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  1. My friend and I call the BTL-A4 Stresshog "The Honey Badger" because he don't care about stress. Or actions. Is the name more apt for Tycho Celchu? Probably, but neither of us has flown him yet.
  2. I have a crazy idea. Hold on... /list Tempest Squadron Pilot + Tie/x1 + Accuracy Corrector + Twin Ion Engines Mk. II Omicron Group Pilot + Electronic Baffle Scimitar Squadron Pilot + Extra Munitions + Concussion Missile + Guidance Chip Omega Squadron Pilot + Juke + Comm Relay Academy Pilot list/ Four different 22 pt ships and one 12 pt one. Sound familiar? Edit: The Scimitar could also be a shuttle build. Tactian, Fleet Officer and TIEmk2, for example.
  3. What are your thoughts on Crackshot and Glitterstim? Does putting both on a Black Sun Ace make a worthwhile, if not competitive, Kihraxz build? I won't ask for numbers yet (I'll wait for 3.0) but I would like to hear your 2 cents.
  4. OK. I thought that might be the case. Still, good to hear that the astromech effects could be worthwhile. Whether or not they are enough to meet or surpass a naked B-Wing is another matter entirely. Thanks for the response. I look forward to your complete Waves 6-8 calculations. And with that, Integrated Astromech is finally out everyone! (Old news, I know) Playtest all the sweet new combos for yourself! Yes it may cost $15 but at least you get a free T-70 X-Wing and some new pilots for it. Also TA for Hobbie.
  5. And 'Rouge' should be 'Rogue'. To MajorJuggler, Do any of the currently available astromechs have any meaningful impact on the T-65 X-Wing's jousting value? I'm asking because it looks (to me) like you are evaluating IA as a 1pt card that grants a "super hull point" all by itself, not as 0pt card that has the same effect but only if you equip an astromech (which may or may not cost one point). Does that make sense? As an aside, is PTL BB8 Wedge any better with IA instead of Engine Upgrade?
  6. I know that other options exist. There were some in my OP. What I'm asking is are they as good at what they do as B-Wings are at jousting. There a couple 22pt A-Wing builds that are as good at flanking as B-Wings are at jousting, as I'm sure ficklegreendice will agree. nikk whyte seems to think that IA will make X-Wings about even with B-Wings as jousters and I agree with him. Is Blount + Assault Missiles that good at swarm breaking to warrant taking over a B-Wing? Is Cracken + Squad Leader & VI that good of a support ship? I'm asking because I don't own a Rebel Z-95. On a side note, if the z in 'xz' is silent like in Kihraxz, then BAHXZ can totally be pronounced 'box'.
  7. Well great. My first topic and there's a spelling error in the title. I wanted to beat the Ion/Stress combo but with only one X-wing and crits becoming more dangerous and more prevalent, switching to R5 may very well be worth it. Thanks! Hadn't thought of Juke. That combo sounds nasty. I know that A-Wings aren't at all like B-Wings but now if a Rebel player wants to, he can opt for a 22pt flanker instead of a 22pt jouster without sacrificing too much, right?
  8. Earlier this week there was a topic about 4 ship lists that had 4 different ships. Now that generic X-Wings and Rebel HWKs [seem] to have caught up with B-Wings and A-Wings, I decided to go one step further. This list is similar to BBBBZ in that each non-Z-95 costs 22 points. B. Blue Squadron Pilot A. Prototype Pilot w/ Proton Rockets and Autothrusters H. Rebel Operative w/ Twin Laser Turret X. Rookie Pilot w/ R2 Astromech and Integrated Astromech (when it's released) Z. Bandit Squadron Pilot From a jousting standpoint, this is not as competitive a list as BBBBZ since it trades some HP and two 3-Dice primaries for more green dice and two 2-dice primaries (w/ secondary options). However, BAHXZ could make up that deficit with its non-jousting qualities like better dials (except the HWK which has a turret to compensate) and variability in action bars, attack options, and durability. This is all theoretical as I do not yet own a Rebel Z-95 or a K-Wing for TLT. I could run a Goldie w/ an ABT and a Flechette Torp/Seismic Charge (I don't allow myself to proxy) but that doesn't solve my lack of a Z. It's also all for fun as my area has neither LGSs to host, nor enough players to justify, tournaments. But the matter of BAHXZ 's viability does lead to another question... Are there any 22-point options in the Rebel faction that are as good(in the role they play) as a naked Blue Squadron Pilot (in the role it plays)? If a Rebel player only has 22 points left in a list, is it worth taking anything besides a B-Wing? The answer used to definitely be no (unless you absolutely needed something other than jouster) but now, with the advent of AT, TLT, and IA, I think our favorite heavy assault fighter finally has some competition in the role of 22pt filler. Thoughts?
  9. That's another reason why I don't want to put a turret on him(Edit: on the EM + Torp build): less points to lose when he inevitably goes down. ​Someone made this point earlier (in 2014): With Salm's ability and Proton Torps built-in minifocus, he's not really gonna miss. Horton does have more options, though. He's really good at making sure both hits of TLT get through without any actions thereby making R3-A2 a good option. You can deal more damage and more stress w/ BTL-A4 if you think you can handle the title's limitation. Double/triple stress often hurts your opponent's damage output and that kinda makes Horton a little more durable.
  10. Is good ol' General Salm worth it with just EM & a Proton Torp at 31 pts? I don't have any TLT's yet and I can't justify any of the other turrets because they aren't optimal with his ability.
  11. Shuttle Tyderium says "hi" as it flies casually by.
  12. H is for Hound's Tooth We like what we see We can't wait to fly it But what of its dial And the Nashtah Pup Pilot?
  13. By all means, keep reading the X-Wing books! You'll eventually get to meet Tetran Cowall, Colonel Vessery, and Turr Phennir and all the books should be entertaining reads. Shadows of the Empire will introduce you to the pilots in the YT-2400 and Starviper expansions but I can't really comment on the book's quality as I haven't read it in a long time. But, in honor the the YT-2400 and Starviper expansions I just ordered, I'm about to rectify that.
  14. Am I the only one around here who thinks that Harrison Ford would be a perfect Han Solo?!
  15. R5-K6 (37.5% chance to reacquire a target lock) and R5 Astromech (Flip a Ship damage card facedown during the End phase).
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