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  1. This would be great with Snap Shot.
  2. I used Luke at my first tournament and came 3rd. 3 years ago...
  3. Other way around
  4. There is more than one Hutt.
  5. Because your opponent can't modify their dice back at you. Edit - what he said ^
  6. Take along a few ships that love to token up like Soontir Fel and just toss a whole handful and focus and a whole handful of evade tokens on the board. Repeat this joke every turn if possible.
  7. Looks pretty good to me. The only thing I would change is FCS for Accuracy Corrector on Quickdraw but either would work.
  8. The Palpmobile is great in Epic. Whatever your opponent's game plan was, killing Palp always takes precedent so you can line up a very prickly gauntlet on the way to the shuttle (and always say, Yes... I can feel your hatred)
  9. Rexler + Juke + X7 + Twin ION for 38 points is what I have been going with lately to great effect. Paired with The Inquisitor + PTL + Title + Autothrusters you have a pair of PS8 aces that can evade for days and put through consistent damage. I added a Delta Sq defender + X7 + Stealth device for a recent tournament and went 4-2. Both losses started with losing Rexler first by using my focus for offense early in the round and then trusting 3 green dice + evade token. Slow and steady, something, something... I'm going to try out Omega leader and prockets on the Inquisitor instead of the Delta Sq and see how that goes.
  10. FFG should introduce 3x3x3 instead.
  11. Isn't it ironic that the prize they are gunning for is a new set of maneuver templates?
  12. Best to get the new one but you will want both really. Just for the sake of having enough dice to play properly you need more than just the core set!
  13. Stealth X7 delta looks pretty good actually - serves the same purpose as the phantom but would survive longer.
  14. Good suggestions! I was also considering a Crack shot Tomax Bren but I think he might go down pretty fast...
  15. So I have a couple of solid performers: Inquisitor, Title, PTL, AT Rexler Brath, X7 title, Juke, Twin Ion Mk2 This leaves 31 points. I have tried Vader with Adaptability, Title, ATC and Twin Ion Mk2 and while this offers some benefits (can equal PS8 with other aces or go up to PS10, double actions), I think that Vader's effectiveness drops a fair bit without EU. I am contemplating swapping Vader for a Sigma squadron Phantom with Lightweight frame, Recon specialist and Enhanced scopes. The theory being I will be throwing into the fray to bump and hopefully get 5 attack dice with focus, cloaking be damned! Another option is Palp with Anti pursuit lasers or FCS. What would you round out the list with?