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  1. I'm going to try SSD, one Gozanti and a bunch of squads to pad placement. Gozer goes down first, then all squads. SSD last.
  2. I understand prices can be tough for some. I don't have a lot of spending money either, I mean I just had twins so I'm out of money for about 18 years now... Haha. But armada is a two expansion a year hobby at this point. So spending 25 a month on legion for example... $300 a year... $25 every other month... $150 a year. Armada, star hawk is huge. And Onager is a bit bigger than an ISD. nothing last year. I'm cool with a couple ships that I will buy one each of to start. If they seem like multiples is worth it I will probably get another after I see how they play. I got 3 arquitens... That's $60 right there. Long story short, if the expansions offer a ship and goodies that are worth it I have no problem with the price. I got my SSD and it was totally worth the price. Just for a model that size you will pay more from any other source. This one can be used in a game and not just sit on a shelf!?!?!? Even better. Again I get budgets. I had my family give me money for Christmas to get the SSD. I got about $100. If you really have no interest in ships at that price, don't worry. FFG will release smaller stuff again. These just happen to be the next wave. Maybe we get Imp support ship and the Braha'tok-class gunship next for GCW era.
  3. ffg will reprint everything. They are just not quick about it unfortunately. That hurts the players and FFG. And they have stated thing year they are NOT working on a 2.0 version of Armada. They game is in a good place balance wise. I think the only issue (and I think it's a small issue) is squadrons are a bit powerful. My advice is to be patient. I know it's not what you want to hear but now that FFG has got the SSD out to stores I expect they will be a little more on top of reprints for Armada. Good luck to you guys in Sweden, I hope you can rebuild a comunity even if it's slow.
  4. I called the starhawk last fall as my guess as to what the rebels would get next. So when the live steam of GenCon came around I was waiting and saying "starhawk, starhawk, please starhawk!!!.... Wooooooohoooooooo!!! It's a starhawk!!!!" literally cheered in my living room while my wife rolled her eyes at me. Hahaha So yeah I'm crazy super excited for it!!! I think the ship will focus on its advanced tractor beam technology that is described I the aftermath book series.
  5. Sry that's what I meant. The SSD can do a 90 degree turn.
  6. And the new "Take Evasive Action" fleet command in the RItR box! You can literally to a 90 degree turn with JJ, TEA And Nav Command. I'm gonna call it the J-TEA drift. Haha With an ISD you could do a 135 degree turn at speed 3! Insanity. Absolute insanity!
  7. I won two games out of three in a tournament. Put me in 1st after those two games. Second game was a mirror match but different SSD builds. He had the bye the first round. 3rd game was another mirror match but he beat me so I ended the tournament in 4th. In short yes. It is winning games. My very limited opinion is that it's balanced enough to be competative but it will be no means take over the meta. I can win games but it also is destroyable. We will see how it fares once people really figure out how to run it best and how to destroy it best. Actually my one loss was against Thrindal. I had two 8-3 victories and should have just not engaged the last game and gotten 5 points.
  8. Yes I have a better pic. It's 4 red 2 blue, 2 black on this version
  9. His first kill was my SSD in our mirror match. I had him at 18 damage. Then in the last turn he stripped the last of my defence tokens and took me from 12 damage to 22. The last point being a tie defender... Stupid defender!
  10. We had a casual tourney Saturday August 3rd. I ran an SSD assault prototype with piett executor and Yularen. Also had an arquitens and a Gazonti. Other upgrades also. Second game I had a mirroratch against and SSD interdictor combo. He thought his grav well would discourage me from ploping my SSD so I was pointing almost directly at his side. Ozzel and nav first turn foiled that plan. I got my entire SSD in one of his arcs and got 2-3 attacks each round where he only got 1-2. Took his down. He had 5 damage on me. SSD went down in round 4 turn 1.
  11. The Onager is a little longer than an ISD. Just look at the ship compared to its base and go look at your ISD compared to its base. Also sliding scalewise the Onager probably is a little bit smaller scale making the ship bigger actual size.
  12. Awesome. That is very helpful! I new about the sleeves but the pro tip on storing two together is new for me
  13. The star hawk was surprising at first for me. But after taking more time to loom at it. I'm really starting to like it.
  14. Based on canon and thematic it's almost garentied. They messed up big of they don't have a cool mechanic with tractor beams
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