite or hypothermia depending on what they decide to wear. Then the PCs enter the ice cave and search for a sealed box (of the GM’s design, just make sure it’s locked - PCs should not know what is in the box until later in the adventure). Insert here whatever traps, scary monsters, long falls, etc. In the end the PCs find a mysterious box that radiates pure evil, but is completely sealed with no visible seals - only some creepy old runes that no one can read. Part II: The Beast is Unleashed Lauding their success, the witches take the PCs back to their village and have a grand celebration. If asked about the contents of the box the witches reassure the PCs that they’ll handle it from here. During the feast the not-so-friendly night sisters arrive and demand the “friendly” witches hand over the box. As the friendlies are obviously not wiling to give it over, the night sisters summon their pet: The King of the Rancors. In the distance a tremendous howl is heard (make a hard fear check): The King of the Rancors approaches with tremendous speed and ferocity!! It smashes and crashes through the village, heading straight for the box. The PCs may grab the box and run, try to save the villagers, or just run for it in sheer terror. If they are crazy enough to stay, it fights them. How the PCs react will setup the final battle. This beast is the paragon of rancors; it should be significantly larger, stronger, scarier, etc. It is considered like terrain - it has no stats, cannot be damaged, and attacks once per round, at the end of each round. It is heavily armored and fueled by Sith magic, making it nearly impervious to all forms of attack. The King of the Rancors has several abilities (feel free to remove or add more). The King of the Rancors is slow firing 1 (ie, can be used once per 2 rounds). All combat checks are automatically successful. Trample: All in medium range are knocked down and stunned Terrifying Howl: Like the force talent Terrifing, at hard difficulty Sweeping strike: similar to the sarlaac sweep talent; 10 dam, pierce 5 Hurl Object (or person?) Protect the Night Sister: Makes the night sisters very difficult to attack Part III: What’s in the Box? The box contains an ancient and powerful sith artifact: The Heart of the First Rancor. Literally harvested by a Sith lord from the first rancor and imbued with the dark side, it has the power to control all rancors on Dathomir. This is the part where I couldn't really come up with anything super awesome. I had a few ideas, but nothing really materialized. Idea 1: The PCs must drink a night sister brew and face force visions or dark side spirits to figure out how to open the box. Idea 2: Dark Side crystals buried at the bottom of a deep lake hold the clue to opening the box. Part IV: The Battle for the Heart Once the box is opened and the heart is awakened, the “friendly” night sisters are consumed by their desires and turn on the PCs. At the same time the not-so-friendly Night Sisters and the Sith descend on the heart, with the King of the Rancors in tow. A great melee begins for control of the heart. Think of it as a capture the flag mission with three different teams: The Night Sisters + Sith, The “friendly” witches, and the PCs. Depending on how the PCs handled part II will depend on how things are setup in part iv. If they have the heart, both teams will try to take it from them. If they do not, they’ll fight to take it. The team that controls the heart can, once per round, make an average discipline check, adding force die to do one of the below. The force pips can be converted to success/advantages. Summon Rancors: Base of 1, +1 for each success. Threat could mean juvenile rancors, advantage might mean bull rancors. Call a lightning strike. Ouch. Control the King of the Rancors for a turn, using the abilities listed in part 2. Should make for an epic combat, with a lot of Rancors rampaging around.
  15. This reminds me of the situation on board Serenity in Firefly. That tension is always there. What if the money is too good? It comes down to the crew working as a team. Trusting and respecting each other. They understand that they have a good thing going, and work together to make a day's living. If your bounty hunter player wants to be a jerk and sell the crew out, well... that brings up an entirely new situation.
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