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  1. Hello, Im using it and Living It! Question: I chanced my mind about a card that i bought as the OL. How can i change it for the one i want? Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, So, the quests states that: " As an action, while adjacent to an urn, a hero may test to investigate". Other thing: " As an action while adjacent to an urn, a hero may distroy it". My question is simple: If a monster is carrying the urn, a hero may test do investigate it (if he is adjacent to that monster? Or the urn must be on the floor? (kill monster and then investigate/destroy it)? Thanks all!
  3. No diference between wield and carry? They use two diferent words for the same meaning?
  4. Hello There! So, on the Rellegar's Rest quest (second map), it states: 1- a figure with the white objective token on its base is carrying the staff. 2- A hero carriyng the staff receives the " staff of light" relic card. 3- A leutenant carriyng the staff immediatlely wields the Staff of shadows relic". So, my conclusions, i wanna know if im right or dead wrong: 1 - A figure means i can pick it up with any monsters i have,, just cant use it (wield it). (mostly to prevent heroes to pick it up). 2 - Heroes that pick it up is carrying the Staff, not wielding it, so they cannot use it on this map. (carry is not wield) 3 - A leutenant, on the other hand, can use it immediately, since it states it wields the relic. Some may say, " then why the hell it states that a hero is carrying the staff since he cannot use it? Well, thats because if at the end of the quest any hero is carrying the staff he keeps it. If a monster is carrying it, overlord keep it.(this staff is not the objective of the quest). What u guys think about this? Thanks!!
  5. Command states: Chose another firendly figure within 3 spaces... (...)" I need line of sight? Or just be within spaces? (like on the other corner of a wall, within 3 spaces but out of Gideons Line of sight)? Thanks all!
  6. Heya, on The Misson " Incoming", the mission briefing states: A hero can interact with a terminal (3 " wrench" or " eye" ) This means 3 sucess for Wrench and 1 sucess for eye or 3 sucesses for Wrench or Eye? (meaning 3 on eye aswell). Thanks all!
  7. Hello! So if i put a imperial figure on the same spot as the Token(terminal; crate; etc). Will the rebel figure still be able to interact with it? (i know it can be adjacent to the token, but does the imperial figure block it since it is on the same space? Thanks.
  8. Thanks! Can u elaborate on : (If Gideon spends movement points after Command, he can no longer trigger Masterstroke.) Why is that?
  9. Hello Guys, So, Verena's " Combat Momentum" ; Gideon's " Mobile tactician"; Mak's " Disengage" and Fenn's " Tactical Movement" , all grants " Gain x movement points". Dosen't say interrupt ou immediately, just gain movement points.(like many other cards) My question is: After the condition is met, the player can immediately use those movement points? or the points are added to his next move action? So exemple: After Gideon resolve a command, he can move 2 spaces immediately, or whenever he takes a move action he adds the 2 points to its regular movement points? Thanks all!
  10. Hello Guys, I waited until after i finished the Core Campaign to post this. Few Considerations: 1 - I was a Imperiaal Player 2 - I won the campaign 3- The rebels were: Gideon - Mak - Verena - Gaarkhan 4 - The players full throttle (every expansion ever released) Ok so after all this i wanted to get an input on Verena Talos, specially her close quarters power. Even tho i won the campaign i found this hero power extremely overpowered. I explain. At a certain point she gets 6 endurance. She moves when she use Close encounters. She becomes focused when using Close encounters. She can easily do 5 or 6 attacks per round, using her ability + Gideon Masterstroke. For 2 strain each and using her ability in any rebels turn (the trigger is simply a enemy defeated adjacent to her). So Masterstroke is one attack + close encounters.. another Attack + close encounters.. On he turn... rest.. 2 attcks plus close encounters x3. She alone was responsible for taking down 6 imperial figures in the first round..and Gaarkhan didim even activate! My guys were shred to pieces.. Anyhow.. i wanted to know if u guys are having the same impression that Close Quarters show be nerved somehow..like once per round or something.(like jynn). I'm wondering if it was supposed to work this way. Even amongst the other heroes she is far far ahead in power. No group of rebels is formed without her in the roster. This also contributes to the unbalance. Thanks All
  11. If Fenn has 0 strain on him. Do the Lone Wolf Ability make him recover 1hp? Thanks.
  12. Hi There, If a Player is Focused, Bleeding and Stunned, and he gets wounded, does he loses all conditions? or they stay on him? Thanks!
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