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  1. So I did some basing on my models with PVA glue and kitty litter (clean kitty litter! Mostly...) and it came out with an appearance I really liked. Then I watered down some more PVA glue until it was milkish consistency and tried to brush that over the kitty litter, but it ended up just brushing it around more and knocking a good bit of it off. I also tried applying matt varnish to the figures with the basing material glued on, hoping that would help seal it down, but it still falls off with minimal handling - what am I doing wrong?
  2. I've gotten some good progress on my army, and I just started basing for the first time. I'm pretty satisfied with how the bases are looking for my individual models, and so I have some idea to base the trays themselves. I've never done any basing before, so I worry about the basing material staying on the trays during transport. Do you matt varnish spray over the top of the basing after it's all done? If so, would that make the interlocking trays even harder to pull apart during gameplay?
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