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  1. The new wave is in stores now!!!!!

    MM Shipped mine today. Oh, the agony of waiting for shipments.
  2. A disturbance in the force

    10 Tie fighter squadrons are only 80 points. "Light" squadron cost, keep some in reserve and send in wave after wave of your own men until the Killbots reach their limit and shut down.
  3. Shoutout to WWPDSteven

    WWPDSteven has a podcast called Intensify Forward Firepower. *ahem* and it's been a while since we had an episode.
  4. Happy Friday lets take a guess

    I'll agree that wave 7 is likely to not have an imperial triangle.
  5. Idea for another campaign box

    Mmmm...a campaign box with upgrades, a new system to conquer, and simple ground assault rules. Cards that represent ground forces and defenses, paid for with resource points. Yeah...that's the dream.
  6. Wave 7 has Corellian Gunships?

    I'm wholeheartedly against dual faction ships. I saw dual faction ruin another minis game. As for the gunship, it would have to be speed 5 or 6 lol. That thing is an engine with lasers.
  7. 500pt games would be cool Standard Format

    Analysis Paralysis, or AP, is a serious condition. Speak with your doctor if you have: Hemming and hawing, staring blankly at a situation on the game table, or the inability to make a blasted decision.
  8. Call up a Hammerhead Corvette I have an idea

    I agree. Dumbest scene in that whole movie.
  9. Quad Battery Turrets spoiler

  10. Would you play Armada if it wasn't Star Wars?

    As I've said before. I liked the look of X-Wing but didn't dive in because I was waiting to see if capital ships would be introduced. I became more intrigued as the CR90 and Raider were added but, deep down I'm sure I was wondering how the larger ships would fit in. Enter the announcement of Star Wars: Armada. "Shut up and take my money!" In short, theme first, the rule system is the rule system and doesn't factor into most of my purchases.
  11. Happy Friday

    Devastator: "This isn't even my FINAL FORM!"
  12. Happy Friday

    Won my first game against a live opponent, retired undefeated.
  13. Rebel and Imperial Fighter Squadrons

    It's about time they updated the status. I was "Awaiting Reprint," forrr eeevvveeerrr.
  14. Wednesday 600vs600 game FUN

    I applaud your opponent for the use of 2 interdictors. However; I think he would have been better served by 2 or 3 victories.