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  1. Well I don't think S&V need anymore offensive options so something light-hearted and inoffensive makes sense.
  2. I'm pretty sure the hole at the front is intended as a confetti cannon.
  3. There really needs to be some news released soon about the next wave. But in the meantime, I try to just use 1 peg.
  4. I never actually noticed that dot before!
  5. 3 x Lok Revenant with, Atanni ML, TLT, Bomblet generator, Bombardier 1 x Same as above but Cad Bane instead of bombardier. 149 points. Bombs away!
  6. Not trying to be too pessimistic about your chances, but after the first couple of games you will probably be quite a way down the list so you are unlikely to come across a super serious competitive type after that - unless they are having a nightmare! At the stage of a tournament when the result for you and your opponent is not particularly important you typically end up having some pretty fun matches.
  7. Accuracy Corrector.
  8. Maybe there should be a pack with a Gunboat, Partisan X-Wing (with fix) and a full size Scum Epic ship. Oh wait... there would be nothing left to discuss.
  9. Howlrunner is primary weapon only so won't help with Cruise Missiles.
  10. I have had some success with Fearlessness (that's a big range 1 arc!), tactician (ditto range 2!), latts razzi and Dengar. The problem is when they get behind you so it comes down to the support ships. 2 TLT Y-wings aren't too bad at covering this and I'd like to try the Rigged Cargo Chute as another dirty trick. Range 1 with 4 dice, Dengar re-roll, 1 hit added and the potential to change a crit to 2 hits can be pretty devastating.
  11. Make a list and check it off the night before and again on the morning: range ruler, templates, asteroids/debris, damage deck (that you have checked!), dice etc. Make sure you have all of the seemingly auto include cards that make up your list i.e. titles. You can print out and fill in the tournament list form before you go which is also a good way of double checking you have all your upgrades and pilot cards in order.
  12. I still like the idea of a Delta defender heading into the thick of it first and getting both actions while hopefully blocking your opponent. The Inquisitor pairs well by sitting back and sniping at range 3. Its the rest that I'm undecided about... will probably just throw another defender in there.
  13. LOL - Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisitor.
  14. Aha - I was confusing that with adding a die result. Mauler Mithel with Snap shot looks interesting!
  15. In regards to Mauler Mithel and Snap shot - I would think that his ability wouldn't add any bonus as you cannot modify your attack?