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  1. Rune Taq

    interdictor INSANITY!!!

    Haha thanks guys. I'm gonna mess around with three when I get my order. Mostly for fun but could be really fun in a 600+ point game.
  2. Rune Taq

    interdictor INSANITY!!!

    Hello community, I Just bought a third interdictor... I know what your thinking... What took you so long. I know, I know, how couldnt I not have three already or more. Haha all kidding aside I could pass up the $12.50 opportunity. Ok to the point. In honor of my robbery of amazon I want to see the craziest, silliest, meta breaking... est list you guys can come up with that include 3 interdictor. GO!!!
  3. Rune Taq

    Started playing Armada with my son....

    Didn't you all know the ISD also doubles as an excellent bath toy for your kids!! You haven't seen it advertised as such???
  4. Rune Taq

    Started playing Armada with my son....

    Wow. Glad you finally got the items. I felt bad I mentioned the site and then people had so much trouble. Strange how some people got there orders no problem and some still haven't got there orders.
  5. They were saying spring is when they will be available.
  6. Rune Taq

    Mapping out how the SSD Moves

    OP, Thank you for this post. The SSD should be a very fun ship to mess around with.
  7. Rune Taq

    Happy Friday SSD is one day closer

    My LGS does 20% off special orders and pre-orders. With tax I'm looking at about 165-170 for my SSD. Helpful but not $125. Haha
  8. Rune Taq

    Happy Friday SSD is one day closer

    I will play with my SSD a lot. I have multiple ideas to try. Also my local group is starting a campaign soon. I may touch my entire list half way through to build a list with the SSD. Haha
  9. So I looked it up. The radus was one of the last warships DESIGNED at the end of the GCW. Served in the new republic fleet but was retired in favor of a less crew-intensive design. Point is it would seem that the Radus or any other MC 85 never served in the Rebel alliance. So probably not going to be a Rebel ship unless FFG wants to break the rules.
  10. @CrabbokI appreciate that you are working to bring us something. I'm not worried about armada but it would be nice to hear something. It's disappointing that FFG hasn't said anything since August but the writing is not on the wall flowerr this great game. I just went to the biggest regionals in New England. We have a growing community here and it's great. Looking forward to more years for armada expansions and support.
  11. Rune Taq

    Derry New Hampshire Regionals Live Stream

    @Thrindal yes, excellent event. I know I had a blast and am so ecstatic that I won dice. I am glad I found this New England group and can't wait for the next tournament I can get to.
  12. Rune Taq

    A gift that keeps on giving.

    I would avoid getting a raider as it is a less versital ship. Imo, Start with a gladiator and gazanti if you want a smaller price tag. If you can swing one bigger ship instead of two smaller, get the Chimera (before the ISD for sure). It is more versital, comes with excellent upgrades and you really will find Grand Admiral Thrawn to be a flexible commander. I would recommend an Arquiten but there mevuver chart takes some skill to use effectively and may be a frustrating ship to start with. For rebels, mc30 is a must. Tanky, lots of attack dice and really fun to play with. Also GR75 or pelta. If you want to swing a bigger ship. I would start with an MC75. Get what you think will be fun though. You'll learn how to play the ships eventually so get what interests you. Check out @Crabbok YouTube for info. He has a video on each ship so you can research what you want to get and he has videos on his opinion on what he thinks you should buy first.
  13. Rune Taq

    Started playing Armada with my son....

    Did the carrier or store give any feed back on why there was a shipping issue? And please let us know if you resolved the problem of when it does get resolved. (money back or item in hand)
  14. Rune Taq

    Started playing Armada with my son....

    Yes that's where I ordered mine.
  15. Rune Taq

    Started playing Armada with my son....

    I showed the picture. I got my MC80. IDK what happened with your order but thats bull and I'm sorry. Could be sketchy or just a crappy one time issue. Order with caution I guess people.