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  1. I like the Imperial list with Trick Shot added to Vader and Quickdraw. There are a lot of Miranda / Nym lists around that melt quickly with 4 red vs 2 green dice attacks, and you'll hopefully stay out of bomb range in the process.
  2. Did you enjoy the "stealing the plans to the death star" movie? I did!
  3. Sounds good to me. The thing is though the ace then has to survive a TLT attack or 2 after spending the evade token so I don't think it is enough to see even Soontir Fel reclaiming his rightful spot on the table. I guess it is a case of taking an evade instead of a boost or barrel roll to avoid the bomb so you gain another option but still lose your action economy advantage.
  4. How about: Imperial Boba VI Rebel Captive Andrasta Bomblet Generator Engine Upgrade ...50 points
  5. I try not to get too technical with rock placement, but usually the most important one for me is the one that will be closest to where I want to set up as it could well force an adjustment to my opponents maneuvering after the initial contact. In fact I am usually more likely to place rocks on my side of the mat than the opponents. As mentioned above, if you have a list that is vulnerable to a good joust then place them at 90 or 45 degrees and give yourself options.
  6. Hi I'm Roger, Academy Pilot. I am handy with a bucket and mop.
  7. I doubt anyone would be subtle enough or that much of a hopeless cheat to make this a problem at tournaments. One thing that happens frequently though is someone reveals for example a 2 hard turn and then says hey do you mind if I check to see if a 3 hard would have made it instead? This would be the time to whip out the app and go through the "what ifs" without messing with the board state - if you both agree of course. Edit - tried it last night and it is pretty good.
  8. My money is on Torkhil Mux instead of Palob, with TLT and Dengar crew. For 28 points you have an almost guaranteed 2 hits per round against Nym or Miranda and they really don't want to be PS0 so that 1-2 range exclusion range keeps the bombs away as well.
  9. Christ the Redeemer
  10. A friend and I tried out a reinforcement type scenario where we each made a 100 point squad and 2 50 point squads. Starting out with the 100 point squads, as soon as you no longer had any ships within range 5 of your side of the play area you could then bring in a 50 point squad. Basically this forced you and your opponent to charge out of the starting blocks and forced some early combat, and meant that a well timed ace coming in as a reinforcement wasn't just going to be focused down straightaway. Escalation is my favourite format for the game but that gets played out over 4 separate rounds rather than just one start to finish seesawing match.
  11. Oh cool, another bomber... just what X-Wing is missing.
  12. Sounds like you do indeed have bigger problems.
  13. +1 for Dornean gunship.
  14. Well I don't think S&V need anymore offensive options so something light-hearted and inoffensive makes sense.
  15. I'm pretty sure the hole at the front is intended as a confetti cannon.