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  1. GRENADE! In the linked article, "A-Wings Suck", the author makes some fair points from a theatrical standpoint. The X-Wings destroyed the death star and are, overall, more iconic. The A-Wings claim to fame, in the original trilogy, was "destroying" the Executor. Why a starship the size of a small country does not have an auxiliary bridge is a topic for another discussion. With some exposure to the old EU, I also agree with the assessment of the type of pilots the A-Wings are depicted as having. I'll also expand on the one brief technical detail the author included. The A-Wing does come off as a fighter built to "match" the TIE fighters/Interceptors. In the second world war, the US didn't build Zeros to combat Zeros, they built Corsairs (X-Wings) and Thunderbolts (B-Wings).
  2. Right up there with their online store price fixing. Not surprised.
  3. Good trade with @Card Knight . Thank you good sir.
  4. And they are better men...er...ships because of it. Heh, "dong".
  5. Disagree. I have three. Tough little ships.
  6. Yup. Part of the reason I held off on getting one. The ship design is uninspiring. After buying a bunch of expansions for Imperials, I felt like the Rebs needed something new.
  7. And pay full price, in our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate our wallets!
  8. I'll take duplicate uniques off anyone buying more than one.
  9. Trade in progress. Thank you though.
  10. Kindling. Honestly, how many objective tokens does one really need? 😏
  11. Seconded. With the 1200 pt rules, you won't be wanting to get rid of anything.
  12. USA Have 12 painted standard TIE fighters 6 black primed standard TIE fighters Want 18 UNPAINTED standard TIE fighters.
  13. Poor Screed. He needs better screen representation. Here, is how I first saw him:
  14. Also, spread the word to be patient and stop spending over $100 each on ebay.
  15. At this point, for the game to continue, it simply needs to be kept in stock. Unless there is an Armada fire sale, I think game is continuing just fine. Even if it is discontinued, I'm pretty sure my dice will still work and my cards will not suddenly go blank.
  16. Yes. "Losing interest in a game because new toys aren't being released every other month," is insane. You either want to play a Star Wars fleet combat game or you don't.
  17. There's some good news!👐
  18. Man, and I thought FFG was the one with ADD. Here, it was the players the whole time.
  19. So, who is going to have officer Vader force choke Commander Palpatine out of their fleet?``
  20. And then I bought 2 half price Nebulon - B's, and another Light Carrier, and another Gladiator, and more Hammerheads. I was really tempted by the Interdictor price slash, but I could not convince myself I needed more than one.
  21. I purchased my 4th VSD due to the increased points rules and because it was that super cheap AND because it has some decent upgrade cards.
  22. I THINK, the VSD was in the Tarkin novel. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. That's the only new cannon I have read.
  23. Disney's acquisition of Star Wars and the subsequent EU purge sunk a large amount of established potential content for Armada. It seems to me FFG's only options are to keep everything currently released in circulation until the game is retired or branch out into the other Star Wars Timelines. That's where the "new" content seems to be coming from so far. It's a shame really, I would have liked to have seen that strike cruiser on the table.
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