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    RedPriest reacted to flatpackhamster in Bye bye Worlds (now for all)   
    My wife's work allows her access to the COBRA meeting info and those figures for hospitalisations are far higher than even the worst case scenarios being discussed.
    Let's not panicmonger.  It's unhelpful.  Spanish flu killed 50 million people.  Even countries who have it bad aren't dealing with that scale of death, nowhere near.
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    RedPriest reacted to Atromix in Let's start an arguement!   
    When converting between M^2 and KM^2, you have to divide by 1 Million, not 1000, as a square kilometre is 1,000,000x Square metres. Also the executor was 19km long and 6km wide so the numbers were slightly skewed, giving it a total area of roughly 57km^2. A bit far from 570, but still making it larger that the 11 smallest countries, not to count that the number of decks would probably bring that number way up.
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    RedPriest reacted to JJ48 in Let's start an arguement!   
    Guys, we're getting further and further away from the actual topic:  do any of these ships have a rumble feature?
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    RedPriest reacted to HawkZ71 in ISD SEXY   
    I hope they improved how the bottom pannels attach onto the frame. The old one from the early 2000's sucked. The stupid magnets were not strong enough.
    Some years later my son tried to put it together. I warned him, it was the heartbreaker kit. He changed the design...but even the slightest bump or just sitting there over time...and the bottom pannels would still fall off. It now sits in the box in the basement.
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    RedPriest reacted to LordCola in ISD SEXY   
    Oh my god, its 700€😨😱 After this I don't want to hear a single complaint about the Armada huge ship prices.
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    RedPriest reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in TheWarStore.com heads up   
    Just a reminder that there's no processing or shipping waits when you buy local at your friendly neighborhood game store.  Especially if you are courteous enough to pre-order your wants with them.

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    RedPriest reacted to Audio Weasel in Let's start an arguement!   
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    RedPriest got a reaction from cynanbloodbane in New FFG IP policy does it mean anything for us?   
    Right up there with their online store price fixing. Not surprised.
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    RedPriest reacted to RealVeers in You know you have a problem when...   
    ...you throw the commanding officer out off the airplane to get a reroll on the beverages menu.
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    RedPriest reacted to Karneck in New FFG IP policy does it mean anything for us?   
    And then burying other things around them.
    So much burying.
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    RedPriest reacted to Tayloraj100 in New FFG IP policy does it mean anything for us?   
    Armada’s so dead, we’ll have to bury it twice.
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    RedPriest reacted to kmanweiss in New FFG IP policy does it mean anything for us?   
    First off, the companies pay lawyers retaining fees, so the lawyers have to do things every once in awhile to make it look like they are worth the fees.
    Secondly, the lawyers always want the ability to create big cases they can get paid for.  So they devise lots of rules that can be enforced by the parent company in order to require more legal advice.
    Thirdly, this is more of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure situation.  It's been out for a couple months and hasn't been utilized yet.  They just want stuff clear as day and available in case they decide to pull the trigger.  If they don't have this in place, it's easier for someone that really ticks them off to come and do the things that tick them off.
    Fourthly, this is hardly uncommon.  Most major companies have these sorts of rules on the books.
    Fifthly, unless someone has an entirely playable version online, you should be fine.  If Vassal only has the tools to play, but you still need the cards yourself so you know what the stats/abilities/etc are, then it's probably ok.  If something exists online that contains all the art, text, and rules, well then that risks losing sales.
    Sixthly, list builders should be safe up until they aren't.  FFG likely appreciates list builders because they don't need to spend money making their own, but they still serve a useful purpose to the community.  Now if FFG wants to put out there own, and force players to use it, then they could use this document to shut others down.  Which leads us back to Thirdly...they don't know for sure what they plan to do in the future, but this document allows them to move in any direction and grants them to power to enforce product protection safeties if they feel it's needed.
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    RedPriest reacted to Bertie Wooster in New FFG IP policy does it mean anything for us?   
    I think we'll see an official Armada app as soon as FFG starts selling Armada-themed cakes. 
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    RedPriest reacted to dominosfleet in New FFG IP policy does it mean anything for us?   
    sounds very GW of them. 
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    RedPriest reacted to Ginkapo in New FFG IP policy does it mean anything for us?   
    Short answer. No need to promote this, they are aware, thats all anyone needs to know. Dont worry. 
    Move along. Move along. 
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    RedPriest reacted to cynanbloodbane in New FFG IP policy does it mean anything for us?   
    If so, consider it a another nail in the Armada coffin. 
