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  1. It was in a small room in the Nova Lounge. I counted only 28 people, maybe someone recorded it?
  2. FFG gave a Q & A at NovaOpen this past weekend. They currently have no plans on releasing stand alone damage decks. The new damage decks will be required for FFG OP starting January 1st. The new damage decks can be used now, just check with your TO.
  3. **** it, I could have had free lunch. While I've seen some exceptions on xwing models (really dark decimator, or smudges on slave 1 canopies) generally we've come to expect high quality from those models. Armada has a paint quality issue pretty much across the board. The problem with the preview articles not matching the final result is that in the past the preview articles DID match the final result. Agreed. Do we know if they have come from a different producer than the X-wing miniatures? I contacted FFG Customer Service last week about the paint issue. They stated that the paint for the figure is on par with all the others that they have seen and that it is within tolerance. I do hope that someone in their QA department is taking note, and that producing within tolerance, as opposed to producing to the highest quality possible, does not become a trend.
  4. This is not the paint scheme that was advertised.
  5. It's not wanting higher quality, it's wanting what was originally advertised as what we were getting. The ship that I received looks nothing like the ship FFG advertised as far as the paint scheme goes.
  6. I was excited to receive my shipment of Wave 1 ships, until I started unboxing them. I'm noticing that the usual high quality that you'd expect from FFG, is not up to par. The big issue that I have is that my Assault Frigate Mk2 is the same color as the other Imperial ships, instead of being in the color scheme of the other Rebel ships. Has anyone else had this same issue, or am I just being to picky? Sean
  7. Same user name, running on Mac platform. I'm new to Vassal & I'm having some issues with quickly building squads. I've read through the tutorial, and the post for saving squads does not look like what I see on my Vassal client, which is the latest version. I tried to find the zipped squad file that someone mentioned earlier, however I couldn't find it. Does anyone have a link? Any information is appreciated. Thanks!
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