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  1. gonz86

    My painted minis (D2ed)

    Update at last! Serena I didn't like it very much due to the lack of details, specially on the face... Master Thorn: Nanok of the Blade: The opposite of serena, full of details Nara the Fang:
  2. gonz86

    My painted minis (D2ed)

    thanks! there are some minis that I also dislike, for example the bandits and the medusae, but i kinda like the new wendigos, i think they are more intimidating now, i don't know.
  3. gonz86

    My painted minis (D2ed)

    thanks for the feedback! I think some of the minis you mention might be off looking due to poor lighting, especially syndrael. I think i'll reconsider reworking some of them after i finish painting all because i still have a lot to go through. And for tabletop standards, they are fine. the trollsare one of my favorite minis because of how they ended looking. thanks again!
  4. gonz86

    Painted some miniatures

    Hey! Congratulations on the minis! As a fellow starter painter i can tell you this: you do get better with practice. I mostly follow this route: priming (b/w depending on the mini) - base colors - wash - dry (if applicable, ie i used it on spiders but not for the zombies) - highlights - spray (with testors dullcote) You may look at my minis at: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/200314-my-painted-minis-d2ed/ Im always trying to update it Pd: kinda jealous you can paint with your gf, mi wife didn't like it. She enjoys the game though.
  5. gonz86

    My painted minis (D2ed)

    Major Update: Avric Albright (based on Sorastro's guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVJ0IRcq6cM) Ogres: Manticores: Wendigos: Grisban The Thirsty (based on Sorastro's guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_G8S37fSKY): since I can't upload more images on the initial post, ill be updating this one.
  6. gonz86

    Painted Minis on my Instagram page

    Great!! Keep updating your account
  7. gonz86

    DarthTom's Painting

    Nice minis! Keep on painting!
  8. Great job!! Continue posting more videos please!
  9. gonz86

    Surge usage

    Basic question: Do you decide how to use the surges on an attack before or after the defense roll?
  10. gonz86

    Egghead Hobbies - The Descent Project

    Nice video! I have already painted the ettins, unfortunately. Keep it up, hpe to see more heroes and lieutenants
  11. Wow thanks a lot!! Now i will be able to copy your minis. Ive seen your whats on the bench and im excited about the lieutenants & heroes
  12. Great job! Im amazed by the final result, ill be using your video as a guide, trying to figure out which citadel paints match the ones you are using. Hope to see more lieutenants. Congratulations!!
  13. gonz86

    Painted Miniatures

    Hey! Confratulations from a peruvian descent player! You can have a look at my minis: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/200314-my-painted-minis-d2ed/ I urge you to visit Sorastro's channel on youtube, and also Egghead Hobbies Keep on painting
  14. gonz86

    My painted minis (D2ed)

    Jaja no... i just go with it Time flies while painting i can tell you that
  15. gonz86

    My painted minis (D2ed)

    added fire imps & ogres