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  1. Hi there, welcome to the game! The short answer is absolutely nothing at all. The game plays really well with limited knowledge of the books or show, but that said if you do have an understanding of who the characters and houses are that adds to the enjoyment. The game is based around the books rather than the show so you'll see some characters and events cropping up that haven't been done on TV. My wife plays the game and loves it and has only seen the show and not read the books though so again, not a big deal, just be prepared for some spoilers in the cards for later books. The game itself is deceptively simple with its core mechanics but very deep when you get going. Hope that helps! I haven't played the board game though I'm afraid so can't help there.
  2. Thanks for the reply there. Looking now I have a feeling this should be in the deck building thread so please let me know if necessary and I'll move it! I guess essentially what the problem is is the dekuxe sets aren't built to play direct against one another and will require extra chapter pack cards in to be competitive? The deck that is causing me so many problems is as below, the fire and blood deck from the deluxe targaryen set. House (1) House Targaryen (Core) x1 Agenda (1) Heir to the Iron Throne (QoD) x1 Plot (7) Threat from the East (QoD) x1 Mad King's Legacy (Core) x1 Valar Morghulis (Core) x1 Summoning Season (Core) x1 Focused Offense (QoD) x1 Spending the Winter Stores (QoD) x1 Mutual Cause (Core) x1 Character (25) True-Queen's Harbinger (QoD) x1 Black Hatchling (QoD) x1 Green Hatchling (QoD) x1 White Hatchling (QoD) x1 Daenerys Targaryen (QoD) x3 Drogon (QoD) x3 Rhaegal (QoD) x3 Viserion (QoD) x3 Advisor to the Crown (QoD) x2 Initiate of the Citadel (QoD) x1 Qartheen Fanatic (Core) x1 Khal Drogo (Core) x1 Viserys Targaryen (Core) x1 Brown Ben Plumm (Core) x1 Ser Barristan Selmy (Core) x1 Maester Aemon (Core) x1 Location (19) Summer Sea (QoD) x3 Xaro's Home (Core) x1 Khal Drogo's Tent (Core) x1 Eastern Fiefdoms (Core) x3 Kingsroad Fiefdom (QoD) x3 Qarth (QoD) x1 Yunkai (QoD) x2 Astapor (QoD) x1 Meereen (QoD) x3 Lady Daenerys's Chambers (Core) x1 Attachment (7) Dragon Fear (QoD) x3 Sun Stroke (QoD) x2 Crown of Meereen (QoD) x2 Event (5) Maegi's Promise (QoD) x2 Field of Fire (QoD) x3 So far the decks I've tried and lost with are: Baratheon Knights of the Realm Baratheon House Card Knights of the Realm (Agenda) Plot Deck Lineage and Legacy The Power of Arme Tourney for the Hand Rains of Autumn Building Season Regroup Valar Morghulis Characters (31) Hedge Knight x3 Vanguard Lancer x3 Knight of the Rainwood Veteran Knight x3 Devan Seaworth Marya Seaworth Ser Emmon Cuy Ser Davos Seaworth Ser Axell Florent Brienne of Tarth Ser Preston Greenfield Knight of Flowers Ser Guyard Morrigan Ser Parmen Crane Ser Cortnay Penrose Sallhador Saan x2 Ser Barristan Selmy Robert Baratheon (CS) Stannis Baratheon (CS) Renly Baratheon (KotS) x3 Knights of the Storm x2 Locations (15) Narrow Sea x3 Street of Steel King Robert's Chambers Stormlands Fiefdoms x3 Smuggler's Cove x2 Great Hall x3 Crossroads x2 Events (12) See Who is Stronger x3 Direct Assault x3 Heart of the Stag x3 Narrow Escape Support of the Kingdom Muster Attachments (2) Milk of the Poppy Motley The Tullys of Riverrun House (1) House Stark (Core) x1 Agenda (0) Character (30) Eddard Stark (Core) x1 Catelyn Stark (LoW) x2 Robb Stark (Core) x1 Shaggydog (Core) x1 Knight of the Tumblestone (Core) x1 House Tully Recruiter (Core) x1 Trident Reinforcements (Core) x1 Knight of the Red Fork (LoW) x3 Guard at Riverrun (LoW) x3 Edmure's Host (LoW) x3 Hoster Tully (LoW) x2 House Tully Septon (LoW) x3 Riverrun Messenger (LoW) x3 Ser Edmure Tully (LoW) x1 The Blackfish (LoW) x3 Greatjon Umber (Core) x1 Location (18) Narrow Sea (LoW) x3 Street of Steel (Core) x1 Street of Sisters (Core) x1 Lord Eddard's Chambers (LoW) x1 Great Keep (LoW) x2 Godswood (LoW) x3 Northern Fiefdoms (LoW) x2 Frozen Outpost (LoW) x2 Riverrun (LoW) x3 Event (9) Distinct Mastery (Core) x2 Kings in the North (Core) x1 Muster (Core) x1 Endless Endurance (LoW) x2 Routing the Charge (LoW) x2 Seductive Promise (Core) x1 Attachment (3) Ice (Core) x1 Bodyguard (Core) x1 Frozen Solid (LoW) x1 Plot (7) Building Season (Core) x1 Valar Morghulis (Core) x1 The Power of Blood (Core) x2 Take Them by Surprise (LoW) x1 Family, Duty, Honor (LoW) x1 Respect of the Old Gods (LoW) x1 Lannister No Agenda Plot Deck Frey Hospitality All the Gold in Casterly Rock Breaking and Entering Building Season Herding the Masses Wildfire Assault Hear Me Roar Characters (32) Joffrey Baratheon (LotR) Cersei Lannister (LotR) Tyrion Lannister (LotR) Bronn (LotR) Ser Gregor Clegane Tywin Lannister (LotR) Ser Amory Lorch Ser Kevan Lannister Ser Addam Marbrand Ser Ilyn Payne Jaime Lannister (CS) Chella, Daughter of Cheyk Raff the Sweetling Ser Jacelyn Bywater Enemy Informer Cersei's Attendant Lannisport Steward Lannisport Weaponsmith Lannisport Moneylender x3 Doubting Septa x3 Tribes of the Vale x3 Brothel Guard x3 Arrogant Contender x2 Locations(17) Casterly Rock x3 Street of Steel Shadowblack Lane Street of Sisters Lannisport Treasury x3 Sunset Sea x3 The Goldroad x2 Golden Tooth Mines Lannisport Brothel The Iron Throne Events (9) Terminal Schemes x3 A Lannister Pays His Debts I'm You Writ Small Insidious Ways Distraction The Lion's Will You've Killed the Wrong Dwarf! Attachments (2) Vat of Wildfire x2