    FFG can't even handle its end of the deal now. If it tries to push out fan support, that is exactly what they will lose, and I have zero confidence they will be able to deliver.
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    RedPriest reacted to MasterShake2 in WE"RE GETTING CLONE WARS!   
    Who's a dead game now, Imperial Assault!
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    RedPriest reacted to OgRib in Battle of the Dreadnoughts -- A Star Wars Short Film   
    That was great, but it ended too soon!
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    RedPriest reacted to Norsehound in Am I the only one not looking forward to Clone Wars?   
    Maybe it's ultimately hype aversion, I dunno. There are some other logical reasons for why I'm hesitant about it though:
    1. With only two ships per wave (and each wave being say, half a year apart at best), it's going to be a long time of clone-wars releases without anything vessels the GCW factions until they attain parity. Though FFG can up the content of each wave back to 4, I'm inclined not to think so, considering wave 1 was 4 ships... and it's been 2 ships ever since. Moreover, the delay of the SSD makes me think they're struggling with plastic production for Armada. Even so, two ships, long periods of time, only for the clone wars factions?
    a. Could they release double-bases so that Clone-Wars era ships are backwards compatible with the CGW? This would probably be ideal, but it would also cut into the flexibility of both factions. We take for granted now that every Armada ship has two variants that are balanced... would we be willing to accept, say, a Venator that on the Empire side could never use that torpedo slot locked on the Republic side? While I don't hate the Clone Wars ships, I would rather prefer this solution so that I can pick and choose what I want while also stay flying ships for my preferred faction (empire).
    2. Surely new packs and clone wars content packs are going to come with essential upgrade cards the GCW factions will need for parity. I don't want to collect ships I had no intention on flying simply for the cards. It was ideal in X-Wing when the Resistance and First Order could be folded into the Rebellion and Empire, respectively, and fly those craft in combined lists. But I left the game when scum dropped because 1, I didn't like those ships and 2. I didn't want the uphill slope of buying ships I never intended to fly. 3. Was because Armada came out.
    Of course I also realize this is true: "You want to leave Armada because you don't want to buy the new faction ships for the cards? Okay, Bye!" But I don't want to be forced out of a game that I've enjoyed and been supporting for every wave since release.
    3. I wouldn't want to be locked out of further ship content for my chosen faction to favor one that doesn't interest me. I'm sure the Rebels are loving having no ship releases while the SSD takes its time. How will Rebel players feel not having any ships/faction upgrades for even longer?
    It just seems to me there are more problems then benefits doing the clone wars unless there's that 1a solution of making each release backwards compatible with the main factions.
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    RedPriest reacted to Triangular in Star Wars Armada wiki compared to X-wing and Legion   
    Hi there! After a very long time of doom and gloom we expect lot of good news from AdeptiCon next week. We are not used to that so maybe let's practice a bit!
    Armada attracts more than twice as many visits as Legion!
    If you compare the numbers of visits at Star Wars Armada wiki last week with Star Wars Legion wiki than you will find 2.529 visits at Armada wiki compared to (pitiful) 1.198 visits at Legion wiki. Super Star Destroyer scores 844 as most exciting Armada topic, while Legion Core Set only draw in 208 people to look there.
    Okay, you might say, you will always find a weakling to compare with and feel good, but ...
    Super Star Destroyer is far more interesting than any X-wing expansion!
    Yes X-wing wiki does better than Legion with 2.538 visits last week. Only 9 visits more and still not enough to beat our most interesting topic! Most Wanted EP as most interesting single topic only attracted 508 visitors. That's 336 less than the SSD!

    Heads up! Armada still attracts the audience!
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    RedPriest reacted to Norell in Armada article up for worlds swag   
    This is the first time when at each item I leer drooling.
    Alt-arts? Speed dial and shield dials? Yes please, all of them!
    Magnificently looking dice!
    Frikking World Champ ship trays!
    Full ruler set!!!!
    And alt-art damage deck!!!!!!!!!
    FFG boys really outdid themselves this time. If this is the first sign of revitalizing Armada, I'm absolutely on the hype train! 😍
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    RedPriest reacted to Darth Lupine in Armada article up for worlds swag   
    I want the Thrawn card....wonder how fast it'll go up on eBay. 😆
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    RedPriest reacted to connivingmole in Armada article up for worlds swag   
    Finally. Commanders for everyone! (and one tricked out ship base)
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    RedPriest reacted to Ginkapo in Armada article up for worlds swag   
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    RedPriest reacted to Packerman29 in Armada article up for worlds swag   
    Swag look pretty pretty good this year. 
    @Ginkapo is the real hero of this thread. 
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