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  1. The campaign finale! Featuring a Christopher Walken impersonation of varying quality...you decide!
  2. Hm yeah sounds good. I just hope if I take a smuggler then the other players will want to take a ship for me to fly! As a GM though it'll be interesting for sure (My brother and I are swapping GM seat for the first few sessions), maybe I'll have to take that Marshal instead....
  3. How are you supposed to get around the galaxy? By passenger ships etc? Or are you expected to stay on the same planet for most of the campaign?
  4. That's a curious statement, because that's precisely the plot of Episode 5. Regardless, even if you don't want to use Obligation and Duty, you certainly shouldn't use Morality. There's no point tracking it for players with PCs that cannot actually be affected by the Conflict rules. Haha, exactly. If the smuggler says "Guys I've got to go pay off this debt or I'm a deadman" they would either go help him or let him go do that, either way great adventure hook, and lets the 'jedi' get caught up in some scum and villainy.
  5. I think there are a lot of people who don't want to play as jedi straight away. The same ones who don't pick Fighter in DnD, they want something more interesting, or their favourite characters are: Han Solo, Lando, Leia, Jango/Boba Fett, C-3PO, HK-47, Clone troopers, Chewy etc. Swinging a lightsaber around is cool, but a lot of the other stuff is not so fun to roleplay, being all serene and stuff. There are many badass characters who we would favour more, and lets face it, first time roleplayers are not going to be serene, they are going to want to kill and wreck stuff.
  6. Hey fellow members of the Inquisition! I recently did an introduction video to the world of Warhammer 40k, the Inquisition, and the game of Dark Heresy I am currently running! If you have new players who don't know what 40K is, or maybe they're fuzzy on the multiple tasks of the Inquisition, or perhaps you fancy watching some guys playing some Dark Heresy, then this is the video for you! Check it out here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0DLLPnrDlY There are timestamps in the description to jump to each part. I hope this has been useful for anyone, and hopefully we can introduce more people into this setting and the hobby! Any feedback or comments are welcome!
  7. The last episode of the mission is up! Overlay is done and will be used for the start of the next game, as well as a new player!
  8. Sounds like you have very active players, I like it. Mine have been essentially sleuthing around and not really getting out of breath yet. I do want to make a setting that allows for a) large, open areas to max out weapon ranges, b) chance to gain fatigue or have to use skills like survival and athletics, and c) a chance for the players to plan a mission/attack rather then walking into the lion's den then having to play it by ear.
  9. Same, and that's a good point. I guess I haven't really had my group on a 'ticking clock' yet, but would be useful for that. Maybe also the stress of being undercover or something like that. The less fellowship you have, the harder you find it and the more fatigue you take.
  10. Who uses the fatigue mechanic? If so, when, why, how and what for? It seems like a good idea, like Strain in the FFG Star Wars system, but I always forget about it, and like insanity points, always feels vindictive to players to say "Oh that was a particularly stressful conversation for you...take 2 fatigue!!" I mean its not Call of Cthulu. Especially when the mechanic doesn't regulate itself by telling you how much to give for what. Maybe as a bonus question: What mechanic is more fun than Fatigue that hardly gets used?
  11. Thanks, that would look great! Just did a session last night but hadn't seen your message, but next time. New ep should be up in the next few days.
  12. hm yeah same, I can still view the videos though, here's the first ep: update: Yeah, looks like the 'home' page has nothing on it, but if you click the 'Video' or 'Playlist' tabs you should see the content.
  13. I felt the same, in the end I just said to the players "If you get advantage, you can pick a bonus to do on your roll, you can set up a shot for another player, or for yourself next round, or something you want happens." But it does mean the players need to be switched-on to the narrative as much as the GM is. On topic: Would like to see more support for acolytes planning missions. One thing my players have said is that they seem to always be at a disadvantage to the NPCs around them, in terms of intel, weaponry and knowledge. The game Blades in the Dark (still in beta) has a flashback mechanic where players can spend "Stress" (like fatigue mixed with insanity) to say they planned for X eventuality, if it makes sense. More stress is spent to deal with the more specific problem. It would make sense to anyone who has read Eisenhorn or Ravenor that acolytes would do their homework on their enemies and wouldn't go in blind, even though players do! But it would be boring to have them sit and plan for everything for an hour a session.
  14. My personal feeling is they get better each time. As I edited I noticed the gaps in my GM knowledge.
  15. Thanks! We did a 'Story of far' on the Obsidian Portal page, as well as short character bios. AND an adventure log too so if you don't catch everything you can read it after!
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