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  1. You need to try to close down the space she can operate in or be able to unleash some sustained ordnance attacks. Once the tokens are stripped (or denied) 2 shields and 2 hull can disappear fast. Hot tip - decloak left or right, then perform hard 1 turn is a pretty effective and frequent maneuver for a Phantom.
  2. The Inquisitor for 31 total points (PTL, title, AT) is some of the best Imperial points you can spend. The other TAP pilots have good action economy but 2 red dice is pretty ineffective at the moment.
  3. If the Targeting Astromech was 1 point it would replace R2 Astromech on the 4 x blue sq T-70 list which would be pretty powerful.
  4. The AH-1 was developed from the UH-1 was what I meant. I haven't heard an AH-1 first hand but I have heard plenty of UH-1s.
  5. "Whispering" - I can't imagine it was particularly subtle! The UH-1 certainly makes a racket.
  6. Zeta Leader, Comm Relay, VI. Actually I would change VI for Juke if you could squeeze another point in.
  7. We all have to make sacrifices.
  8. I like this idea... Treat the Firespray as a small based ship for the purpose of upgrade compatibility. Make Extra Munitions small ship only (looking at you Jumpmaster).
  9. No the squad point cost of the epic ship and upgrades still counts towards the 300 point or 350 point squad total. It just means you can't field 2 Raiders (not that you would want to).
  10. Even in the Roman forums they were decrying scum and villainy. This has literally been going on for thousands of years.
  11. The greater the points the longer the match. 300 points will be about right but 350 could seriously add an hour or more! The problem with adding more points in epic is that it can become quite lopsided as the game goes on and not as much fun as you think.
  12. Yep - that and the Slave 1 title is all that I can really see being nerfed as well but I haven't seen that for a while.
  13. So if Extra Munitions was small based ship only, what else would that really hurt?
  14. Really like this idea - a return to dogfighting rather than just amassing tokens and exchanging broadsides...
  15. Predictability kills R2-D2, bumping or stress kills R5-P9. Miranda's 1 agility often negates the regen completely.