  3. Hey everyone. My girlfriend and I have been playing a while now, mostly with the prebuilt decks from the deluxe expansions. Our card pool at the moment is two core sets, all the deluxes and the first two packs of the cycle that had all the watch and wildlings in it. Quick question, when we've played, for example, the house tully deck vs the baratheon knights they've been really close games and a lot of fun. Problem I'm having is going up against the targaryen dragon deck (she does love her dragons). I just can't beat them at all and we're taking in the region of 20 straight losses against this deck with all the other houses. Dany comes out using summoning season, quickly followed by the dragons and then it's essentially game over. I can't stop power challenges hitting me left right and centre and any characters I get out are just killed immediately. I'm feeling like I'm clearly missing something here but I don't know what. At the moment the deck has been banned in our house as not fun to play against so any advice would be great! Thanks guys!
  4. Hi! I'm just after a neutral house card if anyone has one going spare. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for all your help! So, I've had a go to start with and come up with the following: Mono Jedi: The Masters Domain, Following Fate, Hero's Journey, Secret of Yavin 4, Message from Beyond, In You Must Go, Hero's Trial, Hero's and Legends, Flight of the Crow x2 (for the resources) Sith: Fall of the Jedi, Back Squadron Assault, Emperor's Web, Counsel of the Sith, The Investigation, Kuat Reinforcements, Imperial Blockade, Death and Despayre, Repair and Refurbish, Lord Vader's Command Smugglers and Spies: Blue Squadron Support (does this only work in multiplayer games or do you class yourself as a friendly player in 1 on 1?), Fleeing the Empire, Commando Raid, Defense of Yavin 4, Asteroid Sanctuary, Wookie Life Debt, Questionable Contacts, The Rebel Fleet, Aderaan's Promise, Draw their Fire Mono Scum: All Out Brawl, Trandoshan Terror, Mercenary Support, Jabba's Reach, The Slave Trade, No Disintegrations, Carbonite Transport, Masterful manipulation, The Best That Credits Can Buy, The Hunters I did want to fit Plan of the Prophetess and Scouring the Empire in somewhere to get some more dark jedi types out but I couldn't work out how. Why do people suggest you match your affiliate card to the smallest affiliation you are using? Does it make any difference unless you're playing a set which has a specific required match? Any advice or alterations you think would make things better working on the cards I have?
  6. Hi. I just can't get my head around deck building for Star Wars at all. I played a couple of times when it first came out and now I'm getting back into it again. I'm not new to card games so I have an understanding of the principles around deck building but using the objective sets rather than building around characters, events etc a la GoT has just thrown me. Any advice anyone can give would be much appreciated! I've been trying to build some decks that feel very 'Star Wars' if you get me, so a bit of a mix of factions per deck rather than mono Jedi etc. The card base I'm working from is one core set, one copy of all the deluxe expansions, Desolation of Hoth, Knowledge and Defense and Heroes and Legends so there's a fair few cards there but I suspect I'll be missing some of the power sets. Like I say, any advice or comments on works well together or even how to really get started would be much appreciated. Thanks! Paul
  7. Evening all. I'm just starting to get into the Cthulhu LCG after a while playing GoT and Netrunner. I tend to like to build and play themed decks and was looking at the moment at running a miskatonic / agency build for me vs any of the weirdness (my girlfriend seems to prefer the villains for some reason). I'm working from two core sets, all the summons if the deep and dream lands cycle, order of the silver twilight and Arkham investigations. Can anyone point me in the right direction? We've had some early games but I'm struggling to come up with some builds that work well together and it's come down to more maths or luck of the draw as opposed to well built decks so far. Thanks in advance!
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