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  1. RedPriest

    Armada trade thread

    Good trade with @Card Knight . Thank you good sir.
  2. RedPriest

    When you see an MC75, but think....

    And they are better men...er...ships because of it. Heh, "dong".
  3. RedPriest

    When you see an MC75, but think....

    Disagree. I have three. Tough little ships.
  4. RedPriest

    When you see an MC75, but think....

    Yup. Part of the reason I held off on getting one. The ship design is uninspiring. After buying a bunch of expansions for Imperials, I felt like the Rebs needed something new.
  5. RedPriest

    Squadron Reprints! Video Included

    And pay full price, in our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate our wallets!
  6. RedPriest

    SSD article up!

    I'll take duplicate uniques off anyone buying more than one.
  7. RedPriest

    Armada trade thread

    Trade in progress. Thank you though.
  8. RedPriest

    FFGing around with tokens

    Kindling. Honestly, how many objective tokens does one really need? 😏
  9. Seconded. With the 1200 pt rules, you won't be wanting to get rid of anything.
  10. RedPriest

    Armada trade thread

    USA Have 12 painted standard TIE fighters 6 black primed standard TIE fighters Want 18 UNPAINTED standard TIE fighters.
  11. Admiral Ozzel, we hardly knew ye.
  12. They chose an odd angle for his portrait.
  13. Poor Screed. He needs better screen representation. Here, is how I first saw him:
  14. RedPriest

    Squadron Reprints! Video Included

    Also, spread the word to be patient and stop spending over $100 each on ebay.
  15. RedPriest

    It's not about if the SSD is delayed....

    At this point, for the game to continue, it simply needs to be kept in stock. Unless there is an Armada fire sale, I think game is continuing just fine. Even if it is discontinued, I'm pretty sure my dice will still work and my cards will not suddenly go blank.