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  1. Unfortunately the outbound flight book is already regulated to legends. So it is not canon anyway. However, I assume this book will take place before the start of the clone wars. Maybe even before the prequels.
  2. We can debate what the original post ment all day. Not trying to start a confrontation and I apologize if it came across that way earlier. After rereading my comment on your comment I think I could have worded it better. You are correct that both ships had concept work done that was not release other than one piece of art for the onager. FFG helped finalize a detailed finished design. The bones were already created by LFL.
  3. He didn't say they created it. He said they designed it. Meaning that FFG took the base file Lucasfilm had on it (as FFG said last year) and put in the finer details.
  4. I could be wrong but I think that YV camio was going to be in TCW. Something about a drifting scout shop found by the Jedi.
  5. I would put money on having merged factions for sequel era. First/final order resistance/new republic one faction, two subfactions
  6. There were no major invasion forces of Grysk in the novels so far from the ones I have read. There was a "task force" I guess you could say that infiltrated the empire. It consisted of roughly 2-3 cargo/support ships and 2-3 light combat ships and then two heavy combat ships at the end of Thrawn Treason. And the Chiss ship Steadfast destroyed/crippled those two singlehandedly with the assistance from a squad of Tie Defenders. I wouldn't call that an invasive n force and the biggest reason they were dealt with so we'll was because, well, Thawn... And the Chiss Admiral Arilani was relatively good at her job too. Not thrawn level briliant but very smart and an excellent tactician. I think the Grysk and Chiss would be awesome additions to armada but: A. We don't have images of ships/we only have a few ship. B. It's very obscure material compared to the movies and shows. Very unlikely we will ever get these factions. And if we did it won't be for many many years. Does anyone know of any other factions that have fleets?
  7. Yeah the Grysk are kinda the replacement in new cannon. No bio tech and not from a satallite galaxy or whatever. Just from the unknown regions. They have an ability to control other species somehow but from the three thrawn novels it doesn't really explain what it is.
  8. Yes. I am talking relatively far future. And I'm talking what factions are in the galaxy that could work. Not that we have ships depicted for those factions but cannoniclly those factions have fleets and if more ships from those fleets are depicted they would be able to make Amanda factions. More is needed for Chiss and Grysk. I don't think those ships will ever make it to armada. But I would love it if they did.
  9. So I just finished Thrawn Treason and I rather enjoyed it. It got me thinking about other factions for Armada. It would be awesome to see the Chiss Defence Fleet and Grysk as factions in Armada. Thrawn Treason already provides 3 or so Grysk ships. Only one Chiss ship though. I assume it's a long shot that FFG would do these factions and if they did it wouldn't be for a while. Sequel factions would probably come first. If we see more of these factions on screen I think if could become a possibility. Maybe they will use the situation they put Thrawn and Ezra in to have them team up against the Grysk in the unknown region before the rebels team finds Ezra. What factions could you see as a viable option for Armada? Basically what factions have a navy or comparable fleet that could work?
  10. Are they available for distributors so LGS can get them or just on FFG??
  11. With out even reading this... Yes. Haha
  12. I would love to see FFG create a small ship for CIS as the options are limited right now and almost non exisitant in canon. On a side note of medium ships I would love to see a two ship pack for imps with an immobilizer 418 and a vindicator cruiser. Both just barely medium. Obviously the immobilizer will have one experimental retrofit and be a cheaper platform for that upgrade slot. The vindicator will be moderately menuverable with 4-5 dice front arc and hull of 6 or 7. Totally want these in game. I think it would be a really cool expansions.
  13. Rune Taq


    Oh, my bad. I got my facts goofed up. The viscount was the ship they were referring to.
  14. Rune Taq


    I'm pretty sure they said they thought about it but never pusued it. So probably didn't even get an item number. And they strongly hinted it was a ship from legend that fit the size but it was very obscure so they didn't think it would sell. ( I am almost certain they were talking about the viscount star defender) Btw I would have bought it but I think the Star Hawk was a better choise anyway.
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